10 High-Paying Jobs with High Demand in 2023

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10 High-Paying Jobs with High Demand in 2023

To excel in the professional world one needs to match his/her skill set as per the market demand. Instead of ups and down because of the long phase of the covid pandemic, prevalent technological advancement, and changes in the professional working styles of the organizations there are some high-paying jobs which are going to remain like a  hot cake in 2023. All these below-mentioned job profiles are high in demand and even be in the top 10 in the coming years too. These belong to various fields like technology, marketing, human resources, software engineering etc.

Data Scientist

As we are all aware Data is the new gold of the current time. Across the globe, modern marketplaces are data-driven data similarly all the major decisions are based on trends, facts and statistics shared by data scientists. Data science as a field is growing exponentially with lucrative opportunities for prospective candidates as per the expert’s opinion the rush to get this gold will remain for a long. According to Business Insider demand for the job of Data Scientists will go away in 2030. Here are some details related to the job of a Data Scientist.

Job Role  Data Scientist
Courses Available  UG, PG and PhD in Data Science
Top Institutions Abroad Teesside University, UKKeele University, UKArizona State University, USAUniversity of Canterbury, New Zealand
Skill Required Data Analysis, Coding, Presentation
Average Salary Abroad USD 1 Lakh Annually (INR 81.88 Lakhs)

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Artificial intelligence or AI is the science that deals with the development of machines capable of thinking like a human brain. It focuses on the stimulation of human thought and behaviour in machines including learning from data, reasoning, and self-correction. AI job profile is going to rock in the coming years.

Job Role  AI Engineer
Courses Available  UG and PG 
Top Institutions Abroad University of East London, UK Leeds Beckett University, UK university of Victoria, CanadaIllinois Institute of Technology, USACarnegie Mellon University, USA
Skill Required Artificial Intelligence Algorithm, Technical Software Skills, Critical Thinking, Visualization and Analysis.
Average Salary Abroad USD 1 Lakh Annually (INR 81.88 Lakhs)

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning or ML is taught as the sub-discipline of Computer Science. ML is the study of making computers learn complex concepts with the help of data and is expected to answer fundamental questions through a developmental process. Extracting and retrieving information with the help of algorithms. It is growing at a very fast pace. Robotics, Healthcare and in other data-driven business, it is growing at a fast track pace.

Job Role  Machine Learning Engineer
Courses Available  UG & PG 
Top Institutions Abroad University of Strathclyde, UKNortheastern University, USAQueen Mary University of London, UK University of Toronto, Technical University Munich
Skill Required Statistics and Probability, Data Modelling, Programming Language
Average Salary Abroad USD 1.20 Lakh Annually (INR 98.26 Lakh)


The rise in stress and anxiety and lack of a healthy diet and over-hustling lifestyle make up the major causes of various life-threatening and chronic heart diseases. There is a huge demand for Cardiology specialists worldwide. Timely consultation and examination with cardiologists help people to avoid any fatal issues due to heart disease. Within the scope of biology, lies the field of Cardiology which has been a sought-after field for a majority of international students who see tons of career opportunities here. 

Job Role  Cardiologist
Courses Available  UG, PG Degree
Top Institutions Abroad Harvard University, USAImperial College LondonUniversity of Toronto, CanadaFree University of Berlin, GermanyUniversity of Edinburgh, UK
Skill Required Excellent Communication Skills, Analytical Skills, Responsiveness
Average Salary Abroad USD 2-3 lakhs annually (INR 1.63 Cr.- 2.45 Cr.)

Digital Marketing

The way digital platforms have gained popularity among users at the current time, there is a high demand for digital marketers to deliver quality products on time to the end users. Digital marketing provides a space for businesses to engage with customers on a regular basis which also helps them to know the specific requirement of customers in a better way with the help of multiple analysis tools. Digital Marketers help clients in building brand loyalty.

Job Role  Digital Marketer
Courses Available  Diploma, Certificate, UG
Top Institutions Abroad University of Liverpool, UKDePaul University, USAUniversity Canada West, CanadaUniversity of CanberraUniversity of Tasmania
Skill Required Excellent Communication Skills, Knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation, Creative Thinking
Average Salary Abroad USD 75k to USD 1 Lakh (INR 61.42 Lakhs- 81.88 Lakhs)

Cyber Security Expert

Cyber Attacks are the biggest threat of the present time for any individual as well as for organizations. Organizations hire cyber security analysts to protect their most valuable asset which is its confidential information or data. A cyber security expert is majorly responsible for protecting a company’s computer network and digital assets from cyber-attacks. These professionals implement threat protection measures and sound security control systems. On a regular interval, they also simulate internal security attacks to check the system’s robustness. Since hackers or cyber attackers are constantly using new strategies with the help of modern tools for attack purposes so to counter them effectively a cyber security expert require to stay updated with the latest development in the cyber security field.

Job Role  Cyber System Engineer, Cyber System Analyst
Courses Available  Diploma, UG and PG
Top Institutions Abroad Birmingham City University, UKManchester Metropolitan University, UKCharles Sturt University, Australia LaTrobe University, Australia, The University of Texas at Dallas, USANew Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
Skill Required Network Analysis, Data Mining and Research, Critical Thinking Problem-Solving Approach, Hacking
Average Salary Abroad USD 90 K to 1.25 Lakh (INR 73.67 Lakhs- 1.02 Cr.)

Talent Management Specialist

Each organization want to hire as well as retain the best talent among the pool of available workforce. Here the role of talent management specialist becomes very much important to manage human resources. TMS work in coordination with the workforce as well as stakeholders to ensure the right people are in the right roles and working smoothly towards the same goals. Talent management professionals are tasked with developing new talent or training existing employees on new skills. Post the pandemic hiring and firing have increased massively so as per the trend going on organizations would need talent management specialists in 2023 to ease their burden of employee and employment handling.

Job Role  Talent Management Specialist
Courses Available  UG, PG, PhD
Top Institutions Abroad Columbia University, USANorthwestern University, USAMcGill University, CanadaUniversity College London, UK Australian National University, Australia
Skill Required Communication Skills, Conflict Resolution, Inter-Personal Skill, Training and Development Skills, Decision-Making Skills, Budgeting Skills
Average Salary Abroad US $ 1 Lakh Annually (INR 81.88 Lakhs)

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain is known for maintaining a secure and decentralised record of transactions. BC is a shared immutable ledger which facilitates the process of recording and tracking digital business transactions. Blockchain Engineers are known for their crucial role in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. As per the latest research, it has been estimated that blockchain technology will scale at a compound annual growth rate of more than 85%. It means that Blockchain engineers would be in high demand in 2023.

Job Role  Block Chain Engineer
Courses Available  UG and PG
Top Institutions Abroad MIT, USA Harvard University, USAUniversity of Oxford, UKNational University of Singapore, SingaporeUniversity of Nicosia (UNIC), Cyprus
Skill Required Programming Language, Blockchain Architecture, Analytical Skills, Research 
Average Salary Abroad USD $ 1 Lakh to 1.5 Lakhs (INR 81.88 Lakhs -1.22 Cr.)

Application Developer

An android or iOS application developer is a software engineer role who is primarily responsible for designing, creating, and testing new programs and applications as well as updating the existing ones for a specific operating system. As per the software industry estimation, the employment of software engineers is expected to rise by 20-21% by 2030. Between 2020 t0 2027 the CAGR for computer engineers is expected to touch 25%.

Job Role  Android and iOS Developer
Courses Available  Diploma, UG and PG
Top Institutions Abroad MIT, USALiverpool University, UKUniversity of Limerick, IrelandFederation University, AustraliaAuckland University of Technology
Skill Required Computer Proficiency, Programming Language, Cybersecurity Skills and IoT Skills
Average Salary Abroad USD 90K- USD 1 Lakh (INR 73.61 Lakh- 81.88 Lakhs)

Investment Banker

From capital raising to mergers and acquisitions, Investment bankers are responsible to participate and perform for their clients. Generally, Investment bankers are banking professionals who capitalise on their education, expertise, and analytical prowess with effective communication skills to contribute to the growth of business of their clients. Post-Covid the turbulence in the global economy the role and investment bankers has become tougher due to the impact of the pandemic on the global financial system. The job profile of investment bankers is still a favourite among both students and employers.

Job Role  Investment Banker
Courses Available  Diploma, Certificate, UG and PG
Top Institutions Abroad University of New South Wales, AustraliaUniversity of Birmingham, UKUniversity of Texas Dallas, USACoventry University, UKUniversity of York, UK
Skill Required Financial Skills, Analytical Skills, Critical Thinking, Communication Skills, 
Average Salary Abroad USD $ 75K to 90K (INR 61.26 Lakh to 73-61 Lakhs)

In this article, we discussed the 10 high-paying jobs with high demand in 2023 including the course related to the same from the foreign university.  If you want to get into your dream course in a high-ranked global university, you’ll need more than just good grades; you’ll also need flawless application because the competition is fierce. You may enlist the assistance of Leverage Edu specialists to assist you with the application process so that you can realize your goals. Call us immediately at 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute counselling session.

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