What is the Full Form of PhD?

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PHD full form

The full form of a PhD is a Doctor of Philosophy. It is an advanced academic degree that is awarded to individuals who have made significant contributions to their chosen field of study. The degree is recognised globally and is highly regarded in the academic community. PhD can also be called a DPhil or D. Phil. A person with this degree can add “Dr.” as a prefix to their name and is considered a doctor in that field. 

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The History of Ph.D

The concept of a Doctor of Philosophy degree dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe. The term “doctor” comes from the Latin word “docere,” which means “to teach.” The word “philosophy” is derived from the ancient Greek word “philosophia” which means “love of wisdom”. Thus, a person who has the zeal to teach and has a love of wisdom about their field is awarded with PhD. 

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Eligibility for PhD

The eligibility for pursuing PhD is –

  • Have a Master’s or MPhil degree or a postgraduate degree from a recognized University or Institutions in a related field in which they intend to do PhD.
  • In India, some universities require UGC NET/CSIR qualifications
  • The upper limit for Junior Research Fellowship (NET JRF) is 31 years while there is no upper limit for taking National Eligibility Test (NET).

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Objectives of the PhD Course

Initially, the Ph.D. degree was awarded only in the field of philosophy, but over time, it expanded to encompass other disciplines as well.

  • A PhD program allows one to delve deep into a chosen field of study and become an expert in a specific area. 
  • Having a Ph.D. demonstrates the expertise and research capabilities, making one an attractive candidate for academic positions, research roles and high-level positions in various industries.
  • Pursuing a PhD offers intellectual stimulation and allows one to engage in critical thinking, problem-solving and independent research. 

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List of Subjects for a PhD Degree

Interested students can pursue their PhD degree in any of these popular subjects:

MBE Full FormETT Full FormDED Full FormPRT Full Form
TTC Full FormB.Ed Full FormPTM Full FormNTT Full Form
PTA Full FormBSTC Full FormFPS Full FormSMC Full Form
SCERT Full FormRTE Full FormDPD Full FormTPR Full Form
B.Tech Full FormJBT Full FormCDP Full FormNEP Full Form

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