What is the Full Form of OGL?

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OGL full form

OGL Full Form: OGL stands for Open General Licence. It is a category of licence that the government issues to its domestic providers. The OGL, also known as a Standard Individual Export Licence or SIEC, is the export licence that exporters utilise in place of an individual export Control licence. 

OGLs permit an exporter to export certain controlled goods so long as the shipment and its destinations are acceptable. There are many different OGLs, including OGEL. The OGEL can be categorised as follows:

  • Dual-use products for both military and civilian applications are included in OGELs.
  • The export of military goods is permitted under the OGEl.
  • Transshipment OGLs permit the export of restricted products via the UK from one nation to another.
  • Trade regulation OGLs aid in limiting activity related to trafficking and brokering.
  • EUGEAs (European Union General Export Authorizations), which are comparable to OGELs in that they encompass licencing for specific dual-use goods going to non-European destinations, are available.

Eligibility to Get OGL

  • An import-export certificate is required for anyone or any organisation asking for a licence.
  • The Department of Defence Production should receive all quarterly and annual reports gathered on all transactions carried out under OEGLs for proper review and post-export verification. The application will only be sent for additional processing after this step.

Restriction of OGL

The “End-use” restriction of OGL prohibits the export of goods that are connected to the manufacture of chemical or nuclear devices. It does not permit export to a customs-free zone, therefore export documentation is necessary.

Other OGL Full Forms

OGL does not only have one full form. To find the various other full forms of OGL, see the table below:

Sr. No.TermCategoryOGL Full Form
1OGLUncategorizedObbi Good Label
2OGLEducationalObject Graphics Library
3OGLUncategorizedObjective Grid Layout
4OGLUncategorizedObserver Group Lebanon
5OGLPharmaceuticalOcean Genome Legacy
6OGLUncategorizedof the Great Lakes
7OGLEducationalOffice Graphics Library
8OGLUncategorizedOffice of the Great Lakes
9OGLLocal – Airport CodesOgle, Guyana
10OGLInformation TechnologyOnline Gaming League
11OGLUncategorizedOpen Game License
12OGLInformation TechnologyOpen Gaming License
13OGLUncategorizedOpen General Licence
14OGLUncategorizedOpen General Licences
15OGLUncategorizedOpen General License
16OGLUncategorizedOpen General Licensing
17OGLGovernmentalOpen Government Licence
18OGLGovernmentalOpen Government License
19OGLGovernmentalOpen Government License28
20OGLInformation TechnologyOpen Graphics Library
21OGLUncategorizedOperation Green Light
22OGLUncategorizedOrganic Gardening List
23OGLUncategorizedOrientation Group Leader
24OGLEducationalOriginal Ground Level
25OGLUncategorizedOur Glorious Leader
26OGLArmyOverall Grade Level
27OGLInformation TechnologyOverlay Generation Language
28OGLASX SymbolsOverseas & General Ltd
29OGLEducationalOxford Global Languages
30OGLUncategorizedOxygen Generator And Liquefier

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