What is the Full Form of TPR? 

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TPR full form

The full form of TPR is Total Physical Response. It is a language teaching method that focuses on connecting verbal communication with physical movement. TPR makes use of both physical body movement and verbal communication to create a connection between body and mind as it makes it easier for students to remember. This process imitates the learning method of infants. Just like infants who start learning the language based on the body movements and verbal sounds of their parents, teachers who act like parents try to use this method to make students learn.

When is TPR Effective? 

TPR is effective when it is used in certain situations which can prove quite beneficial in the learning journey of the students. Mentioned below are some of those situations: 

  • Verbs – To teach verbs to the students motion can be a great way to showcase actions. For example – walking, making the bed, brushing hair, shopping for groceries, etc. All of these actions are great ways to teach verbs. 
  • Storytelling – The method of TPR can work quite well in the case of storytelling. Everyone loves to hear stories irrespective of the age group they belong to. When clubbed with TPR the fun to hear stories will be doubled. 
  • Vocabulary terms – While teaching vocabulary TPR can prove to be quite beneficial in the learning journey of a student. For example, when talking about Elephant, a teacher can use their hands to make trunks of the Elephant, this would help the student to learn faster and more effectively. 
  • Instructions and Imperatives – Imperatives are used to give instructions, orders and steps. It also includes action verbs that can be taught through TPR. For example, tie your shoelaces. 

Disadvantages of TPR 

  • TPR is only effective for beginner’s level, it doesn’t work quite well when a child moves to higher levels of education. 
  • Students who are not comfortable with doing such things might find it embarrassing. 
  • It can not be used to teach everything and if it is used quite frequently then it would become repetitive which can diminish the effectiveness of TPR. 
  • Teachers can face problems while teaching abstract vocabulary and expression with TPR. 

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