What is PRT Full Form?

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PRT full form

The PRT full form is Primary Teacher. They are also referred to as elementary teachers. A primary school teacher helps the students read, write and learn new skills to enhance their knowledge and development. The primary teacher lays down the building blocks of a child’s career and encourages children to learn and develop skills and knowledge for future opportunities. It is necessary to develop certain abilities like recognizing forms, colours, elements and other cognitive abilities at a young age itself.   

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What are the Qualities of a PRT?

The following are some integral qualities of a PRT:

  • They must possess the ability to communicate and work well with others
  • A PRT is required to have good organizational and time management skills
  • The job of a PRT is not easy, thus, the individual must have dedication, enthusiasm and self-discipline to be a PRT 
  • They must be creative and imaginative in their approach 
  • A PRT should be friendly with teamwork spirit to help students in their early phase 

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What Does a PRT Do?

The following are the roles and responsibilities of a PRT:

  • It is the job of a PRT to encourage children to develop social skills and mental abilities and motivate them as well
  • A PRT should uphold classroom rules and assess the development or progress of every child
  • They should maintain a current understanding of the changes and adjustments in the curriculum
  • Interacting and working with the parents is another integral part of the job 
  • The creative skills of a PRT must enable them to plan and execute various extracurricular activities for the children 
  • They should maintain a regular attendance record
  • Another important task that a PRT is required to do is setting time for parent-teacher meetings and discussing the progress details of every student and taking measures to maintain the same 

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