What is the Full Form of UGC?

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UGC Full Form

The full form of UGC is University Grants Commission. As a result of the UGC Act 1956, the Indian government established UGC as a statutory entity. The UGC was founded to uphold the standards of higher education. It is in charge of distributing cash and grants to colleges and universities as well as recognizing Indian universities.

The Ministry of human resources development is responsible for regulating UGC. The committee’s duties include planning, evaluating, and maintaining high educational standards throughout the country. It has a regional office in Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bangalore, Guwahati, Bhopal, Pune, and Bhopal in addition to its headquarters in New Delhi.

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Brief History of UGC

  • In order to govern and oversee all of the operations and duties of the three core Indian universities of Delhi, Banaras, and Aligarh, UGC was founded in 1945. In 1947, it was expanded to cover all Indian universities. 
  • The University Education Commission was founded in 1948 and 1949. The purpose was to begin looking into and making suggestions for changes and additions to Indian university education under the leadership of S Radhakrishnan.
  • In contrast to the United Kingdom University Grants Committee, the University Grants Board’s report was submitted in August 1949.
  • The Indian government determined in 1950 that the UGC would oversee specific finances allocated to universities and other higher education institutes.
  • Ultimately, the Commission was established on December 28, 1953, by Minister of Education, Natural Resources, and Scientific Research Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad.
  • Government of India established a National Institution of Ranking Framework under UGC in December 2015.

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Functions of UGC

Here are some of the key functions of UGC:

  • Maintaining contact with the State and Union administrations,and number of universities.
  • Determining and upholding the university’s standards for instruction, testing, and research.
  • Examines the region’s tremendous growth in college and university enrollment.
  • Create standards for tests like the CSIR NET, UGC NET, and ICAR NET.
  • Create concepts for basic educational prerequisites.
  • Provide guidelines for necessary improvements in colleges and other higher education institutions to the federal and state governments.


What is UGC for college?

For Indian colleges, the full form of UGC remains the same in all educational set ups. It is University Grants Commission.

What is the role of UGC?

A few of the key roles of UGC include setting educational standards, monitoring universities, and funding them.

What does UGC mean in school?

The UGC full form in the school is “User-Generated Content,” used in context of learning and educating.

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