What is the Full Form of SCERT?

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The full form of SCERT stands for the State Council of Educational Research and Training. It is an autonomous body of the Govt. of India, SCERT deals in school education and academics. It includes curriculum formulation, textbook preparation, teacher handbooks, and teacher training. The body is responsible to inform the government on matters related to school education.

The office of SCERT is based in New Delhi. The National Council of Teacher Education assigned SCERT to manage and work on the course conduct, curriculum construction, admissions, examinations, guidance, and more. SCERT is also looking after 9 DIETS of Delhi which ensures their effective functioning in the government.

What is the Significance of SCERT?

The field of school education, and particularly teacher education, has benefited greatly from the work of SCERT. Along with 21 other reputable private institutions, it collaborates with 9 DIET to offer a two-year, full-time Diploma in Elementary Teacher Education. Additionally, it oversees 30 accredited private institutions that provide early childhood care and education full-time diploma programs lasting two years. The intake is 4150 per year. For standards to be established and for proper operation, the body is necessary.

Additionally, it is giving teachers resources to help them and their students grow. Between 1988 and 2005, 215 publications were produced by it. A nationwide seminar on good school management practices was organized by it in Delhi.

Functions of SCERT

The functions of SCERT are mentioned below:

  1. It supports a teacher training program for primary and secondary classes
  2. It prepares curriculum and textbooks for school education
  3. SCERT looks into the scholarship, stipends, and other incentives given to the children of a minority group
  4. It has an academic collaboration with NCERT, NCI’E, and other central-level organizations
  5. It collects data and conducts research on school education

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