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NOC Format

A ‘No Objection Certificate” or NOC is an official and legal document that acts as a positive attestation by an organisation in favour of another organization or a person. It stands in the court of law and can be issued by an organisation for several causes. From filing government forms related to bank processes, insurance and pension to employee contracts, visas, and immigration, it has many objectives. Further, NOC is also required in cases of rent agreements, admissions, traffic violations, and investigation, amongst others. The following blog elaborates on the NOC format, its important elements as well a few samples for review.

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What is the Format of NOC?

A No Objection Certificate is a document often issued by an individual, organisation or institute to say that they do not interpose any objection to the mentioned details in the certificate. It is commonly requested by employment organisations, educational institutions, visa authorities, mortgage companies, construction firms, etc. to establish that they do not object to an agreement or contract with the concerned individual or organisation. It is an official document that allows an individual or organisation to perform a certain task.

NOC Letter Format


A No Objection Certificate can be issued for various purposes. Below mentioned are some of the key purposes for which one might be asked to issue or obtain a NOC:

  • For education/training (by an employee or student).
  • For visa or immigration.
  • For banking-related purposes.
  • Issued by an employer to allow his/her employee to work with a different department, take different shifts or change the parameters of their contract.
  • For remodelling or reconstruction of a property.

Types of NOC

Before delving deeper into the NOC format, let us first understand its types. Here is a list of common types of NOC that one must know about: 

  • NOC for Visa [Employees].
  • NOC for Visa [Students].
  • NOC of GST.
  • NOC from Landlord.
  • NOC for Leaving Job [Issued by Employer].
  • NOC for Banking Requirement.
  • NOC for Property Transfer.
  • NOC for Court Purposes.
  • NOC cum Experience Certificate.
  • NOC for Starting or Leaving a Course of Study.
  • NOC for Attending a Conference/Event.
  • NOC for Tour/Visit.

How to Write a NOC?

As per the generally accepted NOC format, there are a few elements that must be mentioned and addressed in the letter. Individuals must keep in mind that a NOC must be on the official letterhead of the issuing organisation. The elements of a NOC letter include:

  • Name of the person in favour of.
  • Name of Person Issuing.
  • Address/Contact of the Issuing Authority.
  • Date Issued.
  • Official Signature.

Is NOC Written on Stamp Paper?

A NOC is a declaration that can be made on plain paper as long as it is properly attached with an affidavit and notarized; the latter is always preferable as it weighs the statement’s legal weight and verifies the person’s identity on the specified date.

NOC Format for GST

Here is the NOC Format for GST:

I, ______ (Name of the Owner), r/o _________ (Address) here by solemnly confirm and affirm that:

1. I am legally in possession of and the owner of the property bearing address __________.
2. That I have permitted M/s ________ (name of the tenant) represented by _______ for using the aforementioned property for _______ (residential/business/commercial) purpose.
3. I have no objection if M/s _________ (name of the tenant) apply for obtaining GST registration for the aforementioned property.


Verification at ______ (mention place)n on ________ (date) that the aforesaid statement is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


NOC For Employee

As discussed, a NOC serves various purposes, and getting a travel visa issued is among many. So, if you are also looking for the answer to “How do I write a NOC letter for a visa?” then here is a NOC format for the same. Here is the NOC format for employees:

NOC Format for Travel Visa

NOC Format for Training/Education

Another important sphere where NOC might be required is when you have to attend a training program as a student or as an employee. To make things clear, here is a sample NOC format for a student or an employee:

To Whomsoever It May Concern

Date: __/__/20

Address: [Optional]

This letter is about Mr/Ms/Mrs. _______________________ who has been a

sincere employee/student at __________________________ in the capacity of

______________________/ of course _________________________. He/She has

consistently shown academic/professional expertise since the day of joining/start of

course ___<xx/xx/xxxx>__________.

He/she is hereby allowed participation for the full duration of course/ training at ______________________.

Contact me for any inquiries.


[Signature][Name of Supervisor/ Head of Department][Designation][Organisation Address][Contact Number]

NOC Format for Leaving a Job

Following is the sample NOC format for leaving a job:

To Whomsoever It May Concern

Date: __/__/20

Address: [Optional]

This is to certify that Mr/Ms/Mrs. _______________________ has been relieved of his duties and responsibilities as a ______________________ at ____________________________ on his request. We are grateful for their services and wish him luck in his future endeavours.

Contact me for any inquiries.


[Signature][Name of Supervisor][Designation][Organisation Address][Contact Number]

NOC For Property

Property owners might also be asked to provide a NOC by construction companies seeking their permission to build or remodel their property. Take a look at the NOC Format for property or residential construction-related purposes:

NOC Format for Property
NOC Format for Property

NOC Format for VISA

Following is the sample NOC format for VISA:

NOC Format for VISA
NOC Format for VISA

Sample Letter for Bank NOC

Following is the sample for bank NOC:

Date ___________

Branch manager,
Name of the Bank
Name of the Branch

Subject: Letter to Bank for NOC

Respected Sir,
I Name Account holder at this bank with Account Number 1230xxx request you to issue a no objection certificate against my particulars. I request you to proceed with the same as earliest as possible as the document needs to be submitted at my new office to begin the process of salary transactions.

Thank you

Nitika Sharma

NOC From Bank

NOC From Bank

Important Tips

While knowing the important components of a NOC is necessary, knowing how to write it efficiently is also required. Enlisted are some points which you should consider while writing a No Objection Certificate:

  • Keep the letter to the point and short.
  • Avoid using difficult words and follow simplistic language.
  • Make sure that all the important details related to a NOC format are written.
  • The tone of the No Objection Certificate should be clear.
  • It should always be written on a letterhead.
  • If you are writing a NOC for a Travel Visa then your stay duration and purpose should be mentioned clearly.

We hope this blog served its purpose of providing you with the essential information on the NOC format as well as other relevant details. If you need help regarding documentation for a visa or any other issues, take the assistance of experts at Leverage Edu by signing up for a free 30-minute career counselling session and we’ll help you sail through the application procedure by providing you with the necessary guidance at every step.

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