Universities in Nepal

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Top Universities in Nepal

Nepal is a country that carries the Himalayas and is called the ‘roof of the world’. What Nepal’s beautiful terrain and rich culture don’t properly convey is the modernism that has taken over it. And education in Nepal is one sector that has been improving rapidly to catch up with global universities. 14 universities in Nepal are responsible for the ever-growing youngest education system in the world In this blog, we will delve into the best universities in Nepal.


Nepal is known for its medical courses, engineering, and science and offers incredible infrastructure, university, and low tuition fees. As an affordable country, many students flock to this destination for its low cost, accredited universities, and bustling job opportunities. As the youngest education system in the world, Nepalese universities have scaled up their courses, research, and infrastructure to attract a large international audience to the country.

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Why Study in Nepal?

Nepalese culture comprises heritage drawn from Hinduism and Buddhism. So studying at universities in Nepal is an entirely different experience than UK, USA, or Canada. It is more like taking a degree for a vacation as life in Nepal is much slower, quieter, and more peaceful than anywhere in the world. Socio-economic, political, and religious studies have some strong roots in Nepal. You can study the most prominent religions of Hinduism and Buddhism at universities in Nepal which demand a 21st-century research outlook. 

Top Universities in Nepal 

Out of all universities in Nepal, 2 have made it to the Times Higher Education list- Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University. Here’s the list of the top universities in Nepal that you can choose from if you wish to study in Nepal.

  • Tribhuvan University
  • Kathmandu University 
  • Pokhara University 
  • Purbanchal University 
  • Agricultural and Forestry University 
  • Mid Western University 
  • Lumbini Buddhist University
  • Nepal Sanskrit University 
  • Far Western University 

Tribhuvan University 

Tribhuvan University is the oldest and largest institution in Nepal located in the ancient city of Kirtipur. This prestigious institution has more than 4,000 undergraduate and postgraduate courses to offer to all international students. The technical institutes at TU offer the best MBBS, BSc, MSc, BE, etc. programs out of all universities in Nepal. Since it is a publicly funded university, the tuition fees here are less expensive. The current Prime Minister of Nepal, Sher Bahadur Deuaba is a notable alumnus and chancellor of Tribhuvan University. 

Kathmandu University 

One of the oldest universities in Nepal, Kathmandu University’s motto ‘Quality Education for Leadership’ shows that the university aims to provide the most advanced education to create leaders for a better future. Kathmandu University has various campuses all across Nepal that offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees in the fields of arts, law, engineering, medicine, management, and social sciences

Pokhara University 

Touted to be one of the best institutions in Nepal for its scholarship programs is Pokhara University. Situated in the metropolitan city of Pokhara, this leading university has partnered with international and national universities to create a place for universities in Nepal on the global education map. Pokhara University has four faculties- science and technology, management studies, humanities, and social sciences, health sciences. The Prime Minister of Nepal acts as the Chancellor of this university. 

Purbanchal University 

This University in Nepal was set up to analyze, strategize, adapt, refine and open debate about the local challenges so that rural development can be started. Purbanchal, one of the newly opened universities offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the fields of medical sciences, arts, rural development, education development, management, engineering, sciences, and technology. 

Agricultural and Forestry University 

Two agricultural campuses of renowned universities in Nepal were combined to make one large Agricultural and Forestry University that works towards building a better agricultural and forestry workforce and promoting research in agriculture and forestry via education. The fields of study at this university are forestry, agriculture, animal science, fishery, veterinary science, and natural resource management. 

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Eligibility to Study in Nepal

As you must know by now, universities in Nepal offer the most unique courses in all fields. Moreover, their motto is to preserve a peaceful approach to modern education. If you wish to study at one of these top institutions these are the eligibility requirements you need to fulfill:

Since Nepal is not a primarily English-speaking country, some universities in Nepal don’t ask for proof of English proficiency

Application Process to Study in Nepal

The application process for Nepali Universities is similar to applying to Indian universities. As of now, there is no common platform to use for universities in Nepal but we have compiled an easy-to-understand guide that will help you in your admission process.

  • Choose the course and the universities you choose to apply to and make a list. 
  • Go to the universities’ websites and check for the university and course-specific requirements for Indian students. 
  • In case you don’t get enough details, you can always mail or contact the admission committee of the university. 
  • Give the entrance and English exams if required at least a month before you submit your application.
  • Apply to the universities in Nepal through their online portal and attach all important documents– identification, statement of finance and academic transcripts. 
  • You may be asked to give a personal interview if the course you have applied to is a competitive one. 
  • Once you are accepted, you can start applying for accommodation and scholarships. 

Indians do not require a visa to stay or study at the universities in Nepal. Your passport is the only requirement for you to fly to Nepal. 

Cost of Studying in Nepal 

When it comes to the cost of living in Nepal, it is as expensive as studying in India. Have a look at the cost of studying in Nepal for an Indian student:

Type of Cost Average Expenses (INR)
Tuition fee 1 lakh- 8 lakh per month 
Accommodation 10,000-84,500 per month 
Food 15,000-20,000 per month
Transport  2,000 per month 
Utility (Mobile bills, internet, etc)4,000-5,000 per month

Want an estimate of your cost of living in Nepal? Use Leverage Edu’s Cost of Living Calculator now!

Universities in Nepal for MBBS

MBBS is one of the most popular programs taught at almost all institutions in Nepal. MBBS in Nepal is one of the most expensive courses as well. Here are the top universities in Nepal for MBBS that have time and again ranked high on the medicine charts:

  • B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences 
  • Kathmandu University 
  • Kathmandu Medical College 
  • Tribhuvan University 
  • Manipal College of Medical Science 

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Universities in Nepal for MBA

MBA is a 2-year program in Nepal taught only at Kathmandu University. The Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship teaches the MBA course at Kathmandu University. The average annual tuition fee is INR 3 lakhs. 


Which are the top universities in Nepal?

Tribhuvan University
Kathmandu University 
Pokhara University 
Purbanchal University 
Agricultural and Forestry University

What is the eligibility for studying in Nepal?

Minimum 12th-grade education for undergraduate degrees and a bachelor’s degree for postgraduate degrees. 
All academic transcripts 
University-specific entrance exam 
Course-specific entrance exam (NEET, JEE, etc.)
Statement of Purpose 
Letter of Recommendation 

Where can I pursue an MBA in Nepal?

MBA is a 2-year program in Nepal taught only at Kathmandu University. The Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship teaches the MBA course at Kathmandu University. The average annual tuition fee is INR 3 lakhs. 

Universities in Nepal are a great example of developing education in a peaceful country. To study in the prestigious institutions of Nepal, call Leverage Edu at 1800-572-000 now and book your first counselling session for absolutely free with our study abroad experts!

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