What are Open Days in Universities?

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What are Open Days in Universities

Universities and other educational institutions open their doors to prospective students every year. These normally start in the middle of the year and end two or three months before Christmas, giving you plenty of time to make your decision before the new year arrives. We’ve covered everything you need to know about Open Days at Universities in this blog.

What is an Open Day at a University?

When looking for numerous colleges and selecting which would be the best match for you, it can be difficult and daunting for those of you who are just starting your college search. There are several elements that influence your decision to attend a college or university, ranging from programs to campus life. An open house is a terrific way to learn more about a school and see whether it’s a place where you might envision yourself.

Open days are one of the most useful methods for getting a sense of what a university is like, whether you attend in person or online because you will have the opportunity to meet with professors and student ambassadors to try to decide on providing as close to an authentic experience as possible, from virtual tours to live chats, and answering questions.

What are Open Days in Universities?
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How to learn about University Open Days?

The best way to learn about is to, go to the university’s website. They’ll almost certainly publicize it since they want as many people as possible to come to have a look. Keep a watch on the websites of the colleges on your list to see when they start publicizing it. You may also ask the university when their open days will be held, and your school’s careers counsellor will most likely have a list of university open days as well.

Before attending an open day 

To begin, make a list of universities you want to visit. A substantial number of individuals attend four or five open days during the pre-application period. Determine how far you want to go from home, whether you want to attend a university on campus or in a city, and if you want to attend university in a major metropolis or a small town. Identifying these variables will assist you in determining which institutions are the most worthwhile to attend during the open day season.  

Things to Bring to an Open Day

Even if you don’t want to go to an open day with someone, it never hurts to obtain a second perspective. Bringing your parents along on these occasions is fairly typical. It’s not only nice for them to feel included, but it’s also helpful to have someone asking questions you might not think of at the time. Parents have a different perspective than students and may even provide you with items to consider, which you might talk about over lunch or on the way home.

It makes the trip easy if you have a friend who is also interested in the same university. Simply construct a list of places to visit, people to speak with, and questions to ponder. You can easily forget important points when you’re caught up in the excitement of potentially going to the same university together.

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Tips for Attending a University Open Day

All universities host open days throughout the year, when they open their campuses to all prospective undergraduate and, in certain circumstances, postgraduate students who are interested in studying there. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to gain a true sense of what student and university life is like. So, here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of your open day:

Make a schedule for the day.

For the Open Day, the university will hold a variety of events and activities, including general admission talks, course/subject-specific talks, Q&A sessions, campus tours, Student Union events, and lodging and city tours. With so much to see and do in one day, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to see everything. That’s why it’s crucial to double-check the day’s schedule before showing up. Decide to attend events that are most important to you.

Speak with Others

There will be plenty of people to talk to on the day, and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Speak with lecturers about the course you’d like to take. Ask university personnel questions about the university and admissions process, and talk to existing students about their experiences. Ask a lot of questions, and remember that no question is stupid; here is your chance to learn more about the university and your future.

Explore the City

Although you’ll be spending a lot of time there, the city itself must be a place you’ll love visiting and feel at ease living in. So, take a break from campus and go exploring in the city. It will help you get a sense of where things are concerning the university and nearby attractions, as well as what the city has to offer. Visit the tourist attractions and discover more about the city that may become your permanent residence in the coming years.

Start thinking about clubs and societies:

If you are looking for anything specific, open days are a great way to see what facilities, clubs, and student organizations are available. Whatever your interests are, including medieval re-enactments, an institution is sure to be able to accommodate them. Some clubs and organizations may even host events on the day, allowing you to participate and make a mental note of the ones you want to join when you start your studies.

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Examine the Accommodations

Unless you live close to the university and can commute, you’ll almost certainly need a place to live while you’re studying. There are many living alternatives available to students, ranging from university halls to private purpose-built student accommodation like Host to privately rented residences. So, while you’re at the Open Day, take a look at various lodging options. Get a sense of what’s available and the type of environment you’d prefer to live in.

5 reasons Why You Should Go to a University Open Day

There are plenty of reasons why students should attend the university open day. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • Get rid of any doubt the student might have regarding the university application process
  • Select the university for further education
  • Chat with lectures, and learn about modules
  • Learn about the facilities that the university offers
  • Find out what the university experience would actually be like and be sure about the future.

What to Think About After Your Visit

It’s time to compare the universities and their programs after you’ve learned more about them. Choosing the correct course and university is a huge decision, and everyone’s priorities are different. Where do you believe you’d feel most comfortable studying and living? Here are some ideas to help you narrow down your selections and make the best decision for you:

  • Examine: Your images and notes to reflect on the university and course, and see if you could see yourself studying there for at least three years & if they are both a good match or not for you.
  • Consider the setting: How did you feel when you were there? Was there a pleasant ambiance, and could it accommodate your desired lifestyle? Consider both the college and the city. Make sure you’ll enjoy living there as well as studying there.
  • Compare and contrast: What you liked and didn’t like; putting it down can help you think more clearly. Make a list of the advantages and disadvantages of each university and program.
  • Consider your alternatives: Talking about your ideas and plans with family, friends, professors, or advisers can assist you in determining what is best for you.
  • Get student feedback: By speaking with students that are presently enrolled. They know more about the university, courses, housing, and nightlife than anyone else and can give you advice on anything you’re unsure about.
  • Keep in touch: If you have any unresolved queries, contact the university by phone or email. You might even be able to schedule another appointment.
  • Attend a UCAS exhibition: Another excellent opportunity to meet and compare a wide range of institutions and colleges in one place.


What is an open day?

An open day is an event that is conducted by an organization/institution. For example, company or school. On this day, the public is invited to visit to learn more about what happens in the organization.

What is online open day?

An open day is when a university invites students to the campus to learn more about accommodation, courses, and other facilities the university offers. The difference between an online and offline open day is that the online open day is conducted online.

What do you do at the open day?

Some of the benefits of attending the open day is that students get to ask questions early on, talk to people, find out about the clubs and societies on campus, and go on a campus tou

We hope this blog has taught you everything you need to know about University Open Days. Do you wish to further your education in a foreign country? Our study abroad experts at Leverage Edu can help you select the ideal course and institution for your goals and interests. Call 1800572000 to schedule your free 30-minute e-session, and we’ll give you customized services that are targeted to your individual needs.

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