Yale’s Most Popular Class Ever is Now Available for Free Online

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Yale's most popular class ever

Yale University is offering a free course named the ‘The Science of Well-Being’ which can be accessed online on Coursera. The course, taught by Professor Laurie Santos, teaches you ways to be happier. 

Professor Santos developed a course ‘Psychology and the Good Life’ in spring 2018, the subject of which was happiness. This course soon became the most popular course ever in the history of Yale and received attention from both national and international media. With the huge success of the course, Professor Santos created a free course which was made available on Coursera to make it accessible for a wider audience outside of Yale.

The course features weekly installments which include optional readings, video lectures and rewirement activities which, as per research, can help in your overall well being and build happier habits. The following topics are covered in the weekly installments of the course:

  • Misconceptions about happiness
  • Why our expectations are so bad
  • How we can overcome our biases
  • Stuff that really makes us happy
  • Putting strategies into practice

There is no essential reading for the class, which makes it easier for people with a busy schedule to opt for it, although links to readings are provided in case you want to go into detail. The course doesn’t come with any deadline, allowing you to go at your own comfortable pace.

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The course begins with two questionnaires that you have to respond to in order to measure your baseline happiness. At the end of the course, you go back to the same questionnaire to see if your score has increased, and hopefully it will. 

While the course is free to be audited by anyone, you can also choose to opt for a certificate which would cost you $49. If you enroll for the course with a certificate, you will be able to access all course materials along with graded assignments. Your certificate will be available to be downloaded and printed after you complete your course.

If you choose to opt for the free course without a certificate, you will still have access to all the course materials but you won’t be able to submit assignments for gradation. You can choose to opt for a certificate at any stage of your free course, but you might need to complete some additional coursework. 

Here is the course link!

You can also apply for financial aid in case you are unable to afford the fee for gaining a certificate by filling in an application form for the same. Stay tuned to Leverage Edu and get all the news updates, the application process, eligibility and more about your favourite universities. 

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