Career in Agriculture

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Career in Agriculture

The agricultural sector is the backbone of our economy which not only provides us with food but also a range of raw materials. With the modern-day development in technology and innovation in the industry, the scope of a career in agriculture has grown enormously. Building a career in agriculture requires a deep understanding of scientific principles and many other technical and business subjects. In this blog we have explained everything related to a career in agriculture.

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Careers in Agriculture

Common notion denotes that agriculture just means working in the sunlight all day to make your crops grow but those days are long gone. In fact, there is a shortage of skilled professionals in the field and hence the demand for trained professionals is high. Therefore, we have gathered a list of career opportunities in agricultural science:

Agricultural Economist

Becoming an Agricultural economist is a good option for those looking for a career in agriculture. Agricultural economists are involved in dealing with everything in the agricultural market, from developing forecasts to examining data to determining trends in the economic activity. The job of an agricultural economist is to apply economic principles to know about the supply and demand in the agricultural sector. The job is one of the most skilled jobs in the agricultural sector which is why they enjoy a good salary too.

Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural engineers are involved in designing, constructing, improving the farming equipment and machinery.  They aim at improving the efficacy and sustainability of agricultural practices. In simple terms, the profession combines the discipline of mechanical, civil and food engineering with basic agricultural principles. It is a great job opportunity for a career in agriculture. The job is best suited for those who have a keen enthusiasm in the agricultural settings and want to apply their engineering knowledge in that field. Agricultural engineers enjoy an average salary of INR5.5 lakh per annum- 8 lakh per annum. 

Food Microbiologist

Food microbiologists are involved in the research of food microorganisms and in preventing food-borne diseases. They study how different microbes can affect food as well as the effect of packaged food on its quality and how to prevent it. In simple terms, it is all about the study of microorganisms that can inhibit, create or contaminate food. It is an excellent extension of a career in agriculture. A fresher can expect an average salary of around Rs 6 lakh p.a. and with experience this number also goes up. 

Agricultural Operations Manager

An agricultural operations manager manages everything related to the growth of crops and other facilities on the field. They are not the same as farm managers and actually are in charge of huge agribusinesses apart from ensuring smooth running of daily operations. They oversee inventory and leading staff as well. The job is considered to be a management job and is the perfect option for a career in agriculture for students with a managerial background along with an interest in the agriculture sector. 

Agronomy Sales Manager

A product is worth nothing, if not sold in the market. As the name itself suggests, the job involves selling agronomic products to the customers and providing support and knowledge to your customers. However, the job isn’t just any other sales job but also involves decision making related to the production of agronomic products and implementing long term plans to optimize the level of production. The future for agronomy sales managers is very bright and is one of the top paying jobs in agriculture. It is a great option for a career in agriculture for students interested in marketing.  

Animal Geneticist

Animal geneticists work with animals to analyze their genetic makeup in order to identify the cause of their actions. They analyze their genetic makeup to find out what makes them immune to certain diseases or fail to thrive in certain environments.  Being one of the most sought after career in agriculture, will basically allow you to conduct research and develop strategies to improve heritability of differential traits. 

 Diploma in Agriculture

Top Agriculture Courses

Mentioned below are the top agriculture courses you can pursue to make a career in agriculture.

  • BSc Agriculture
  • BSc Agriculture and Food Business
  • BSc Forestry
  • BSc Animal Husbandry
  • BSc Agriculture Economics and Farm Management
  • BSc Fisheries
  • BSc Crop Physiology
  • BBA in Agricultural Management
  • MSc Agricultural Production
  • MBA in Agriculture
  • MSc Agronomy
  • MSc Agriculture
  • MSc in Integrated Plant and Animal Breeding

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Top Universities for Agriculture Abroad

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Thus, a career in Agriculture is filled with promising opportunities and rewarding paths for you to explore! Want to pursue a degree in Agriculture? Our Leverage Edu experts are here to lend you a helping hand in finding the right course and university as per your interests and aspirations. Sign up for a free session now!

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