Unconventional Majors: Pursue A Career in Your Passion

The most common notion heard in the student community and among our friends, mentors, parents and other acquaintances is that if you want a rewarding and a secured career, it’s vital to earn a degree in either of the most famous and demanding programs like Economics, Engineering, Technology, Mathematics etc. Perhaps, you don’t bother only about earning a lot of money and would instead like to pursue a more colorful and interesting major. There are plenty of unconventional options to choose from, for your major, which may match your interest. They may not sound to be very convincing in monetary terms but if you have a passion for the concerned field, you will not find them lacking behind any of other options if given few years in it. Here are few of the amazing options that you may consider:

  • Adventure Education

Does a sport like rock climbing, wilderness survival, kayaking, backcountry skiing, mountaineering or another extreme adventure interests you? If yes, you may opt for education in an adventure as your ideal major. There are not many such programs, one of the popular ones is offered by Fort Lewis College in Colorado and University of Chichester. This includes Liberal Art studies, outdoors training and education concepts. This in return offers job prospects such as working in outdoor education at a national or state park, adventure/Outdoor programs

  • Comic Art

In case all your childhood, you had been reading books on various characters from the comic world and loved spending all your pocket money on comic books and graphic novels, this program can allow you to embrace your fictional tastes while simultaneously earning a bachelor’s degree. Minneapolis College of Art and Design is one of the colleges that offer this program and helps to learn techniques in drawing as well as aspects of storytelling, publishing and electronic media in preparation for comics-related careers.

  • Canadian Studies
Keen to know about Canada, its culture, and development within the country? Attaining a major in Canadian Studies may be a right choice for you. Such unique programs are offered by very limited universities or schools. This program is offered at Duke University and the University of Vermont, Burlington, USA. This program includes a complete guide to the shared history of the United States and their neighbor to the north. Students get massive opportunities to learn about the cultural similarities and differences that exist between the two countries. You may imagine your future as teaching at a university or college in Canada or the United States, government council or museums.
  • Puppetry

For many individuals, puppetry is a serious craft that requires strong determination and dedication. University of Connecticut and few more universities offer a program on puppetry which includes various projects on craft and courses in scenery, lighting, directing and puppet production. You can now turn these fond childhood memories into a full-time career.

  • Bakery Science and Management

Have you baked a cake or cookies or muffins for your parents on their special occasions? Were you good at that all the time? And your measurements were just perfect? Do you know all the functions and features of cooking range and oven? If you have all these killer cookery skills, this program is the right choice for you. Kansas State University and few others offer a program which includes baking, classes address microbiology, math, science and business. This program in return offers job prospects at places/restaurants like caterers, hotels, clubs, food manufacturers, testing laboratories, and large and small bakeries

  • Equine Studies

Do you have your own horse? And you enjoy caring for and training it and many others in your neighbor. And that’s your passion; in that case, you may be drawn to the Equine Studies program at the University of Maryland and 2-3 more colleges that offer similar programs. This helps students to learn more about horses’ physiology, their food habits, right nutrition, reproduction and exercise. Providing amazing learning along with stable skills, this course prepares you to take up careers in green pastures.

  • Soil Science

For whom can dirt be so interesting? The Soil Science program at the University of Wisconsin offers many credits on the biological, physical and chemical properties of different types of soil. In this area of study, students gain knowledge of the effects of the soil quality on the food growth, environmental issues and other areas of sciences.

  • Motorsports Management

Monster Energy NASCAR and many other passionate racing enterprises are rapidly growing in popularity across the globe. If the sound of a revving engine thrills you, a career in motorsports management may be right up your way. You may attain right business skills to help manage racing operations and grow the sport at a different level.

  • Floral Management

Mississippi State University offers a chance to specialize in display gardening and event management through their Floral Management program. In fact, University also provides students a hands-on experience by employing them at its own professional flower shop as interns and later offer full-time jobs. Therefore, its graduates leave with a substantial amount of work experience along with their majors.


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