Role of Puppetry in Education

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Education has a massive potential to change the world. How we evolve, behave and love is all determined by the knowledge we have. Whether it is solving a bigger conflict at a global level or the micro conflicts brimming inside us, education is the entity we solely rely on. When it comes to receiving it, we want to ensure that we are getting the best. Knowledge like any other thing under the sun has gone through changes. Technological evolution has affected almost every aspect of our lives and the educational sector is not an exception. It is intriguing to see how technology is changing the face of education but at the same time, the challenge to keep the core values has grown substantially. To retain the fundamental principles, leading educationists have worked hard to bring to us effective ways of imparting quality education to students and the use of puppetry is one of them. In this blog, we will explore the role of puppetry in education. 

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Puppetry as an Educational Tool

The primary motive of using puppetry in the pedagogical process is to educate the students. Young minds at their tender age can be moulded into any direction, and to stimulate in them the artistic creativity and develop their explorative and observation skills, various methods are used. A teacher needs to put a great level of effort into facilitating the young students with the resources that would not only foster a quest for learning but will encourage them to explore the jewels of education.

Puppetry has been an important part of the educational process and it has proven to be effective in providing an alternative to the normal way of teaching which children often find tiresome. At a young age, students are more fascinated by visuals rather than texts which is why animation has been incorporated as a tool of teaching in modern education.

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Understanding Sensitive Topics

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One of the most challenging tasks for teachers is to educate children on sensitive and complicated topics like sexuality, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, etc. The students must be made aware of the complex issues at a young age as it is the crucial stage for anyone to start developing an opinion. To impart education on such issues, teachers choose to employ puppetry as a medium to help students understand the peculiarities of such issues without leaving a negative impact on their mindsets. At this stage, students undergo behavioural changes which form a major component of their personality. Thus it is significant to educate them more effectively to inculcate a positive attitude in them and that is where the role of puppetry in education comes into play.

Teaching Ethics and Values

A person’s education is questioned if they tend to make a mistake or be a part of any activity which is not up to the social norms. The importance of education in nurturing the right morals and values at the elementary level cannot be undermined. Children spend most of their time in schools, so the institution must provide them with an environment that would develop ethical values in them and the perception of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Using puppetry as a medium to educate students and pass on the values can prove to be vital.

The role of puppetry in education uses the easiest way to target the cognition of a student.

Reinforcing Good Behaviour Using Puppetry

Education is a driving force behind the good behaviour and leadership qualities of individuals. Playing a great role in reinforcing good behaviour in a student, education has inevitable advantages that leave an indelible mark on the persona of an individual. The role of puppetry in education cannot be diminished when it comes to inculcating ideas in students that lead to the development of mannerisms and attitudes in them.

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