Top 5 Countries to Look Out For Studying International Relations

international relations
international relations

International Relations, also referred to as International Studies, is mainly considered as a field of Political Science that study the role of states, international alliances, NGOs and multinational companies in an increasingly globalized world. Programs in International Relations deals with subjects like development, sovereignty, human rights and environmentalism, in the context of global affairs.

While studying

International Relations

you may not be looking to pursue a career in politics or government, but you can still use your knowledge of international relations in various careers. Studying international relations will teach you how to work with various cultures, people, and entities, and with this kind of academic background, you may find yourself unlocking a lot of promising career opportunities across numerous fields. An international study major provides students with the essential knowledge and core analytical skills that can help one to make sense of the international system and have an impact on government, business, and society well into the future.  In nutshell, this degree gives an option for students to leverage their core knowledge from a number of social science fields in order to become more informed citizens and, in many cases, pursue careers in related fields.

However, studying international relations does not only take place inside a classroom. In fact, it is best learned in praxis while on location. Must choose the right location and align it with your academic or career goals to make best out international relation programs. Here are some of the top countries you may want to consider for your international relations study abroad program:



Switzerland is one of the top choices among students for studying International Relations. Being the site of the Geneva Convention and home to many international, political and economic organizations, most businesses and offices in Switzerland cater to international audiences, and political awareness is very much felt throughout the country’s institutions. Many schools have introductory classes in international and diplomatic relations.

The country also hosts the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations, one of the most respected institutions that focus on politics, business, and government on an international scale.

The United States

The United States is among the best options for studying International Relations. It offers the most conducive environment to learn more about democracy, a typestate which many nations strive to achieve. A lot of countries are also following the American style of government in their own states. So going to the U.S. to study would be really a great decision if you intend to become a public servant in your home country later on. Aside from studying the tenets of democracy, the United States is also the headquarters of many international organizations. Representatives from different countries around the globe meet to promote peace and stabilize socio-economic and political ties with each other.



If you are keen to learn about Asian diplomacy, then you may want to study in Singapore. It offers a good learning environment for international relations students, particularly those who want to concentrate on international business. The country is also near other Asian nations and offers a multifaceted culture of Chinese, Malays, Hindus, and Westerners. In Singapore, you can learn about the Asian Tigers both from a theoretical and practical perspective. Something you cannot find in many other countries of the region.

The United Kingdom

Universities in the UK offer the highest standards of excellence in international relations. The UK is a very popular destination for International Relations students. It is also home to some of the most respected professors in the field.

A numerous lot of aspiring politicians and public servants often go to the UK to study. With the most coveted institutions being Oxford University and the London School of Economics and Political Science. You might even have the chance to intern with the British Parliament during your time studying abroad in England.


The Netherlands

Another European destination that’s perfect for international relations students in the Netherlands. Studying abroad in Amsterdam not only offers a conducive global environment. It also opens doors to internships at The Hague or the headquarters of the International Criminal Court.  If you plan to concentrate on international law, then the Netherlands is the place to be.

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