Scope of Political Science

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Scope of Political Science

If we consider the different specialisations in Social Science, Political Science is a multidisciplinary domain of study which studies the effects of politics and governments on the lives of common people on a macro level. Understanding Politics is highly complex due to its many factors and theories by which it works almost like a domino effect on the masses. This is sufficient to understand the amount of thought and consideration which goes in drafting and adopting public policies. In this article, we will be focusing on the nature and scope of Political Science, its importance and career options entailed for those with academic qualifications in this field.

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Nature and Scope of Political Science

As a vast field of study, Political Science focuses on nature, causes, effects and patterns in historical events and major political decisions taken by people in authority. It also includes various forms of governing systems that rose and fell throughout history, bringing all this knowledge in the context of the contemporary world and its systems. It is a branch of Social Science, stemming from basic Civics that students are taught in High School. There are many Political Science courses that students can pursue right from the Undergraduate level, with 3-year degree courses like a BSc/BA Political Science. Like any academic discipline, it can be further explored through master’s courses and doctorate/research positions, but one thing that sets apart the scope of Political Science is its versatility in every part of the globe.

Why Study Political Science?

Political science is a career option which is highly sought after by people with diverse goals. These may pertain to students who wish to apply for civil services exams, public policy as well as prospective politicians. Political Science deeply relates to the socio-political structures of various countries in the world, thus equipping them with all the necessary information to develop critical and analytical thinking skills. These skills have a lot of use in many work profiles, essentially being required to understand, implement or draft policies in organisations, or even on a national level.

Scope of Political Science: Careers and Jobs

There is a vast degree of variance in the terms of different roles and jobs that you can pursue after completing a course in Political Science. The career scope of Political Science encompasses not only just high school educational streams by offering positions in various ministries, but also vertical hierarchy of an organization from researcher to executive positions. Here are some of the major career prospects of Political Science:

Policy Analyst

Policy analysts review and study public policies implemented or proposed by a government, its impact on the general masses and relevance in the long run. As Political Science teaches students various policies adopted throughout history, a Political Analyst’s job is well-suited in terms of availing the vast scope of Political Science. These analysts are posted in think-tank organisations as well as employed at higher posts in government jobs in ministries.

Public Relations Specialist

The job profile of Public Relation experts is related to the portrayal of an organisation in the eyes of its environment. The environment includes competitors, customers and prospective partners. They often arrange press conferences, come up with various public outreach campaigns and in case of a reputation crisis, work towards rebuilding the reputation of the organisation.

Political Consultant

Political Consultants have a deep knowledge of the social and political environment of the public, on the level on which they operate. These are often hired by politicians and prospective candidates to help them build their public reputation as well as helping them take the correct course of action in a particular scenario. Coming under the immense career scope of Political Science, it is a really dynamic job, which can lead to endless career heights as the consultant grows in experience and builds a reputation for himself.


As most career options work, students can choose to go back to the academic fold and give back to the field of study from which they arise. These professors are employed by both public and private Universities, as part-time or permanent faculty. Often, individuals choose to pursue their higher research and doctorate education entailed by the scope of Political Science while teaching students at the undergraduate level.

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Scope of Political Science in the field of research is very immense. Students can choose to progress with a PhD in Political Science after they complete their Master’s degree. These PhDs are highly research-centric and domain-specific, where students give back to the existing literature of Political Science. Some may even choose to pursue a full-time career in research, working as faculty of world-known Universities, while completing multiple PhDs in their lifetime. They can be understood as the most well-versed professionals in the field of Political Science.

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Intelligence Analyst

These analysts are generally more educated in specific domains of Political Science, employed in high-profile government-run organisations. They use their knowledge of developments in world politics to understand and identify the possible problematic areas, both domestically and internationally. This information is used by the government to frame its political and trade relations accordingly.    

Salary Structure

The scope of political science is bright in India and abroad. With various specialization to choose from, after a degree in political science, you can build a career in different fields. Here are popular job profiles with their salary structure:

Job ProfilesSalary (in INR) per annum
Intelligence Analyst₹986983
Political Consultant₹856869
Legislative Assistant₹570948 
Market Research Analyst₹337542

Skills Required in Political Science

If you have imaginative thinking you have a great scope as an animator, if you can think of catchy lines you can build a career in advertising. Just like that, here are some of the skills that will help you in building a career in political science:

  • Communication Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Research Skills
  • Team Work
  • Decision Making
  • Planning and organizing skills

Political Science Subjects

There are various interesting subjects you get to study while pursuing a political science degree, every university has a different course curriculm. Here are some of the common subjects you will study in political science:

  • Public administration and policy
  • Constitutional Structure
  • Political theory
  • Environmentalism & Globalisation
  • International relations
  • Social justice
  •  Peace Enforcement
  • Comparative politics
  • UN Peace-Making
  • Diplomatic history
  • Political economy
  • UN System and League
  • International politics

Political Science: Top Universities

Political Science is a sought-after subject throughout the world, with many aspirants that go on to hold various executive and diplomatic positions. In fact, countries with rich political heritage tend to have universities that provide quality education in Political Science. Here are some of the top Universities to study Political science at various academic levels, through various colleges and schools: 

UniversityQS RankingsCountry
Harvard University1USA
Princeton University=2USA
Sciences PO=2France
University of Oxford4UK
London School of Economics and Political Science5UK 
University of Cambridge6UK
Stanford University7USA 
The Australian National University8Australia
Yale University9USA
The University of California, Berkeley10USA

Top 10 Colleges for Political Science in India

If you are considering pursuing a degree in political science, here are top 10 colleges in India:

  • St. Stephens College, Delhi
  • Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi
  • St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore
  • St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad
  • St. Francis College for Women, Hyderabad
  • Loyola College, Chennai
  • Fergusson College, Pune
  • Stella Maris College, Chennai
  • Mount Carmel College, Bangalore
  • Christ University, Bangalore

Documents Required

There are various entry requirements to be fulfilled by every applicant planning to study abroad.Here is the list of documents you will require while applying for a political science abroad:


What is the scope of political science in India?

With various career options after completing a degree, the scope of political science in India is vast. More and more students are considering pursuing a degree in political science from Indian universities and from foreign universities as well.

Who is the father of political science?

Aristotle is the father of political science

What are the three branches of political science?

There are three main branches of political science – Political theory, public law, and public administration.

What do we study in political science?

Political science majorly includes an in-depth study of government rules and regulations, authority and responsibility of the state, political behavior, and issues as well.

Are Political Science and Law the same?

While there are some common subjects but the nature and subjects of law and political science are different.

Which job profile has the highest scope in political science?

Some of the highest-paying jobs in the field of political science includes legislative assistant, political consultant, and researcher.

Hence, Political Science is a highly dynamic career option, with lots of changes happening in the global political scenario on a daily basis. A person with deeper knowledge foresight and good knowledge of historical events will be adept in this sector. As the saying goes, “A person with good foresight has clearer hindsight”. So, this concludes the article on scope of Political Science. If you are confused about finding a suitable course and university to study a degree in Political Science, our Leverage Edu experts are here to guide you in choosing the best course and institution as per your interests, preferences and career goals. Sign up for an e-meeting with us today!

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