Scala Programming Language

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SCALA Programming Language

Have you ever wondered how computers interpret our commands and process them to give the desired output? The answer lies in their own set of computer languages built specifically to facilitate communication in a computing system to ensure its proper functioning. There are diverse programming languages created for computers and each has its purpose such as Java and C, where Java is a language for general functions, like the development of computer and mobile applications, needed for data processing whilst C, on the other hand, is used to develop software, operating system and databases. In this blog, we are going to look at an increasingly becoming popular type of programming language called Scala, its uses and applications as well as the courses offered and the career scope it entails.

Scala Programming Language

Scala programming language is used for general functions and works as a support language for both functional programming and object-oriented programming. It is a high-level language, and fully able to function on Java Virtual Machine. This characteristic feature of this programming language creates a possibility for Scala and Java to be incorporated with each other as they are compatible and can operate smoothly together. Invented by Mr Martin Odersky in the year 2003, Scala or Scalable language brought a revolutionary change in the world of computer languages. It was primarily designed with the purpose to redress the limitations of Java language. This language made it possible to organize big amounts of data effortlessly and has emerged as one of the most popular programming languages in contemporary times.

Scala Programming Courses

A large number of areas are covered in Scala programming language courses to help student gain proficiency in this language. Tabulated below is a detailed list of subjects that a student will learn while pursuing a course or training program in Scala:

Fundamentals of ScalaAgents and Other Concurrent Programming Constructs
Modern CPU Architecture, Deterministic DataflowConcurrent Collections, Atomicity
Functional Programming, Task and Data ParallelismNon­-Blocking Algorithms, LMAX Disruptor Case Study
Asynchronous Programming, Futures and PromisesConcurrency Patterns and Pitfalls
Functional Reactive Programming, Reactive StreamsTesting, Debugging and Troubleshooting Concurrent Programs
Message Passing, ActorsGuest Lectures, Seminars
Memory Models, Shared-Memory ConcurrencyPresentation of Project

Programming languages are an integral part of the discipline of Computer Science which is becoming a sought-after one in the present digital age. To cater to the increasing need for programming and tech experts, numerous universities in the world are offering multifarious courses in this field. Here is a list of different courses provided in the Scala programming language across undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate level.

Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Science in Computer EngineeringNortheastern University
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Software Engineering [Honours]University of Windsor
Bachelor of Science (High-Performance Computational Physics) (Honours)The University of Adelaide
Bachelor of Advanced Computing (Research and Development) (Honours) / Bachelor of Languages [Flexible Double Degree]The Australian National University
BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Games Development)University of Wolverhampton
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science – Programming LanguagesIndiana University – Bloomington

Postgraduate Courses

Master of Information Technology – Computing and NetworkingJames Cook University
Master of Science in Financial Engineering – Computation and ProgrammingColumbia University
MSc Games Development and DesignUniversity of Lincoln
Master of Science in Computer Science – Computational Data ScienceKent State University
Master of Science in Software EngineeringNew Jersey Institute of Technology

Doctorate Courses

Doctor of Philosophy in Software EngineeringNorth Dakota State University
Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science – Programming Languages and Software EngineeringRice University
Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering – Computer EngineeringUniversity of Hawaii – Manoa

Online Scala Language Programming Courses

As it is a programming language, there are plenty of online platforms offering various courses for students to choose from. These online courses are highly flexible and offer holistic and interactive learning for Scala with specialised and customised modules as well. Below we have enlisted some of the popular online courses in Scala Programming Language you must consider:

Programming Reactive Systems by edX
To understand at the foundational level, reactive programming comprises those techniques which are used for the implementation of Scalable and different types of responsive systems. In this course, scholars learn about handling failure with actors using supervision, Actor Lifecycle Monitoring and Receptionist Pattern. 

Functional Programming Principles in Scala by Coursera
This course will help you understand the various components of functional programming. One learns how to implement those effectively during routine programming. This course develops its undertaker’s base of reasoning related to functional programs. The scope of the course also involves learning about Data & abstraction, Higher-Order Functions amongst others.

Functional Program Design in Scala by Coursera
Through this online course, a student will learn the application of the functional programming style while developing big applications. Scholars learn how to design and make functional libraries, how to integrate functions and state within a single program, and comprehend different reasoning techniques for programs.

Big Data Analysis with Scala and Spark by Coursera
This course aims to help an individual learn the techniques through which data-parallel paradigms can be efficiently expanded into the distributed case. This course on Big Data Analytics extensively studies Spark’s programming model and reasons that differentiate it from common programming models, such as Sequential Scala Collections.

Parallel Programming by Coursera
It primarily focuses on various fundamentals related to parallel programmings, such as Task Parallelism and Data Parallelism. This course provides in-depth knowledge about Basic Task Parallel Algorithms, Parallel Programming, Data Structures for Parallel Computing and Data-Parallelism.

Scope in Scala Language

A number of lucrative job opportunities are available for those with expertise and proficiency in Scala programming language. As the tech industry is ever-evolving, you can explore a plethora of prospects, both freelance and full-time, to turn your passion for programming into a career. Listed below are some of the most popular job profiles for those with completing a course in Programming:

  • Software Developer
  • Application Developer
  • IT Consultant
  • Database Administrator.
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Computer Programmer
  • Business Intelligence Analyst

We hope this blog about Scala Programming Language has proved helpful and given you all the information relevant to it. Apprehensive about how to pursue programming as your career? The experts of Leverage Edu are here to guide you in selecting the right course and the university to steer towards this fulfilling career path. Sign up a free career counselling session with us now to scale great heights in your career! 

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