Quantum Computing Universities

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Quantum computing is part of a large area of quantum information technologies or quantum technologies. Quantum computing can be life-changing in fields such as cryptography, chemistry, material science, and agriculture when the technology becomes more mature. Quantum computing has a compound nature that can be used as a solution for mathematical models that form the basis of today’s economy. Let’s explore all the best quantum computing universities globally.

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Top 10 Quantum Computing Universities Abroad

Quantum information theory and quantum computing have developed from a small subject to a funded program that takes place at quantum centers and institutes at top universities. Let’s check out the top universities for quantum computing research:

  1. University of Waterloo
  2. The University of Oxford
  3. Harvard University
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  5. National University of Singapore 
  6. Nanyang Technological University 
  7. University of California Berkeley
  8. University of Sydney
  9. University of Maryland 
  10. University of Science and Technology of China

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Top Quantum Computing Universities in India

Pondering about your options for pursuing quantum computing education in India. The course is available in top-ranked universities in India. We have curated a list for you, check out the top quantum computing universities in India:

  1. Indian Institute of Technology
  2. Indian Institutes of Information Technology
  3. Indian Institutes of Science Education and Research
  4. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
  5. Indian Statistical Institute
  6. Calcutta University

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is considered one of the best quantum computing universities globally. The Institute for Quantum Computing is affiliated with the scientific research institute of the University of Waterloo which is located in Ontario with a multidisciplinary approach to the field of quantum information processing. The creator of BlackBerry, Mike Lazaridis, funded this institute. The forte of this institute is how it engages excellence in academic research with an entrepreneurial initiative to materialize the technology.

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The University of Oxford

Next on the list of Quantum computing universities is Oxford University in the UK. Oxford University is the vanguard of the UK’s efforts to build the first generation of quantum computers with leading performance. Quantum computing can likely help to transform areas of our lives such as healthcare and security. Oxford is exploring technology and responsible innovation to ensure that its power will bring benefits for all of society.

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Harvard University 

The Harvard Quantum Initiative is the new program in Science and Engineering. It is a community of researchers with an interest in promoting the science and engineering of quantum systems and their applications. Their main motive is to help scientists and engineers to explore new and latest ways to transform quantum theory into useful systems and devices.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Moving forward, next on the list of quantum computing universities is MIT. MIT is a research institute. The forte of the university’s theoretical physics is applied to quantum information and quantum computing. The researchers at MIT discovers areas like Quantum algorithms and Quantum information theory.

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The National University of Singapore & Nanyang Technological University 

The Centre for Quantum Technologies was established to engage physicists and computer scientists to research the basics of quantum physics. They also construct devices based on quantum phenomena. The researchers and experts of quantum technology are implying their discoveries in 

  • Sensing
  • Communications
  • Computing.
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University of California Berkeley

The Institute involves quantum scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Laboratory for Physical Sciences. Each one of these institutions brings experimental research and theoretical programs with a spirit to deploy and control the quantum system.

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University of Sydney

The University of Sydney quantum science focuses on challenging problems of quantum computing and applying these insights to construct new technologies. The scientific search of the university mainly focuses on deep industrial and entrepreneurial activities.

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University of Maryland 

The Joint Quantum Institute revolves around the quantum scientists from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, the Department of Physics of the University of Maryland, and the Laboratory for Physical Sciences (LPS). Each institution brings theoretical and experimental research programs with them and they have a dedication to control the quantum system.

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Online Quantum Computing Courses

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Opting to study in the field of Quantum Computing is likely to become a righteous decision of your life. Selecting a course and university can be a task, reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu and explore all the available options to give your career a big leap. 

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