Bestselling Quantum Physics Books

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Bestselling Quantum Physics Books

Quantum Physics or Quantum Mechanics is considered as one of the prominent branches of Physics which explains the functioning of everything in this universe. It defines how atoms work and articulate the reasons behind the functioning of Chemistry and Biology. Do you want to explore interesting applications of Quantum Physics? Are you willing to take a tour of a world full of theories by Max Planck and Niels Bohr? Let’s have a look at some of the bestselling quantum physics books that can answer all your questions.

Best Selling Quantum Physics Books

Reading a book is the best way to understand a concept in a simplified way. If you are looking for in-depth information on quantum physics, it is important for you to pick the right books. To make the entire process easier for you, here are some of the bestselling books on quantum physics:

Bestselling Quantum Physics BooksAuthorsBuy Here
Beyond Spacetime, The Foundations of Quantum GravityNick Huggett, Keizo Matsubara, Christian WüthrichBUY HERE 
Lost in Math, How Beauty Leads Physics AstraySabine HossenfelderBUY HERE 
Scientific Autobiography and Selected Lectures on Theoretical PhysicsMax PlanckBUY HERE
Quantum Mechanics, Volume 3, Fermions, Bosons, Photons, Correlations, and EntanglementClaude Cohen-Tannoudji, Bernard Diu, Franck LaloëBUY HERE 
Constructing Quantum Mechanics, Volume 1: The Scaffold: 1900-1923Anthony Duncan, Michel JanssenBUY HERE 
The Quantum Mechanics Conundrum, Interpretation and FoundationsGennaro AulettaBUY HERE 
Elements of REALITY, 1925-1935 – The Onset of an UNFINISHED Philosophical StruggleFelix Alba-JuezBUY HERE
Einstein, Quantum Theory, & the Pursuit of the Paranormal, How Science and Belief Relate to Human Consciousness & Paranormal InvestigationDr. Eric O’DiernoBUY HERE
Quantum Theory, An Easy-To-Understand IntroductionDieter SchusterBUY HERE 
Categories for Quantum Theory, An IntroductionChris Heunen, Jamie VicaryBUY HERE
How to Teach Physics to Your Dog (2009)Chad OrzelBUY HERE
The Second Creation: Makers of the Revolution in Twentieth-Century Physics (1986)Robert Crease and Charles MannBUY HERE
Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics (1985)Nick HerbertBUY HERE
The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Mystic of the Atom (2009)Graham FarmeloBUY HERE
The Ghost in the Atom: A Discussion of the Mysteries of Quantum Physics (1986)PCW Davies and JR BrownBUY HERE
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Beyond Spacetime: The Foundations of Quantum Gravity

One of the bestselling quantum physics books discusses in great deal a common challenge in physics that is, the reconciliation of quantum mechanics and relativity within the quantum gravity theory. This anthology of insightful essays penned by physicists and philosophers try to elaborate and investigate fundamental concepts of Quantum Physics. Divided into three different parts this book examines the classical type spacetime, nature of time. It also discusses some vital questions about metaphysics and also epistemology of quantum gravity. It is a repository of knowledge for students and physicists trying to figure out problems of foundational physics and quantum gravity.

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Scientific Autobiography and Selected Lectures on Theoretical Physics

Max Planck’s, Scientific Autobiography, contains eight informative lectures related to theoretical physics, his Columbia University lecture in 1909 and his Nobel Prize lecture, The Origin and Development of Quantum Theory. Planck’s works and lectures were incorporated to cite his research and findings in this very volume. It also contains his lectures on theoretical physics that showcase his views, ideas and perception of The Present System of Theoretical Physics. The book will fascinate students as well as professionals of foundational physics. It will be a guide to students through which they will learn how to solve physics via Planck’s point of view. 

Quantum Mechanics

Cohen Tannoudji’s cutting edge book on quantum mechanics includes groundbreaking and penetrating topics related to quantum mechanics like, Uncorrelated, Correlated Identical Particles, Quantum Theory of the Electro-Magnetic Field, Emission, Absorption as well as the description of the Scattering of Photons through Atoms. The Nobel Prize winning author also provides a great deal of information on Quantum Entanglement. It discusses the fundamental concepts in seven different chapters which have been supplemented with more data that proffer information, practical examples and methodology. Known as one of the bestselling Quantum Physics books, this book will be a great option that will resolve your confusion regarding the separation of underlying principles of QP from specific examples at an early stage. It comprehensively clears the fundamentals of physics and presents a guiding process of its application.

Constructing Quantum Mechanics 

This is the initial book on the two-volume tome on the origins of quantum mechanics. It includes major developments in physics during the years of 1900 to 1923 which was a precursor to the development of modern quantum mechanics. This book explores the contributions of Planck, Einstein, as well as Bohr. It also studies theories such as Black Body Radiation, Spectroscopy and Heats purposely to demonstrate the necessity for changes to the physics during such epochal times of physics. It investigates various steps of Sommerfeld and other physicists towards the development of a new theory, which is now known as the Old Quantum Theory. 

The Quantum Mechanics Conundrum, Interpretation and Foundations

This book renders a methodical way of dealing with the interpretation as well as conceptual level mathematical basis of quantum mechanics. It is written in a more academic manner, yet clears many complex problems of foundational physics. The first part deals with interpretation of the subject. Being one amongst the bestselling Quantum Physics books, it is concerned with many basic problems, such as, Formalism, Casuality, Measurement and Non locality. Perceptions and positions are stated and critically examined vis-a-vis quantum physics. The second part deals with foundations and concepts of this field.

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How to Teach Physics to Your Dog (2009)

You can understand the uncertainty principle, Bell’s theorem, and even quantum teleportation if scientist Chad Orzel’s dog, Emmy, can. As a result, it is among the top bestselling quantum physics books of all time. Orzel, a specialist in the most recent attempt to harness the strange aspects of quantum theory in the laboratory, has a flair for useful comparisons. Best of all, his book covers many of the most recent concepts and advances, providing an accessible overview as bit as entertaining as classics like Gamow’s Mr Tompkins, now updated.

The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Mystic of the Atom (2009)

Despite not being as well-known as Schrödinger and Heisenberg, Dirac was a master of the topic who explained many of its early origins and pushed on to create a version that was consistent with Einstein’s relativity. Farmelo reconstructs Dirac’s tremendous scientific accomplishments and troubled emotional life in this poignant biography, which piqued our interest enough to include this outstanding and unusual book on our list of the top bestselling quantum physics books of all time.

Quantum Reality: Beyond the New Physics (1985)

Another one of the bestselling quantum physics books on our list is by Nick Herbert. This lucid and humorous analysis, one of the first popular books to discuss quantum entanglement, does not shy away from the philosophical stakes. Herbert investigates how various competing interpretations attempt to account for an underlying reality by using thought experiments as well as understandable explanations of genuine investigations.

The Second Creation: Makers of the Revolution in Twentieth-Century Physics (1986)

Quantum theory underpins physicists’ knowledge of matter’s building blocks: not just atoms or portions of atoms like electrons and nuclei, but deep into the structure of the nucleus itself, into a teeming universe of quarks, gluons, and the Higgs boson. In this bestselling quantum physics book, Crease and Mann nailed the drama of physicists’ lengthy search to peel apart the ultimate components and forces of existence, despite being written long before the recent findings at the Large Hadron Collider.

The Ghost in the Atom: A Discussion of the Mysteries of Quantum Physics (1986)

Last but not least, we have another bestselling quantum physics books that will enlighten you with a plethora of quantum physics facts and ideas. The first chapter gives a brief introduction to quantum theory and discusses many conflicting viewpoints on how to best make sense of its consequences. The interviews document a period in time, in the mid-1980s when numerous renowned physicists began to re-examine the interpretation of the quantum theory, a subject that had previously been largely ignored.


Who is the godfather of quantum physics?

The godfather of quantum physics are Max Planck and Niels Bohr. They have received Nobel prize s in physics for their work.

Which is the toughest physics book to solve?

The toughest physics book to solve is Problems in General Physics written by IE Irodov.

Is quantum physics the hardest physics?

Yes. Quantum physics is considered to be the hardest physics out there. It involves a range of physical principles that blend elements of relativity with elements of quantum mechanics to understand the behaviour of subatomic particles.

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