PhD in Mathematics

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PhD in Mathematics

Do you love calculations and solving big mathematical problems? Dating back to ancient times, Mathematics as a field has witnessed immense changes and growth with technological advancements. Carl Friedrich Gauss, a famous mathematician, called this field the ‘queen of sciences’ because the mathematical principles and theories are used in multifarious disciplines like Sciences, Finance, Engineering, Medicine and Social Sciences. From calculating and measuring to the development of a multitude of theories, laws, and patterns, pursuing a career after BSc Maths can be highly rewarding. In this blog, we will shed light on various elements of the PhD in Mathematics program and will provide insightful knowledge on the same. 

Course Name  PhD in Mathematics 
Full-Form Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics
Course Level Doctorate Course (Postgraduation)
Duration 3 to 5 years
Examination Type Semester-based
Eligibility MSc Degree in Mathematical or Physical Sciences/ BTech Candidates from any discipline with a minimum of 60% score
Admission process Merit-based + Entrance Examination
Entrance Exams NBHM Entrance Exam, CSIR UGC NET, UGC NET, GRE, and other relevant entrance exams.
Course Fee INR 50,000 – 9 lakhs per annum in India and more for study abroad
Average Salary INR 3 – 9 Lakhs per annum
Job Positions Mathematician, Statistician, Loan Officer, Accountant, Economist, Researcher, Personal Banker, Cryptographer, Demographer, Professor, etc.

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What is PhD in Mathematics?

Relying heavily on the practical side, the students in the doctoral program are familiarised with mathematical logic and analysis, statistical, topology and stochastic processes. Running for a duration of 3-5 years, the doctorate program imparts advanced knowledge in the field of Mathematics and equips students with skills that can be used to apply and solve complex real-life issues. Not just in the education sector, but a PhD in Mathematics opens the door to a multitude of career opportunities in the corporate and other sectors of the economy. 

PhD in Mathematics

Why Study PhD in Mathematics?

Many opportunities in research institutes and universities are available for candidates who are interested in a research career. And for those who want to teach, there are lots of well-paying teaching opportunities available in private engineering institutions. Many international businesses’ research laboratories, financial services companies, and others are aggressively hiring Indian mathematicians. Some of the most common reasons why a PhD in Mathematics should be sought are as follows:

  • This curriculum trains students to keep up with the growth frontiers of knowledge and provides research skills relevant to the country’s current social and economic objectives.
  • It learns how to create an effective research report and how to show facts graphically.
  • Accountancy and commercial services, finance, investing and insurance, government and public administration are additional options.

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Top PhD in Mathematics Specializations

Ranging from Computational Sciences and Statistics to Natural Sciences, PhD in Mathematics offers an array of career opportunities in the research field. Being the heart and soul of modern scientific questions, the doctorate program helps and contemporary inventions in today’s generation. Here are some of the most popular specialization programs that you can opt for: 

  • PhD in Mathematical and Computer Sciences
  • PhD in Mathematical Sciences
  • PhD in Mathematical Education
  • PhD in Mathematical Statistics
  • PhD in Computational Mathematics and Decision Sciences
  • PhD in Mathematical Modeling
  • PhD in Natural and Mathematical Sciences
  • PhD in Applied Mathematics
  • PhD in Statistics

PhD in Mathematics Syllabus

Although the PhD in Mathematics course curriculum differs per college, it mostly comprises of certain common core courses from which students can choose based on their interests. The following is a list of common subjects and subjects covered in the syllabus:

  • Algebra
  • Differential Equation
  • Mathematical Finance
  • Analysis
  • Differential Geometry Mechanics
  • Calculus
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Metric Space
  • Computational Techniques
  • English Literature
  • Number Theory
  • Computer Science
  • Linear Programming
  • Probability Theory

Eligibility Criteria for PhD in Mathematics

To take admission in the choice of the course, the students have to fulfil certain eligibility criteria as mentioned by the university. Although different educational institutes have their own set of prerequisites, here are some of the most common parameters that you must satisfy to enrol in a PhD in Mathematics course:

  • A 3 years undergraduate degree in a field related to mathematics followed by a graduate degree like MSc Mathematics or a 4-year undergraduate honours degree in the field which provides relevant quantitative training to the students such as Mathematics, Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics, etc.
  • A valid English language proficiency test scorecard like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE
  • GRE scorecard, if needed by the university.
  • Passing score of the entrance exam conducted by the university, if any.

Apart from the aforementioned documents, the applicants also have to submit university transcripts, Letter of Recommendations (LOR), Statement of Purpose (SOP), Curriculum Vitae or a resume, and other documents as mentioned by the university. 

Top Universities Offering PhD in Mathematics 

Providing the best in class infrastructure, a highly qualified faculty and an industrial exposure essential to building a successful career ahead, the universities mentioned below are popular choices when it comes to pursuing PhD in Mathematics: 

Universities  Location  QS World University Rankings 2022
New York University USA 42
Princeton University USA 20
Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA 1
University of Portsmouth UK 651-700
University of California, Los Angeles USA 40
University of Cambridge UK =3
Stanford University USA =3
University of Oxford UK 2
Australian National University Australia  =27
Rochester Institute of Technology USA 1001-1200

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Top Colleges in India 

The table below lists the top PhD in Mathematics colleges and universities that offer the given programme full-time:

College Name City Average Annual Fees
Indian Institute of Science Bangalore INR 75,600
Banaras Hindu University Varanasi INR 22,268
Aligarh Muslim University Coimbatore INR 27,855
Stella Maris College, Chennai Chennai INR 6,000
Birla Institute of Technology Ranchi INR 1.75 Lakhs
Kuvempu University Shimoga INR 1.62 Lakhs
Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College Kolkata INR 21,000
Queen Mary’s College Chennai INR 5,805
Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts and Science Coimbatore INR 60,000
Amity University Noida INR 3 Lakhs

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Career Opportunities and Salaries 

PhD in Mathematics is one of the most popular professional options among students. Mathematical graduates have several career prospects both overseas and in India. PhD graduates can work in a variety of mathematical fields, such as Numerical Analysis, Computational Complex Analysis Group, Biomathematics Group, Complexity and Networks, Dynamical Systems, Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Physics, and so on. Graduates with customer service skills and a basic understanding of the business can work in both private and public sector banks. They can also look for work in markets research, public accounting companies, government and private banks, government and private financial sectors, budget planning, consultancies, and businesses, among other places. Some of the most sought after job prospects for PhD in Mathematics graduates are mentioned below: 

Job profile Average Annual Starting Salary
Cashier INR 3-6 Lakhs
Insurance Manager INR 6-12 Lakhs
Finance Manager INR 8-22 Lakhs
Accountant INR 4-12 Lakhs
Loan Counselor INR 4-15 Lakhs
Professor/ Asst. Professor INR 5-20 Lakhs

Note: Mathematicians’ employment in India is anticipated to rise by 23-30% due to a surge in demand for knowledge and experience in private sector analytics businesses. The private sector provides more compensation and more opportunities. If they include sophisticated computer abilities and statistical tools in their profile, the package will be increased.

PhD in Mathematics vs PhD in Economics (BONUS)

PhD in Mathematics and PhD in Economics both have a promising future in the field of study in a variety of areas. Many colleges in India and abroad choose both courses as part of their academic framework. More comparison information may be found in the table below:

Parameters PhD in Mathematics PhD in Economics
Duration 3-5 years 3-5 years
Eligibility MSc Degree in Mathematical or Physical Sciences Postgraduation in Economics
Exam Type Semester-based Semester-based
Job Profiles Mathematician, Statistician, Loan Officer, Accountant, Economist, Researcher, Personal Banker, Cryptographer, Demographer, Professor, etc. Accounting, Auditor, Banking and Finance, Insurance Investment, Marketing, Stock Broker, Media Analyst, Management, Manufacturing, Advertising, Communication, etc.
Average Fees INR 50,000 – 8 lakhs INR 80,000 – 10 lakhs
Average Salary INR 3 – 9 lakhs per annum INR 2 – 8 lakhs per annum

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Hopefully, you have got an insight into various aspects pertaining to PhD in Mathematics. If you are planning to pursue this course from universities abroad but are not sure about the admission process then the experts at Leverage Edu will help you. From completing the admission related formalities to preparing for a Visa interview, the professionals will assist you at every step. You can also book a 30 minutes free career counselling session with our counsellors on 1800572000 and get all your queries answered within minutes.

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