Leverage Edu Reviews- Mokshada Wanchoo’s Success Story

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Leverage Edu Reviews

At the young age of 16, Mokshada Wanchoo had already been volunteering at various NGO’s. This inspired her to try and bring about a change. After completing her B. Com degree from SRCC back in 2014, she worked in a variety of fields. First, she worked as a Chartered Accountant at Deloitte after which she decided to try Investment Banking and began working at PWC. It was only after gaining some experience in the field that Mokshada decided to pursue an MBA. However, she had always been underconfident in her abilities and did not know if she would be able to pursue this course or if she was even eligible to apply at top universities. It was during this period of uncertainty that she came across someone who happened to be a mentor with Leverage Edu and so she decided to give it a go.

When Mokshada first came to the Leverage Edu Centre she had already given her GMAT and secured a good score of 760. “I am always doubting myself; I did not think I could get into a good college but the experts at Leverage Edu showed immense confidence in me and my profile. Their confidence helped me have confidence in myself and that is why I decided that I wanted to go on this journey with them.” Mokshada’s first session with us involved profile evaluation. Instantly, the experts at Leverage Edu could see how much potential she had and told her that she had exactly what it takes to get into the best business schools. Afterwards, they helped her shortlist a few target colleges. These sessions also involved brainstorming with Mokshada, which helped her enumerate her strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and goals. “It was during the brainstorming session that I started thinking about my goal with MBA and putting down the steps I would need to take. It gave me a lot of clarity. I always had a passion for doing something impactful and this helped me realize that while I do enjoy Finance and am fascinated with it, I eventually wanted to do something that would bring about real change.”

Eventually, Mokshada decided to only apply to INSEAD because there were only 20 days left before the deadline. We immediately began the application process and she will now be pursuing an MBA in Finance from INSEAD. “When I applied to only one college, I was not at all certain that I would make it, but the counsellors at Leverage Edu were pretty confident so I went ahead with it.” With the help of the counsellors at Leverage Edu, Mokshada was able to see her profile from an outside perspective which helped her realize her strengths and see what made her profile unique. During the essay writing process, this insight became instrumental in the framing of her answers. She understood that her experience volunteering at NGO’s and her overall work experience were things that could help the university know of her varied interests and proactivity. 

We also helped her connect with a mentor who had a similar journey as the one she wanted to take. The mentorship platform of Leverage Edu is intended to help students connect to and interact with someone who has walked the path before them so that all the inhibitions, anxieties and doubts they have can be clarified along the way. The mentor was not only an INSEAD alumnus, but he was also one of the professionals who took the admission interviews for INSEAD. This helped Mokshada have a better idea of how to approach the interviews. She took only 2-3 days to prepare for her interviews, saying that “the mock interviews with the mentor trained me to know specifically what they were looking for, what to say, what is important to highlight and what will influence the interviewee the most.” She was also able to realize that her experience in different sectors had given her a 360-degree perspective and she was well prepared for every challenge that came her way.

When Mokshada got to know about her admittance to INSEAD she couldn’t believe it. On top of that, her profile was so good that she qualified for the 20,000 euros scholarship that she applied for. “It was such a good feeling that I made it to a top business school and when I got to know about the 20,000 euros scholarship, it was just the cherry on the cake.” The entire process with Leverage Edu has helped her come into her own and realize her true potential. “I now know how I position myself, how I can contribute and it is no longer just about how the college will contribute to my development but knowing what I bring to the class as well.”

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Mokshada has a lot to offer to the world and we cannot wait for her to be a global leader. She was unaware of her own potential but through the entire admission process with Leverage Edu she was able to visualize her true potential. Leverage Edu’s success lies in the success of our students and so we can’t wait to help more students like Mokshada soar towards their dreams.

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