Convert career mistakes into a career opportunity for better future

how to deal with failure
how to deal with failure

Have you also ended up being in the classroom you don’t belong to? Has your career plan failed to lead you to the road you dreamt of? Is your career sitting back and laughing at you? Can you convert career mistakes into a career opportunity for better future?


Your career mistakes can’t be reasons for you to give up. You gotta pick every piece of your unsorted career and put it together into a beautiful piece of success, a beautiful

career opportunity.


Wondering if it is even possible now?

Trust me, it is.

What you are calling “mistake” is actually an untapped career opportunity. After all, in every ‘mistake’ there is an opportunity for growth. Stop letting your past indulge you in self-doubt and anxiety. Breathe. You can still figure out the best possible option for your current situation. Remember, you can always leave the wrong room and enter the right one. It’s time for you to enter the room you belong. Let’s start with following these steps:


  • Stop blaming your mistakes 

    It’s not the failure that can stop you from succeeding now. It’s only the fear of failing again that’s stopping you. Stop get too serious about you going wrong. Don’t linger over it for too long. Learn the lesson and move on.

  • Don’t be hard on yourself 

    But at the same time, don’t choose the easy way out. Even if it’s way harder now to be where you want to be, you can’t give up on your aspirations. Make the efforts it needs and start walking towards your goals.

  • Start from a fresh page 

    Make a list of possible options you have now. Analyse the roadmap of each of these options. See which option makes the most sense to you now and can eventually lead you to the road you initially wanted to take. The first thing that you should do today is to break your career goal into small, medium & long-term plans.


Own your mistakes. Be honest about them. Don’t let it drain your curiosity to learn. It’s the stubborn hearts that the universe falls in love with and it’s always the persistent personalities that set examples of success for the world.  Keep yourself away from any kind of peer-pressure. Don’t fall prey to comparison and inferiority complex. We all have our own journeys and you don’t have to compare yours with that of anyone else’s.

Realise you don’t have to do everything on your own. It’s okay to seek mentorship and guidance. But don’t trust the advice of relatives and friends who are not experts. It’s worth to pay for professional career mentorship for the reliability it offers. Know why is it worth paying for career mentorship?

At the end of the day, it’s how you take your failures that determines your success. You need to take a deep breath and start planning your career right from the scratch. You can’t let your mistakes come in your way to success. At the same time mistakes and failures are inexorable. We must always absorb the lessons that come with mistakes but let go of the regret, guilt, and anxiety that comes with it. It’s okay to fall but let’s not treat a comma like a full-stop. Let’s turn our career mistakes into opportunities and redefine success for the world. 

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