Online Career Guidance

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Online Career Guidance

At times when we debate on whether technology is a boon or a bane, there is no denial of the fact that online career guidance is the truest gift that technology has ever given to young aspirants. Irrespective of where you are, it is pretty easy to get access to online career counselling. Be it in the form of psychometric tests or video conferencing, experts can thoroughly assess your profile based on your unique abilities and strengths and then target a career option to plan your course and university. This is exactly what is career counselling. It is important for counsellors to evaluate the long-term fitment of the student in a particular career through robust testing methods, research and expert-advice.

What is Online Career Guidance

In today’s generation, where there are ample streams, job profiles and a plethora of career opportunities, it becomes difficult for you to identify what suits you best. This is where students need career counselling after 10th. Each one of us require guidance at some point in our life, be it professional or personal, making us more aware to learn from others’ experiences and make well-informed decisions. It is interesting to know that online career guidance is not just limited to the youth, but for housewives and retired individuals who plan to restart their career.

Let us now understand the importance of career planning and guidance.

Why do you Need Online Career Guidance?

Expert advice from career counsellors can be great for students who are confused about their career path. What if there was a way to excess this valuable expertise from the comfort of your home? Why do people go for online career guidance? 

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Interact with your Mentors at Your Personal Comfort: You can easily talk to your educational counsellor while sitting at your home. This means you don’t have to travel, saving time and energy.  

Easy Access from Anywhere in the World: Internet has played a crucial role in easily connecting students to mentors available worldwide. It becomes easy to share information and acquire the required knowledge and skills.

Psychometric Tests: Ed-tech companies across the world, through AI technology conduct psychometric tests to accurately predict the candidate’s aptitude for a particular field. Students are evaluated on their personality and specific abilities and synced with the right career opportunities.

Building a Secure Environment: You can freely discuss your passion and ambition, without any hesitation. Moreover, advance online tools give an assurance of confidentiality of information shared by students.

Changing Unwanted Behaviour Patterns: A career counsellor help break unproductive behaviours like procrastination, neglecting emotional and mental health, demotivation, lack of knowledge on the latest developments in the chosen career paths, etc.

Connecting You with Experts: Online Career Guidance helps students connect with counsellors who have enough life experience to share. Accomplished professionals act as a role model serving as an inspiration to those who need it.

Develop Stability in Thoughts: Counsellors help you remain calm when it comes to taking a career decision. A proper planning can help you focus throughout your activity and make it more organised. 

Use Leverage Edu’s AI Algorithm

In order to ensure unique student experience’, we have come up with a smart AI-tool to help you match your credentials and profile against millions of data points and find a ‘best-suited university’ in less than 2 minutes.

Transforming Your Career with Leverage Edu’s AI-platform

Student Mentorship Process

Choosing the right stream is the first step toward a successful career. You just have to book your 30 minutes free career counselling with Leverage Edu, and our experts will get back to you. It’s time to discover your next career move, carefully match your interests, skills and career goals through assessment and specialised educational counselling. We also offer mentors for all-round career guidance. But how does our mentorship process work? Here is a step-by-step plan for your mentoring progression:

Online Career Guidance
Effective Career Guidance for Students

Now that you have understood the importance of online career guidance, you can talk to our experts at Leverage Edu who can provide you with a platform to discover the right career and higher education option. Also, our mentors can help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

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