Leverage Edu Reviews – Bhavik Dhall’s Success Story

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Leverage Edu Reviews

After hearing positive word-of-mouth from friends and researching on the internet, Bhavik Dhall decided that he wanted to pursue a Masters in Management after having completed his B. Com from Hansraj College. While he felt nominally certain about his chosen course, he was extremely confused about how to go about it. To add to the confusion was the fact that he did not believe he could secure admission in a top school. That is when one of his friends told him about Leverage Edu and Bhavik decided to give it a shot.

When Bhavik initially walked into the Leverage Edu Office for his first session he was confused about whether the course he had chosen was ideal for him and if so, which colleges he could apply to. He lacked confidence in his profile and doubted his ability to make it to the top schools. He says, “The sessions were the turning point for me. They brought me clarity in terms of my goals and gave me confidence in what I wanted to do.” Bhavik’s first session with the counsellors at Leverage Edu involved a profile evaluation, and hours of brainstorming ending in a structured list of his aspirations, long and short-term goals, interests and expectations from the course. He also discussed all his apprehensions which helped the counsellors help him better. “The sessions involving self-introspection were the ones in which I truly realized that I had what it takes to apply for the top schools. It also helped me understand what I need to do before and after the course.”

Once there was better clarity around Bhavik’s goal, he shortlisted the schools he would be targeting with the help of the counsellors. Once the schools were shortlisted, he was assigned a mentor under Leverage Edu’s unique mentorship program which helps the student connect and interact with a mentor who has walked the same career path or has studied from the same university they are applying for. Bhavik was assigned a mentor from ESCP, the school he will now be attending. “What I really liked about the mentorship program was that the mentor was from the same college I was applying to, he helped me understand all the technicalities of the application process, what characteristics to highlight in my profile as well as what they would be looking for in an applicant. This helped me frame my admission essays and applications in a more informed manner and I believe gave my application an edge over the other applicants.” With the help of the counsellors and mentors at Leverage Edu, Bhavik filled out his applications. Essays were an important aspect of his admission process and he was glad that through the process of constant reviewing and editing, he could write essays that best highlighted his strengths. “The discussions with the mentor and counsellor helped me build my own story and I was able to decide how I want to present myself to the business school.”

Once the admission process was over, Bhavik awaited the results and couldn’t believe that he made it to ESCP, a top business school in Europe. Bhavik’s journey with Leverage Edu did not end there, we also helped him through his VISA process because we understand how crucial and confusing it can be. “There was a lot of confusion about the VISA, I worked closely with the team at Leverage Edu who guided me and made sure that all my documents were in place.” He is beyond excited that he will be studying in Europe, which will give him exposure as well as opportunities to explore. “I had a great experience with Leverage Edu. They assist you through the entire process and as a student I needed someone to be there through this confusing time.” 

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Bhavik’s journey is a testament to the fact that the right guidance can help one in realizing their own potential. We saw Bhavik transform through the process from someone who did not have confidence in his profile to someone who is more optimistic about what the future holds for him. We at Leverage Edu cannot wait for Bhavik to realize all his dreams and soar through the sky of limitless potential. Bhavik recommends you to “Leverage it.”

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