One Fundamental Shift Lead this Girl to the Flight of Her Dreams!

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After working for a couple of months post her BBA degree from IP University, Aakarshita Singh decided to pursue an MBA. She was quite uncertain of the direction her life was headed towards. An average CAT score left her feeling hopeless. That is when she started looking out for consultants who would guide her and maneuver her career in the right direction. She walked into the office of Leverage Edu, unaware that this decision would change the course of her career trajectory and life.

“CAT did not go well for me and I wanted to know about more options that were available to me. I was looking for agencies and that is how I came across Leverage Edu.” Aakarshita did not anticipate that her CAT result to turn out the way it did and that left her feeling lost. She says that she was convinced that she needed to do an MBA and that is why she started preparing for the CAT exams. “I thought I have to do an MBA, I prepared myself for that. But it did not go that well and I was very lost at that time.” Her session with the counsellors at Leverage Edu helped her get clarity on the situation and convinced her that a bad CAT score did not mean the end of a rewarding career and that this hurdle was in fact a blessing in disguise. “Right after my first meeting I was convinced and did not look for any other consultancies.”  

A psychometric test was conducted during Aakarshita’s first session with Leverage Edu counsellor to analyze her personality type and the course that would be best suited for her strengths. We realized that Aakarshita was a creative person and would like to have a career where she can use that trait for maneuvering her career. With hours of brainstorming sessions, Aakarshita was able to analyze her short and long-term goals and aspirations. She came to the conclusion that she should pursue a Masters in Marketing. “I was always a creative person. I did not want to do the same thing over and over again. Marketing requires a level of creativity. I did BBA during my graduation and the session helped me realize that a career in marketing would be a good option for me.” 

After having analyzed her profile, she was able to come up with a plan for herself, “The experts helped me out in choosing a program that would be right for me. They suggested that a Master’s in Marketing would be the best option for me, then we started with the application process.” Once the program had been finalized, Aakarshita started targeting the colleges she would be applying to. She wrote essays and SOPs that were reviewed and edited by the counsellors at Leverage Edu. “I was quite happy with the services, the counsellor helped me with everything, my SOP, LOR, and mock interviews.”

A now positive and secure Aakrshita recalls, “I still remember the time I messed up my CAT exam and today is the time when I feel really happy and content about the fact that I got selected in 3 amazing business schools- SKEMA, ISM, and CBS.” The whole process with Leverage Edu helped Aakarshita get a sense of direction and the intensive process helped her get a better idea of what she wanted to do. “We invested quite a lot of time in the entire process.” The college-specific applications helped her land admission in 3 top schools- ISM (International School of Management), Cologne Business School and SKEMA Business School, of which she chose to go to SKEMA Business School.

“I was generally very bad with directions but after coming to Leverage Edu I got one,” remarks Aakarshita who feels that her success was not just limited to her admission but also helped her analyze the direction she wants to give to her life. “There were moments of confusion and fear and today I feel a sense of belief and excitement of what awaits me.” The team at Leverage Edu was with Aakrshita all through the process and assisted her at every step of the way, we saw her transform into a more confident person. A previously disheartened person when she couldn’t get a good CAT score changed into a confident person who is positive about her future. “Thanks to the team and mentors at Leverage Edu, I would strongly recommend Leverage Edu to anybody who is looking for a fundamental shift in their career.”

At Leverage Edu we recognized that all Aakarshita needed to regain her confidence was a push in the right direction. There was a need to provide her with an alternative that would give her creative instincts a space to flourish along with the pragmatic traits she possessed. This fundamental change in direction from an MBA to Marketing helped Aakarshita reach her dream college. 

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