GRE Coaching

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GRE Coaching

While planning to study abroad, you might have come across the term “GRE”. Who needs to take the GRE? What comes in the GRE exam? Why does this score matter? What are the preparation methods? Well, when you decide to pursue higher education abroad, you are required to take certain entrance exams to fulfil the eligibility criteria specified by international universities. One such entrance exam is GRE, i.e. Graduate Record Examination. It is an international competitive examination that is designed and administered by the Educational Testing Service or ETS. This exam tests your critical thinking, analytical writing along with verbal and quantitative reasoning skills. It aims to help you prepare for the courses you have chosen to study abroad. Many students opt for GRE coaching to gain comprehensive guidance and training for acing this exam. In this blog, we will discover the key elements of GRE and why GRE coaching is important to successfully crack this exam and qualify for your dream university.

Understanding the Importance of GRE Coaching

The GRE exam is an online computer-based exam comprising of three main sections, quantitative, verbal and analytical writing. Almost every major university accepts GRE scores as a key eligibility requirement for various Engineering, Business, Finance and Management courses. The exam has a major emphasis on testing the English language proficiency of candidates along with other skills. Taking GRE coaching classes, you will be trained to solve the different sections of this exam and in a timely manner. Below mentioned are the key sections that you need to study in detail while preparing for GRE:

Analytical Writing Section

The Analytical Writing section of the GRE consists of two essay writing tasks namely, Issue and Argument. Candidates are required to provide views on a given topic with suitable explanations and arguments that support the issue. Analytical writing assesses your critical thinking and writing abilities. The second task of the section involves your reading assessment. You are provided with an argument on which you are asked to read a passage thoroughly and you need to decide whether you agree with the given argument or not. To crack this task, it is important to analyse the argument and convey your reasoning. During GRE coaching, you will be provided with the techniques to identify different perspectives of analysing various arguments and build strong reasoning.

Verbal Reasoning

The verbal section of the GRE consists of three subsections: reading comprehension, text completion, and sentence equivalence. This section tests your ability to form conclusions from written material. You have to identify the relationship between concepts and words. This section evaluates your ability to understand different meanings. Taking GRE coaching can help you enhance your vocabulary and expand your verbal skills.

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Quantitative Reasoning

The quantitative section of a GRE exam is based on the mathematical concepts you studied during high school. This section tests your ability to solve twisted mathematical problems. The section comprises Algebra, Algorithm, Geometry, Arithmetic, and Data Analysis. The test consists of various equations, word problems which you have to solve in under 30 minutes. This section is a bit tricky because it takes time to solve various mathematical problems. That’s why it becomes important to opt for GRE coaching which can help you in strengthening basic mathematical formulas that will train you to solve these mathematical problems in a timed manner.

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GRE Coaching: The Takeaways

GRE comprises the vital aptitude sections that examine your reasoning, writing and verbal skill. This helps universities in assessing your abilities and skills and how you will be the right fit for a particular course. A good GRE score can compensate for several shortcomings in your profile such as low academic performance, lack of research-based projects. GRE coaching can help you ace all these factors to help you get shortlisted for your chosen course. Along with this, you will be able to focus on your strengths and weaknesses related to every section through preparatory classes. They will help you master different sections in a timely manner as well.

Leverage Live

Leverage Live is your one-stop solution to all your GRE related woes! It is one of the top online platforms for getting the desired results in your GRE exams. This exam is the one thing that is standing between you and your dream university. Hence, it is integral that you get proper guidance for it. A perfect score in the GRE will play a quintessential role in your college applications and your study abroad dreams could come true! With the best in class faculty, Leverage Live incorporates a unique teaching methodology by using interactive online sessions, personalized classes and more! Leverage Live aims to ensure that the student gets the best guidance as well as the right study material to ace their test preparations. Moreover, the exclusive weekend batches give them an edge over others. Thus, this platform is a sure shot option you need to explore to use this golden time to get the perfect score you have always aspired for!

Hence, GRE coaching can assist you in identifying your abilities along with preparing you for the top-ranked universities in the world. We hope that this blog helped you in understanding the sections of GRE and the importance of getting coaching in this exam. If you’re looking for suitable GRE coaching in Delhi, Leverage Edu mentors can help you master every section of GRE thus equipping you with the essential techniques and skills to ace the exam with flying colours. 

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    1. Hi Urvashi,
      We have multiple batches for GRE preparation classes. As per your convenience, you can choose between the weekdays and weekend batches. To know about the fee of the batch of your choice, get in touch with our experts. Meanwhile, check out all the important details about

    1. Hi Urvashi,
      We have multiple batches for GRE preparation classes. As per your convenience, you can choose between the weekdays and weekend batches. To know about the fee of the batch of your choice, get in touch with our experts. Meanwhile, check out all the important details about