Career Counselling in Bangalore

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Career Counselling in Bangalore

As students and sometimes even as working professionals we are often faced with the question of what course to pursue or whether a career choice is right for us. The decision of where one should direct their career is integral to one’s personal and professional growth and sets the tone for our life. Such a decision cannot be made in haste and many people struggle with how to come to terms with such a decision. In most cases, it is better to come to an informed decision with the help of guidance. But it is not easy to find career counselling organizations that will prioritize your needs and find a career best suited to your strengths. If you are someone who is looking for career counselling in Bangalore, here is all the information you will need.


Leverage Edu has established itself as a reliable option for those seeking career counselling in Bangalore, with its student-first approach. Leverage Edu believes that each student is unique and has different needs, aspirations, interests, motivation, and strengths. To cater to that there is a need for experts who will understand these demands. We offer a unique approach to career counselling in Bangalore wherein the student’s needs are prioritized. For establishing this we have a step by step procedure that begins at profile assessment and can be extended right to sending you to the desired university. We understand that the admission process can be extremely daunting and we are with you every step of the way.


Once you step in for career counselling in Bangalore at Leverage Edu, you will have to undergo a psychometric test that will help the expert analyze what course is best suited for your personality type. There will also be intensive brainstorming sessions where you will be expected to list out your strengths, weaknesses, your short term and long-term plans. This structured layout will help you get better clarity of where you see yourself in your professional and personal journey. Once you have some clarity about which direction you want to take, the expert can help you shortlist your target universities and the course you must take.

Our career counselling in Bangalore doesn’t just end there. While you fill out your application process, our experts help you connect with our mentors to give you a better idea of what your journey could look like. The mentorship program offered in our career counselling in Bangalore provides a platform where students can have one on one interaction with mentors who are in fact people who have either followed the same career path or have been to their target university. This will help you in understanding what the university expects of your application, what the course will look like and other technicalities pertaining to the admission process. The mentors are available throughout the process so that the student can seek approval from them and clarify their inhibitions.

The experts at Leverage Edu will also help you with mock interviews, SOP’s, and essays. The essays are reviewed and through the constant back and forth between you and the expert, you can come up with the perfect essays that highlight your strengths and give you an edge over others. Our guidance is not just limited to your admittance in your dream college. We also help you with other technicalities like loans, visa, accommodation, and flights so that the process is smooth and not burdensome for you.

Our process is designed to complement our “student first approach” and the Leverage Edu reviews from various students are a testament to that, our success lies in the success of our students. Therefore, we do not expect you to choose our career counselling in Bangalore based just on the value of our word, but also through the Leverage Edu reviews of our students.

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You can contact Leverage Edu at +91-8826200293 to book your session for career counselling in Bangalore.

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