Nursing Courses in Australia

Nursing Courses in Australia

Nursing is a popular course amongst students planning to study medical courses abroad. Since Australia has emerged as one of the top destinations for studying abroad and has the most in-demand occupations for nursing, many international students prefer to study nursing in Australia as well. Medical colleges in Australia offer a wide range of specialisations in this field such as Child Nursing, Disability Nursing, Adult Nursing and even Mental Health Nursing. Here, in this blog, we will take a look at the many nursing courses in Australia.

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Tabulated below are the top nursing courses in Australia that are available for students to pursue. 

Type of DegreeDetails
Undergraduate DegreeBachelor of Nursing (BSN), Bachelor of Science (BSc.)
Post-Graduate DegreeMaster of Nursing Science, Master of Science (MS.c)
Doctoral DegreeDoctor of Philosophy
Short-term coursesGraduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma

Specializations in Nursing 

Since there is a variety of nursing courses in Australia, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to specialization. Students can choose these courses once they are through with their undergraduate degree. The specializations are tabulated below:

Diabetes Nursing Critical and Emergency Care
Midwifery Correctional Facility Nursing 
Acute and Complex Care Palliative Care 
Community Health Nursing Dermatology Nursing 
Cancer Care Psychiatric Nursing 
Ambulatory Care Nursing Forensic Nursing 
Clinical Nurse Specialist Community Health Nursing 
Neonatal and Pediatric Care Aged Care Nursing 
Mental Health Care 

Top Nursing Colleges in Australia 

With an increase in students wanting to study nursing, more colleges have started offering nursing courses in Australia. Some of the top colleges for pursuing nursing and the number of courses they offer in Australia are as follows:

Name of College/ University Nursing Courses
Griffith University 1 Graduate Course, 2 Undergraduate Courses, 1 Doctoral Course
University of Technology, Sydney 5 Graduate Courses, 4 Undergraduate Courses, 4 Doctoral Degrees, 4 Graduates Diplomas
Monash University 1 Graduate Course, 1 Undergraduate Course, 1 Doctoral Degree
Deakin University 2 Post Graduate Courses, 6 Undergraduate Courses, 1 Graduate Certificate, 1 Doctoral Degree
University of Queensland 6 Graduate Courses, 4 Undergraduate Courses, 5 Doctoral Degrees, 1 Graduate Certificate
The University of Melbourne1 Graduate Course, 2 Graduate Degrees
University of Sydney 1 Graduate, 1 Undergraduate and 1 Doctoral Degree

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Eligibility Criteria

Let us now find out the eligibility criteria for different nursing courses in Australia. They are mentioned below:

For Bachelors:

  • Must have qualified class 12th exam from a recognized board.
  • Students must maintain a Grade Point Average of 5.5 (50%) at the senior secondary school level.
  • Must have taken an English language proficiency test. The score for the preferred tests are mentioned: TOEFL – 98, IELTS – 7, PTE – 65

For Masters: 

  • Students must have completed 3 years of Graduation.
  • Must have an RN (Registered Nurse) Licence.
  • Students must have a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 7.5 (60%).
  • Must have taken an English language proficiency test. The score for the preferred tests are mentioned: TOEFL – 96, IELTS – 7, PTE – 68

For PhD: 

  • Students must have completed a 3 to 4-year graduation degree and a 2 years Masters program.
  • A Registered Nurse (RN) License
  • The Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 3 (55%) at the masters level.
  • Must have taken an English language proficiency test. The score for the preferred tests are mentioned below: TOEFL – 79, IELTS – 6.5, PTE – 58-64

Nursing Courses in Australia

Tabulated below are all the nursing courses in Australia along with their annual tuition fees. You can have a look here:

Name of Course Name of the University Annual Tuition Fees
Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) University of Sydney AUD 32412
Bachelor of Nursing University of Technology, Sydney AUD 19030
Bachelor of Midwifery University of Queensland AUD 34736
Bachelor of Nursing Science University of Melbourne AUD 29920
Master of Nursing Practice Monash University AUD 29052
Master of Advanced Nursing University of Technology, Sydney AUD 17640
Master of Midwifery Flinders University AUD 30,800
Graduate Diploma in Midwifery Deakin University AUD 24120
Graduate Diploma in Palliative Care University of Technology, Sydney AUD 17640
PhD in Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Monash University AUD 46512
Doctor of Philosophy (Nursing)Deakin University AUD 35000
Doctor of Philosophy (Health) James Cook University AUD 33000

Scholarships Available 

Since a lot of international students prefer to study nursing courses in Australia, there are many scholarships available for them. The scholarships are of two broad types:

  • Australian University Scholarships
  • Australian Government Scholarships

Australian University Scholarships

The scholarships available for international students by the Australian University are tabulated below:

Name of Scholarship Awarded By Awarded To Benefits
Adelaide Scholarships InternationalUniversity of Adelaide International Post
Graduate Students 
Annual living allowance, Tuition fees, Health insurance
University of Sydney International Research Scholarship University of Sydney Students pursuing a
Masters degree by
Research Program
Living allowance up to 3 years, Tuition fees, 
Flinders International Post Graduate Scholarships Flinders University Students pursuing a
2-year Research or Masters degree or a Research
Doctorate Degree 
Relocation costs, Living Allowance, Tuition fees, Airfares 

Australian Government Scholarships 

The scholarships provided by the Australian government to international students are tabulated below:

Name of Scholarship Awarded By Awarded To Benefits 
International Post Graduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) Australian Government Higher Education Research Policy Post Graduate and Doctoral StudentsHealth cover costs and tuition fees
Australia Awards Scholarships Department of Foreign Affairs and TradeUndergraduate and Post Graduate Students Return Airfare, Full tuition fees, Overseas Student Health Care, Contribution to Living Expenses 

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This was all about nursing courses in Australia. We hope it answered all your queries and doubts regarding the same. For any assistance regarding the admission procedure and details, get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts. They will help you get to the university of your choice in the course you want. Sign up for a free session today. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 

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