Our English Language Tests are cheap and secure, says Duolingo

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Our English Language Tests are cheap and secure, says Duolingo
Founder of Duolingo, Luis von Ahn in talks with the UK government about offering its online test to visa applicants, in less than £50 a time.

Luis von Ahn said that the 49$ Duolingo test has less risk of fraud and would be fairer for those wanting to study or work in the UK.

Duolingo is accepted by some of the top universities in the US such as Harvard, Stanford and MIT. But Duolingo is yet to be accepted by the UK government. 

We’ve been talking to them. I don’t know how fast the UK government moves. My experience is that all governments move very slowly. So I don’t know how long it will take but I think that will be really good for the world if it happens.” said Luis von Ahn. 

In February, MPs accused the Home Office of injustice after evidence revealed that thousands of international students were wrongly accused of cheating in English Language tests at UK Test Centers in the UK. Many students were even deported. 

Duolingo’s founder said that online tests were fairer and more secure than tests in physical centres. 

The thing I’m most proud of was in 2017 when I learned that Duolingo was being used all over Europe by refugees to learn the language of the country they were moving to. And the same week I learned Bill Gates was on Duolingo. To me that combination was incredible. That is exactly what we want to achieve – everybody has equal access to education.” he added.

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