Global Employability Ranking & Survey 2020 Highlights

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Global Employability Ranking and Survey

The Global Employability Ranking and Survey determines the universities which top companies think are best at preparing students for the workplace, i.e. the universities which have highest recruitments from top companies. According to the Global Employability Ranking & Survey 2020, India has made a significant improvement in terms of overall employability ranking. It has moved up to the 15th position from its initial 23rd position in 2010. While the top rankings have been maintained by US universities this year as well, but many other countries have also shown incredible improvement in their employability over the last decade. Countries like China, South Korea, Germany, have shown tremendous progress. India has also demonstrated a gain of 8 places from the previous decade.

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In India, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi has climbed 27 ranks from 54th in 2019 to 27th in 2020 and has come out as the most employable university in the country. This year IIT Bombay has also made an improvement of 25 places from 153rd rank in 2019 to 128th in 2020. However, this year, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore has slid from position 43 in 2019 to 71 in 2020.

Top Indian Universities: Global Employability Ranking and Survey 2020

Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Delhi27
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore71
Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Bombay128
Indian Institute of Management, IIM Ahmedabad184
Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Kharagpur195
Amity University236

On the global front, California Institute of Technology has won the first spot in the rankings after beating Harvard University, sliding it down to the  3rd rank. Massachusetts Institute of Technology has climbed up to the 2nd rank this year from 3rd rank the previous year.

California Institute of Technology1USA
Massachusetts Institute of Technology2USA
Harvard University3USA
University of Cambridge4UK
University of Oxford5UK
University of Tokyo6Japan
Stanford University7USA
University of Toronto8Canada
National University of Singapore9Singapore
Yale University10USA
New York University11USA
Technical University of Munich12Germany
ETH Zurich13Switzerland
Princeton University14USA
Australian National University15Australia

Just like every year, universities in the USA and UK have managed to retain the top spots in Global Employability Ranking and Survey. However, if we see the overall performance of both these countries, we can observe that their overall score has declined over the past decade. The USA witnessed a fall by 51% in the country score whereas the UK had a 46% drop in its employability score.

These were all the major highlights for the Global Employability Ranking and Survey 2020. Stay tuned with Leverage Edu for more such global educational updates.

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