Cyprus Visa for Indians: Eligibility, Requirements, and Cost

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cyprus visa for indians

Europe’s southernmost country Cyprus offers a cosmopolitan life with many opportunities for the good life, career goals, and personal gain. One of the best countries to live in Europe, Cyprus has a welcoming culture and is basically one of the easiest when it comes to migration. If you wish to study and live in Cyprus then here’s everything you need to know about the Cyprus Visa for Indians, cost, the application process, and all that you need to be aware of before entering the country of Cyprus well-known for its long summers and sandy beaches! 

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Types of Cyprus Visa

Cyprus visas fall under the following classifications:

  • Short-term visas are available for stays of up to 90 days.
  • visas for extended visits of more over 90 days.
  • Group visas are provided to teams of persons who have already decided to travel together and who will enter and exit Cyprus together. It is given out for stays of up to 30 days.
  • Those who must change planes in a Cyprus airport on the way to a third destination must get an airport transit visa (ATV).
  • Transit visas are available to foreign nationals with valid visas who must pass through Cyprus on route to another country.

Cyprus Visa for Indian Requirements & Documents

The student visa allows you to enter legally and stay in Cyprus for up to 90 days. If your course of study lasts more than 90 days, your visa must be changed to a temporary residence permit upon your arrival. EU citizens and citizens of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland do not require a student visa. However, they will need a residence permit if the intended stay exceeds three months.

Below are the must-have documents for Cyprus Visa for Indians: 

  • Valid original passport with 6 months validity. (Carry old passports if any) 
  • Scanned two passport-sized photographs 
  • Official academic transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Completed and signed visa application forms. 
  • Cover letter stating reasons for travel 
  • Stamped and updated original bank statements
  • Proof of English proficiency test scores (if required)
  • Medical clearance certificates
  • A certificate of good conduct from your nation’s police force

Following are the temporary residence permit application documents: 

  • Completed and signed temporary residence permit 
  • Application form for temporary residence signed and filled 
  • Cyprus Visa for Indians 
  • An official letter of acceptance from your university student 
  • A copy of your passport 
  • Details of your accommodation in Cyprus 
  • Proof that you have funds to cover the expenses of your stay 
  • A medical certificate was issued in the last 4 months (to prove that you do not have tuberculosis, hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS or syphilis) 
  • Police license issued by your home country in the last 6 months 
  • Proof of health insurance 

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How to Get a Cyprus Study Visa?

You can get a Cyprus student visa if:

  • You want to study in Cyprus for a period longer than 90 days
  • Are not a citizen of a European Union member country

You can apply for a Cyprus student visa through two methods that include:

  • Yourself, through the Cyprus diplomatic mission in your country
  • You send the documents to your university and they apply on your behalf at the Migration Department in Cyprus

Let’s learn about these in detail:

Cyprus Diplomatic Mission

If there is a Cypriot mission or embassy in your country, you can apply for your Cyprus student there. 

  • You must send the required documents to your school
  • Your institute arranges an appointment and interview for you at the Cyprus diplomatic mission in your country
  • You attend the interview and submit the required documents
  • If your visa is approved, you pick up your documents and the visa and are allowed to travel to Cyprus

Migration Department in Cyprus

If there is no Cyprus diplomatic mission in your country, you can apply through migration department in Cyprus

  • You send the required documents to your school
  • They will submit an application on your behalf at the Migration Department in Cyprus
  • If your application is approved, your school will send you a copy of the visa and you may travel to Cyprus

Cyprus Study Visa Cost

Cyprus Visa for Indians applicants has to pay a visa processing cost upon the application. Below is the tabulated information of the Cyprus study visa costs depending on the types of visas. The charges may vary according to the method you use for filing the visa application. 

Types of Cyprus Visa for IndiansVisa Fee
Short – Stay Visa (1 – 90 days)€ 20 (INR 1,730 approx)
Residence Permit€ 70 (INR 6,056 approx)
Multiple Entry Short – Stay Visa (up to 1 – 5 years)€ 60 (INR 5,191 approx)
Long-Stay Visa€ 60 (INR 5,191 approx)
Airport Transit Visa€ 15 (INR 1,297 approx)
Visa Extension€ 30 (INR 2,594 approx) 
Visa On Approval (Pro Visa)€ 20 (INR 1,730 approx)

Fall Semester and Spring Semester

Cyprus Visa for Indians Application Process 

The Cyprus Department of Civil Archives and Migration issues a study visa for Cyprus. Students must provide a list of documents to the university where they are applying for higher education in Cyprus. After selection, students can also work alongside their studies, usually twenty to thirty hours per week. We have written the entire break-up of the visa and residence permit application process into nine simple steps. 

Step 1: Enrol in a university in Cyprus: Fill the application form of the university and pay the application fee of 15 – 30 Cyprus Pounds. 

Step 2: Submit documents to your university: Your university requires a completed visa application form, four passport photos, proof of your academic qualifications, proof of your English language skills, and a copy of your passport. 

Step 3: Visa Interview: After receiving the documents, your institution will arrange an interview for international students at a Cypriot embassy, ​​mission or consulate in your home country. 

Step 4: Collection of documents: You should bring several documents to your appointment, it is best to organize them first. For a complete list of what you will need in the above first section.  

Step 5: Take part in your appointment: A member of staff asks you the valid reasons for your trip, your background, and information about your studies. After this, it’s time to submit the documents. 

Step 6: Waiting for a decision: The process is relatively quick and efficient, most applicants receive a decision within a month and finally, attain approval. 

Step 7: Starting the application for a temporary residence permit: After arriving in Cyprus, you will need to visit the Cypriot Immigration Service and present the documents listed in the first section. 

Step 8: Submit your biometrics: As part of the application process, migration department employees collect and sign your biometrics. 

Step 9: Have a medical test done: International students must undergo medical screening for hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and syphilis.

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Cyprus Study Visa Processing Time

Once the visa application is completed for the Cyprus visa for Indians, it must be processed within five to ten working days. However, during the busiest time of year, this can take up to four to five weeks or a month. It may take another 3 months to process your residence permit, so it is best to give yourself plenty of time. 

Extension Of Cyprus Visa

Yes, holders of short-stay visas for Cyprus may apply for a visa extension; however, they must do so prior to the expiration of their present visa. You must submit an application at a local Immigration Unit in Cyprus to extend a Cyprus visa. You need approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Schengen and Consular Affairs Division if your visa is marked as “Final.”

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Can family members travel to Cyprus too?

If you are a non-EU student who’s been granted a temporary residence permit, your spouse or partner and unmarried children under the age of 18 can apply for the family reunification permit. These are permitted on annual basis and can be renewed annually. 

Can International students work in Cyprus?

International students from EU members states are allowed to apply for up to 20 hours per week. But they are only eligible to work in the sectors like manufacturing, hospitality and agriculture. Unfortunately, non-EU citizens aren’t normally permitted to work in Cyprus. 

What happens if the Cyprus student visa is rejected? 

If your visa has been refused you will receive an email regarding the main reasons for your rejection. After three months you can apply again and make sure to fix the issues that led to the rejection of your visa in the first place. 

Does Cyprus allow dual citizenship?

Cyprus allows its citizens to hold foreign citizenship in addition to their Cypriot citizenship. 

Can I stay in Cyprus after study?

If you want to stay in Cyprus after your studies, you need to acquire a residence permit depending on your situation and make sure you have the social insurance number after securing employment or starting a business in Cyprus. 

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Cyprus has high graduate rates, accessible study programs, and high standards of living under budget-friendly expenses! Want to apply for the Cyprus Visa for Indians? Drop us a comment in the section below and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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    1. Hi Shikha,

      Leverage Edu is here to help you in your admission process for PhD in Social Sciences in Cyprus. Please call our experts at 1800-572-000 and book your first counselling session for FREE for further guidance.