Ivy League Acceptance Rates

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Ivy League Acceptance Rates (1)

A college or university acceptance rate is the rate at which institutions accept application forms out of the total number received. It is calculated by dividing the number of selected students by the number of total applications received. American Ivy League universities have the lowest acceptance rate among other top universities worldwide. Annually hundreds of thousands of applicants with perfect or near-perfect grades with other eligibility criteria submit their college’s acceptance rate is the rate at which applicants are accepted. It is calculated by dividing the number of accepted students by the number of total applicants. Each year, thousands of students with perfect or near-perfect grades and test scores submit their applications with the hope of getting into one or more of these elite schools. Let’s check what make these Ivy League acceptance rates hard to get into! 

What is Ivy League? 

Ivy League is an association of the eight most prestigious academic institutions in the United State of America. These institutions are mainly located in the northeastern part of the country. These eight universities participate in the NCAA athletic division. Among all the eight elite universities Harvard University in Massachusetts was founded back in 1636 and is the oldest and Cornell University in  New York started in 1865 was the last inclusion on the list. All these eight universities are worldwide known as centres for academic excellence. These universities are considered the strong pillars of American higher education. Annually Ivy League Universities receive 4-5 lacs applications to get admission in different courses and programs.

How Many Ivy League Universities are in the World?

Ivy League is a group of eight elite universities synonymous with academic excellence that spread across the United States of America. These educational institutions include Harvard University in Massachusetts, Yale University in Connecticut, Princeton University in New Jersey, Columbia University in New York, the University of Pennsylvania in Pennsylvania, Brown University in Rhode Island, Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, and Cornell University in New York.

List of Ivy League Universities

The below table mentions the location, year of establishment and QS & THE ranking of all eight American Ivy League Universities.

S.No Ivy League Universities LocationFoundedQS Ranking 2023THE Ranking 2022 
1Harvard UniversityMassachusetts16365=2
2Yale UniversityConnecticut1701189
3Princeton UniversityNew Jersey1746=167
4Columbia UniversityNew York17542211
5University of PennsylvaniaPennsylvania1749 13=13
6Brown UniversityRhode Island17646364
7Dartmouth CollegeNew Hampshire1769=205=99
8Cornell UniversityNew York18652022

Ivy League Acceptance Rates

The prestigious Ivy League Universities’ acceptance rate varies. The below table shows the acceptance rate of all eight American Ivy League universities.

S.No Ivy League UniversitiesAcceptance Rate
1Harvard University4.5%
2Yale University5.9%
3Princeton University5.8%
4Columbia University5.1%
5University of Pennsylvania7.4%
6Brown University6.3%
7Dartmouth College7.9%
8Cornell University10.6%

Why Ivy League Acceptance Rate is Low?

Acceptance Rates are either decreasing or holding steady at as usual record-low rate in past for all Ivy League Universities. There are some reasons which become the cause of this low acceptance of student admission applications.

  • Evergreen Quality Education
  • World’s best infrastructure with modern state of art facilities
  • Unique Degree Programs as per Industry standards
  • More no. of applications per seat available
  • Turn Students into Future Industry Leaders
  • Vibrant and Participative Campus Culture

Ivy League Eligibility

To get into any of the eight Ivy League University an applicant need to fulfil the following mentioned eligibility criteria as per university requirements.

  • A bachelor’s degree for master-level courses or a 10+2 equivalent degree for bachelor-level courses
  • Around 4 GPA
  • SAT (1440 – 1570) or ACT (33 – 35)
  • GRE (155- 170 in quant and verbal) or GMAT or LSAT (173 and higher) or MCAT (36.6 and higher)
  • TOEFL (100 or higher) or IELTS (7.5 or higher)
  • At least 3 LORs
  • A resume (1-2 full pages)
  • Professional portfolios
  • Sample of research proposal for Ph. D. and master-level courses

Ivy League Admission Tips

Getting into Ivy League Universities is like a dream come true for any aspirant. Only a super academic record is not enough for application acceptance. Here are the following tips mentioned below which help the aspirant to be prepared holistically to get the admission confirmation call.

  •  Be sure to have good grades and required test scores.
  •  Try not to be late – apply as early as possible.
  •  Come up with an exceptional personal statement with complete and correct details.
  •  Demonstrate True Depth in Your Extracurricular Activities
  •  Create a well-thought-out high school curriculum.
  • Research the university holistically to shine in the interview. 

Documents Required

Why Ivy League Universities are Top Priority for Students?

American Ivy League Universities are the top priority among students worldwide because of the following reasons.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Best return on investment
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Focus on Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Unique Courses and Programs 
  • Problem-Solving Teaching Approach


Q. Which Ivy League University has the lowest and highest acceptance rate among others?

Ans. Harvard University in Massachusetts has the lowest (3.19) and Cornell University in New York has the highest (8%) acceptance rate among other Ivy League universities.

Q. Which Ivy League University receives the highest and lowest number of applications for admission?

Ans. Columbia University receives a maximum number of applications i.e,  approximately 60k applications and Dartmouth University receives the lowest number of applications approximately 28k among the Ivy League Universities.

Q. Which Ivy League university is the oldest and newest university among the eight Ivy League universities?

Ans. Harvard University is the oldest (1636) and Cornell University is the latest (1865) among the Ivy League Universities.

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