Study Abroad for Free? 11 European Countries Where Masters Tuition is FREE

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European Countries Where Masters Tuition is FREE

For students who want to study abroad, you might be shocked to learn that there are numerous nations that offer free education. There is nothing better than receiving a high-quality education for free or at a low cost because it dramatically reduces the financial burden. Eventually, it will enable you to save aside more money for living expenses abroad. If you thought that studying abroad had to be expensive, these European countries where masters tuition is free will surely change your mind. Keep in mind that only tuition fees are covered; living, travel, and health costs are not. 

11 European Countries Where Masters Tuition Is Free 

Here is a list of European Countries where you can pursue a master’s free of cost: 


European Countries Where Masters Tuition is FREE
Aerial view of the University of Oslo’s city campus in Sweden; Image Source: University of Oslo

Eligibility: Everyone (EU, EEA and the rest of the world)

Admin costs: A small semester fee of between $30 (INR 2,400) and $60 (INR 4,800) may be asked of you in order to join the university’s organisation for student welfare.

Public institutions in Norway, which make up the majority of state university colleges and universities, do not impose tuition fees. This rule applies to all students, no matter where they are from. Private colleges do have tuition fees, however, they are frequently less than those in other nations, and international students pay the same as those who are Norwegian citizens.


Eligibility: EU, EEA and Switzerland

Admin costs: None

The majority of colleges in Denmark offer free education (for Citizens, EEU, people with certain visa types, etc.). Two significant universities that rank among the best in Europe are the Universities of Copenhagen and Kiel. All citizens of Denmark are eligible for financial aid for college.


Eligibility: EEA, Switzerland, and the EU

Admin costs: When you enrol, some universities impose an administrative fee of up to €200 (INR 16 K)

Polish state-run higher education institutions (HEIs) do not charge tuition for full-time students from EU/EEA members. Other international students spend, on average, 2,000 euros (1,69,278 INR) annually. In Poland, there are 118 institutes of higher learning that offer more than 800 English-language courses. 


Eligibility: Everyone

Admin costs: €500 (INR 40K) for yearly registration

Iceland’s public universities do not charge tuition; this rule is applicable to all international students. While many schools offer English programmes, they often are master’s and doctoral programmes, making it challenging to locate courses entirely in English at the bachelor’s degree level. If you don’t speak Icelandic, you should get in touch with the school to make sure there are plenty of course alternatives available to you.


Eligibility: EU, EEA, and Switzerland.

Admin costs: 19.20 euros (INR 1,500 ) per semester

After two semesters of tuition-free attendance in Austria, students from EU/EEA members must pay 363.36 euros (30,754 Indian rupees) every semester. Other international students typically pay 726.72 euros (61,509 Indian rupees) every semester. All students are required to pay the 19.20 euros (1,608 INR) per semester “H-Beitrag” membership fee and the student accident insurance fee.


European Countries Where Masters Tuition is FREE
Source: Humboldt University of Berlin; Image Source: HU Berlin

Eligibility: Everyone (except for universities in the state of Baden-Württemberg)

Admin costs: €50 (INR 4K) to €250  (INR 19K) every semester.

American students frequently choose Germany as their study abroad destination since it is one of the few countries that offers free college tuition to all students enrolling in public higher education institutions, regardless of nationality. Germany has made an effort to increase the number of courses taught in English, and many universities no longer need proof of German ability.

Czech Republic

Eligibility: Everyone (Everyone (if you study in Czech!)

Admin costs: Tuition fees may be imposed if you take longer than anticipated to complete your degree.

All students in the Czech Republic are entitled to free higher education at public and governmental institutions as long as they pursue their studies in Czech. The cost of studying a foreign language ranges from 0 to 22,350 USD (or 16,78,750 INR) per year, while the exact sum will vary depending on your institution and curriculum. 


European Countries Where Masters Tuition is FREE
Stockholm University in Sweden; Image Source: Stockholm University

Eligibility: EU, EEA, and Switzerland.

Admin costs: None

EU (European Union) citizens are eligible for free education in Sweden. There are tuition costs for higher education for other international students. Sweden is home to a number of prestigious educational institutions with high standards.


Eligibility: EEA, Switzerland, and the EU

Admin costs: The student union may charge a nominal membership fee

Finland is regarded as one of the top nations with free education and a favoured global academic centre. To receive free education in Finland, there are a few requirements. Finland’s state institutions offer free higher education to both domestic and EU (European Union) students. There are no fees for Finnish and Swedish-taught programmes. However, tuition fees must be paid by foreign students enrolled in English-taught courses.


Eligibility: Everyone

Admin costs: None

Greece, one of the most well-known nations in the world, provides almost free education to students from around the world. Here, living expenses are also affordable. Greece is a good deal when you consider the cost and abundance of historical monuments, as well as the standard of living.


The University of Paris; Image Source: University of Paris

Typical tuition fees: €243 (INR 19K)  per year

Admin fees: None

France is one of the most popular European countries where masters tuition is free. France provides free education at the majority of its institutions. Only a small number of public colleges impose minimal tuition costs. France is a good choice for international students because of its high standard of living, abundance of career options, and diverse culture. Make sure you visit Fly Finance if you need an education loan or international money transfer services.

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