Ishan Uday Scholarship

Ishan Uday Scholarship

Scholarships have an importance not only to  the person who is awarded but it benefits the society in general. Scholarships gives a platform for the people with a given talent and gives them the means to achieve their goals. Scholarships provide mobility to the social classes and acts as a bridge between education and capital. A scholarships also acts as communal bridge,scholarships like NEC and Ishan Uday Scholarship tries encourages students from a particular region to come and explore the other parts of the country, if you look at international scholarships they also act as a bridge between resources that a developed country required by a person in a developing country in order to conduct research. This blog will explore what a scholarship like Ishan Uday entails for the students and the society, 

An Overview of the Ishan Uday Scholarship

Ishan Uday Scholarship is an initiative by the Ministry of Human Resource Development to promote higher education of North Eastern Region (NER). The scholarship aims to provide a scholarship in the form of a stipend to the students who are the residents of the eight states of northeast India and are planning to pursue their bachelor’s degree in any college recognized by the government of India and increase the gross enrollment ratio in the NER. The Ministry of Human Resource Development is supported by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in this scholarship. The scholarship was introduced in 2014 and is assisted by the North East Council (NEC). The scholarship aims to help the students who belong to economically weaker sections of the NER, each year there are  10,000 scholarships granted to students who are planning to pursue their bachelor’s degree in any courseThe selected candidates are awarded a sum of 7800 every month if they choose a technical or professional course and 5400 per month for a student who chooses to pursue a general degree, until the completion of their degree. 

Eligibility Requirements for Ishan Uday Scholarship

The Ishan Uday Scholarship works under the strict regulations of NEC, Ministry ofHRD and UGC and hence has very specific eligibility criteria in order to make sure that the scholarship is awarded to students who deserve it the most. Here are the eligibility requirements for Ishan Uday Scholarship: 

  • The candidate must be a permanent resident of the eight states that belong to the NEC. 
  • The Institution that you are planning to study in should be recognized by the Ministry of Human Resource Development or come under Section 2 (f) and 12 (b) of the UGC Act.
  • The student must be enrolled for an undergraduate degree and can only apply for the scholarship during their first year
  • To avail the scholarship the income of the parents must not increase 4.5 lakhs per annum. 
  • Students who are pursuing their graduation through an Open University cannot apply for this scholarship.
  • A student who is already a part of any other scholarship or quota will not be able to avail this scholarship. 

How to Apply?

The application procedure for this scholarship is fairly simple, if you think you are eligible for this scholarship then here are the following steps that you need to take in order to register for this scholarship:

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  • Register yourself at the National Scholarship Portal
  • Submit the required documents, the list of documents required for the scholarship includes ID proof, marksheets of relevant examinations.
  • Once you submit the details you will be asked for your bank details and mobile number, which needs to be filled in carefully.
  • Once you are registered you will be notified when the list of selected candidates is released. 

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The Ishan Uday Scholarships not only opens gates for students from economically weaker section but also bridges the communal gap that one sees in the country, the scholarship provides great exposure and gives a number of opportunities to the students. If you are looking for a scholarship that will fund your dreams to study abroad then feel free to contact our counsellors at Leverage Edu who will help you out with the same.

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  1. I am Metsongmalem M , Chang of Nagaland .Presently I am studying in class xii looking forward to study medicines and to be a MBBS to serve the people.

    My parents is poor , they cannot support for my higher studies after cl 12 pass. Please guide me and for my future and helps me to avail this scholarship. Also guide me of how to apply this and where to apply


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