Common Myths About Studying in UK

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Common Myths About Studying in UK

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about studying in UK? That it will cost you a fortune! It is just a common myth about studying in UK and it is possible to pursue Masters in UK in less than 14 lakhs. With scenic beauty, top-ranked universities, best-in-class facilities, multicultural environment, there are many myths associated with UK. In this blog, we will bust the bubble of common myths about studying in UK

Myth 1: Your Eyes Will Crave Sunlight!

One of the most common myths about studying in the UK is about its weather. Let’s face it, the United Kingdom doesn’t have year-round sunlight, and it does have a fair amount of rain. But one of the best things about living in the UK is having four different seasons, from brilliant sunny days in the summer to golden hues in the fall and a piercing chill in the winter. It does imply that you’ll need clothing for all occasions, but you’ll be exposed to every sort of weather while you’re here. Saying that the UK doesn’t have a summer season is a complete myth.

Myth 2: Students Drink All Day

According to the Independent Co. UK, drinking among young people in the United Kingdom has gradually declined over time. There will be plenty of opportunities to participate in the student drinking culture, but if you don’t want to, there will be plenty of individuals who don’t. 

Myth 3: Accommodation is too Expensive!

One of the common myths about studying in UK is about the expensive accommodation for students. The truth is you’ll be able to locate student housing to fit any budget. If saving money is a top goal, try sharing a room or looking for self-catering accommodations. If you’re willing to pay a little extra, you can get rooms with private bathrooms and food. Universities provide housing assistance to students, and these departments will do everything feasible to help you find a place that fits your budget.

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Myth 4: It’s Hard to Get a Job as a Student

You will be able to get a part-time job without difficulty. Students’ job possibilities exist in university cities, including retail, restaurant, café, and bar labour jobs at the Student Union. If you want to gain job experience or make some additional cash while studying in the UK, prepare yourself by putting together a CV (résumé) to assist you in applying.

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Myth 5: Lesser Food Option

The food culture in the United Kingdom is quite multicultural, with cuisine from all over the world available. If you miss your home-cooked food, many supermarkets have ethnic food aisles where you can load up on your favourites. Some students indeed develop strange eating habits (cold baked beans straight from the tin isn’t unusual), but who knows – maybe you’ll develop a love for them as well!

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Myth 6: Traveling is too Expensive in the UK!

In the United Kingdom, several modes of transportation are costly. Trains, in particular, may be costly, but you can save a third on most travels by purchasing a 16-25 Railcard. Coaches are a cost-effective method to travel great distances, while buses and trams are a cost-effective and convenient way to get to cities. Several cities provide on-street bike rental systems if you prefer to explore on two wheels while getting some exercise.

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Myth 7: High Crime Rate in UK

According to Chevening.org, UK is one of the safest countries in Europe and the world. If you have a specific city in mind, use the UK Police interactive crime map to understand crime levels in the region better or search for crime data for each UK institution.

Myth 8: UK Degree Don’t Hold Any Value

For some reason, there’s a common belief that studying in the UK won’t make a difference in the eyes of employers. This is far from the case since the foreign experience, especially in countries like the United Kingdom, is extremely important and even required by many worldwide organizations. Not only will studying in a culturally rich country like the UK will boost your confidence, but you’ll also earn valuable experience.

Myth 9: People aren’t Friendly!

One of the most common myths about studying in the UK is about the un-friendly nature of the British people. The truth is the British have a reputation for being reserved, but if you communicate with them, you will find that they are generally kind and courteous. Remember that everyone at university is eager to make friends. You’ll have no trouble finding someone to chat to. There will be several societies representing a variety of hobbies, interests, and even languages. Join in on some of these, and you’ll meet individuals who share your interests.

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Myth 10: The Culture Shock is Unbearable!

Every year thousands of international students come to the United Kingdom to study. There is also a large number of immigrants who come to the UK to stay and work. United Kingdom universities also have dedicated clubs and services to support learners in adjusting to their new surroundings. While it may take some time to acclimate to new circumstances, the more time you spend there, the simpler it becomes.

We hope that this article has dispelled some of the most common myths about studying in the UK.  In truth, there are several myths and incorrect facts, which often discourage students from enrolling in their dream universities. Don’t wait and kickstart your study abroad journey with us. Our Leverage Edu experts will help you from application to Visa process. Call us at 1800572000 to book your FREE 30-minute session today!

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