Highest Paying Engineering Jobs

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Grabbing a good pay package in their desired career is a dream that many students have. The best way to make this dream come true is to have an idea of which particular specialization in that field will help you grab one of the market’s top salary jobs. If we talk about the most motivating factor for a student in finding a career, other than job satisfaction, it is the money involved in the profession which tops the list. Engineering is India’s one of the most sought-after degrees in education. There are many reasons why students choose this field, but one of the main reasons is that it opens doors to many high-paying careers. As an engineering student, you would definitely like to follow a professionally and socially satisfactory career field, which also includes a high-paying job that helps you to maintain a decent standard of living. Here is a blog on some of the Highest Paying Engineering Jobs, keep reading to know more.

Top Engineering Jobs with High Salary

Data Engineer

A data engineer is responsible for building the analytics infrastructure for a company and should be familiar with a variety of coding languages. These languages help provide functions for how an organization stores data within its database system. Data engineers mostly have a background in software development and use their knowledge acquired during the software development phase to keep data safe and secure from outside intruders.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers primarily work as a part of a large-scale team consisting of data scientists, data architects, administration professionals, and data analysts. They collectively work on designing, building, and testing various self-learning software that uses data to automate self-learning predictive models. This job role is a mix of data science engineering and computer engineering. Machine Learning engineers build smart artificial intelligence (AI) driven algorithms that help to facilitate machine learning models. They are also involved in the research, analysis of data, and testing of different models.

Security Engineer

Security engineers hold the responsibility of monitoring computer networks and checking the network data for any irregularities if they might occur. They are also responsible to help build systems that act as a shield to secure data from natural disasters of all sorts. The process includes data encryption, monitoring employee access to data, and also installing the relevant software. Security engineers work to ensure that proper required systems and safety standards are met in the company to protect data.

Full-Stack Engineer

A full-stack engineer is responsible for working on developing applications and also managing both the front-end services and back-end maintenance of these applications. It literally means that the full-stack engineer works for both the client-side and software-side functionalities. These engineers interact with the clients to understand their requirements and are well-versed in a number of programming languages, which include Java, PHP, Python, and HTML. Alongside this, they are also capable to work on software, database, and also server maintenance.

Automation Engineer

Automation engineers work primarily in the nooks of manufacturing or information technology (IT) sectors. They help to identify aspects and areas of a business process that can be further automated or upgraded which will in turn minimize human interference in any form. They are also responsible for working closely to strategize, develop, and adopt technology that helps to improve the productivity and cost-efficiency of a business module. An automation engineer also makes sure that the company is able to smoothly transition into a new system.

Software Engineer

A software engineer is responsible for building various computer set-ups and software. This software may include certain business applications, network control systems, various games, or even an operating system (OS)in some cases. Software Engineers are hugely responsible for documenting the nitty-gritty details of the system they have developed, testing it, and finally launching it. They are required to perform regular quality assurance checks and upgrade the software if needed.

Software Engineer

Systems Engineer

The work of a systems engineer is a hybrid mix of engineering and management systems. They are responsible for the engineering as well as the business aspects of a project and make sure that both these departments work in harmony and peace. A systems engineer also helps to maintain the technological infrastructure of an organization. They also use the certain risk management and optimization strategies to evaluate the project outcomes to ensure that the production, testing, and final execution of a project is in line with the stipulated time.

Average Salary of The Highest Paying Engineering Jobs

CareerStarting Salary in INR per annumMid-level Salary in INR per annumSenior-level Salary in INR per annum
Data Engineer10,38,66416,44,20724,60,482
Machine Learning Engineer7,26,74812,09,80823,27,853
Security Engineer6,26,19511,10,25220,12,398
Full-Stack Engineer7,60,03211,06,40119,30,385
Automation Engineer6,97,04310,58,95318,22,990
Software Engineer6,64,50811,62,65120,58,382
Systems Engineer6,50,87610,78,00018,67,990

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Which engineer has the highest salary?

An engineer working in the IT department tends to have a leap in salary over other engineering professionals.

Which engineer has the highest salary in 2021?

On the list of highest paying engineering degrees, petroleum engineering holds a significantly high ranking. They have the responsibility of finding the most efficient and profitable ways of extracting oil and gas from rock formations far beneath the earth.

What type of engineer is Elon Musk?

Although Elon Musk has no formal engineering degree, he can be called an industrial engineer by profession. His various approaches to business and his problem-solving skill are typically a form of industrial engineering approach. His actual degrees (BS in economics and physics) have a good overlap with the undergraduate curriculum in IE.

Which engineering is the hardest?

Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Aerospace Engineering,  etc. are considered to be one of the most difficult engineering degrees.

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