Deleted Syllabus of Class 10th

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Deleted Syllabus of Class 10th

Owing to the hardships faced by students and teachers in the ongoing academic session because of the pandemic, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has decided to reduce the syllabus of class 10th for 2020-21 session. In this blog, we bring you the reduced and deleted syllabus of Class 10 CBSE 2020-21.

Deleted Syllabus of Class 10 Maths 

Here is the reduced and deleted syllabus of Class 10 Maths:

Chapters Deleted Topics 
Real NumbersEuclid’s division lemma
PolynomialsStatement and easy problems on division algorithms for polynomials with real coefficients.
Pair of Linear Equations in Two VariablesCross multiplication method
Quadratic EquationsSituational problems based on equations reducible to quadratic equations
Arithmetic Progression Application in solving day to day problems based on sum to n terms
Coordinate GeometryArea of a triangle
Triangles Proof of the following theorems are deleted  
-In a triangle, if the square on one side is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides, the angle opposite to the first side is a right angle.
-The ratio of the areas of two similar triangles is equal to the ratio of the squares of their corresponding sides. 
Constructions Construction of a triangle similar to a given triangle.
Introduction to TrigonometryMotivate the ratios whichever are defined at 0o and 90o
Trigonometric IdentitiesTrigonometric ratios of complementary angles
Areas Related to Circles Problems on central angle of 120°
Surface Areas and VolumesFrustum of a cone
Statistics -Step deviation Method for finding the mean  
-Cumulative Frequency graph

Deleted Syllabus of Class 10 Science 

The reduced syllabus of Class 10 Science contains several topics that are deducted from particular syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Here is the detailed syllabus of Class 10 Science:

Chapters Deleted Topics 
Metals and Non-metalsBasic metallurgical processes; Corrosion and its prevention.
Carbon Compounds-Difference between saturated hydrocarbons and unsaturated hydrocarbons.
-Chemical properties of carbon compounds (combustion, oxidation, addition and substitution reaction). 
-Ethanol and Ethanoic acid (only properties and uses), soaps and detergents.
-Nomenclature of carbon compounds containing functional groups (halogens, alcohol, ketones, aldehydes, alkanes and alkynes),
Control and Coordination in Animals and PlantsWhole Chapter Deleted
Heredity and EvolutionBasic concepts of evolution
The Human Eye and the Colourful WorldFunctioning of a lens in human eye, defects of vision and their corrections, applications of spherical mirrors and lenses
Magnetic Effects of CurrentElectric Generator, Direct current.Alternating current: frequency of AC, Advantage of AC over DC.Domestic electric circuits
Sources of EnergyWhole Chapter Deleted
Management of Natural Resource
Note: This chapter is only a part of the Internal Assessment exams and will not be assessed in the Annual Board Examination.
-Conservation and judicious use of natural resources. Forest and wildlife; Coal and Petroleum conservation. 
-Examples of people’s participation for conservation of natural resources. Big dams: advantages and limitations; alternatives, if any. 
-Water harvesting. Sustainability of natural resources.

Social Science 

The individual syllabus of all the bifurcations of Social Science, that is, History; Geography and Political Science has been reduced for the academic session 2020-2021. Here are the insights of the deleted syllabus of class 10 Social Studies:

Deleted Syllabus of Class 10 History

Unit 1: India and the Contemporary World- II (History)

Chapters Delete Portion 
Section 2 : Livelihoods, Economies and Societies
Chapter 3: The Making of a Global World
Chapter 4: The Age of Industrialisation
(Note: Any 1 chapter between chapter 3 and 4)

The chosen chapter is to be assessed in the Periodic Tests and not in Board Examination.
Section 3: Everyday Life, Culture and Politics 
Chapter 5: Print Culture and the Modern World
Complete Chapter

Deleted Syllabus of Class 10 Geography

Unit 2: Contemporary Indian-II (Geography)

Chapters Delete Portion 
Chapter 2: Forest and WildlifeEntire Chapter
Chapter 3: Water ResourcesEntire chapter except for the map topics that will be assessed in the examination
Chapter 5: Mineral and Energy ResourcesEntire chapter except for the map topics that will be assessed in the examination

Unit 3: Democraic Politics (Political Science)

Chapters Delete Portion 
Chapter 3: Democracy and DiversityEntire Chapter
Chapter 4: Gender, Religion and CasteEntire Chapter
Chapter 5: Popular Struggles and MovementsEntire Chapter
Chapter 8: Challenges to DemocracyEntire Chapter


Like the above-mentioned subjects, some topics from the Grammar as well as the Literature portion of the English class 10 syllabus have been removed. Here is the deleted syllabus of Class 10 English:


  • Prepositions
  • Use of Passive Voice
  • Clauses: Noun, Adverb Clauses of condition and time, Relative
  • First Flight – Text for Class X


First Flight 

  1. How to Tell Wild Animals
  2. Trees
  3. Fog
  4. Mijbil the Otter
  5. For Anne Gregory

Footprints Without Feet

  1. The Midnight Visitor
  2. A Question of Trust
  3. The Book That Saved The Earth


Within Hindi, there are two separate sets of syllabi that schools are open to choose from. Here is the deleted syllabus of class 10 Hindi for both course A and B:

Hindi Course A

Source: Official Website

Hindi Course B

Now that we are familiar with the deleted syllabus of class 10th of all the core subjects, let us now check out the same for the additional subjects. 

Computer Application (Additional Subject)

Computer Application is a prominent additional subject that equips students with the fundamentals of the world of computers that eventually helps them build a career ahead in this field. 

Unit 4: Scratch or Python (Theory and Practical)

Alternative 1: Scratch

  • Revision of the basics of Scratch
  • Sprite, tempo, variables, and events
  • Coordinates and conditionals
  • Drawing with iteration
  • Update variables repeatedly, iterative development, ask and answer blocks
  • Create games, animated images, stories and songs


Alternative 2: Python

  • Revision of Python basics
  • Conditionals: if, if-else statements
  • Loops: for, while (e.g., sum of first 10 natural numbers)
  • Practice simple programs

Home Science (Additional Subject)

From the class 10th syllabus of Home Science, the following topics has been deleted for the upcoming board examinations. 

Units Topics Deleted 
Unit I: Human Growth & Development IIProblems of Adolescents
Unit II: Management of Resources: Time, Energy and Money  Family Income
Unit V: Food Safety and Consumer EducationConsumer Education
Unit VI: Care and Maintenance of Fabrics and Apparel Readymade Garments

Thus, we hope through this blog we have helped you in getting familiar with the deleted syllabus of class 10. Are you facing difficulties in picking the right stream after class 10th as per your career goals? Get in touch with our mentors at Leverage Edu and they will assist you in aligning with the right choice of stream for your career.

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