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Playwriting is one of those professions that has become increasingly difficult to learn. This is especially true if you want to be a great playwright. A playwright is a theatre artist who creates screenplays for stage or theatrical productions. They are the equivalent of a screenwriter in the theatre. William Shakespeare is the most famous writer in the English language, having written works such as Hamlet, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet. Playwriting is the skill of using dialogue to tell a tale. Like no other aspect of the writing process, a successful playwright must be intimately familiar with his or her characters. To know more about playwriting courses, universities, scope, and more then keep reading this blog!

What is a Playwriting Course?

The focus of these courses is on the process of writing theatre plays. Play mechanics, dramatic structure, character development, speech patterns, movement, action, and dialogue are all covered in this course. Through the study of traditional and modern plays, students are exposed to a variety of stage play genres and styles. In a workshop setting, the instructor and students present and discuss student work. The student will learn how to write stage plays using strategies such as dialogue, characterization, and narrative structure. The student will learn how to revise manuscripts and write theatre for in-class debate.

Why Pursue a Playwriting Course?

Few things are more thrilling than sitting at the back of a dark theatre, seeing actual performers deliver your words while an audience laughs, cries, or even shifts uncomfortably in their seats – and then applauds. It’s like watching a chemical reaction generating a tremendous amount of energy, which is unique to the live stage. The playwright is the source of this energy. “Playwriting Courses” offers clear, step-by-step advice on the basics: character, conflict, structure, setting, dialogue, and formatting, whether you’ve never written anything before, have experience in another kind of writing, or are a playwright wishing to enhance your talents. Screenwriters might benefit from a playwriting course as well. Not only will you be able to return to your screenwriting with a new perspective, but you may also discover that you enjoy creating plays.

Who is this Course Suitable for?

A writer of any level who is looking forward to understanding the fundamentals of stage writing, writers who want to be guided through the entire process of writing a play. Moreover, this course is suitable for those who have never written a play before and even for actors interested in writing a show. Anyone who has written a play before but wants to improve and polish their ideas can also go for this course.

List of Playwriting Courses

There are a number of courses that you can pursue in this domain like Diploma, Certificate, Degree, and PhD. If we specifically talk about undergraduate programs then there are several programs as follows:

  • B.F.A. in Theatre
  • B.F.A. in Playwriting
  • B.A. in Theatre & Film – Playwriting
  • B.A. in Theatre
  • B.A. in English (Concentrations: Creative Writing, World Drama and Playwriting)

And for postgraduate programs, there are options such as: 

  • Mlitt Playwriting & Dramaturgy
  • MA Playwriting
  • M.F.A. Playwriting
  • MA Playwriting & Dramaturgy

Top Universities Abroad for Playwriting Courses

University Name CoursesTHE World RankingFees
University of YorkMA Playwriting169INR 19 Lakhs
University of GlasgowPlaywriting and Dramaturgy MLitt86INR 19 Lakhs
University of Birmingham Drama and Theatre studies105INR 19 Lakhs
University of the Arts for LondonMA Performance: Writing2INR 15 Lakhs
New York UniversityDramatic Writing BFA26INR 46 Lakhs

Top Universities in India for Playwriting Courses

Film and Television Institute of India (FTII)Pune
Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute of India (SRFTI)Kolkata
Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Dept. Film, TV & Animation Studies (BVBFTS)New Delhi
School of Broadcasting and CommunicationMumbai
Institute of Mass Communication Film and Television StudiesKolkata

Admission Process

  • Entry Requirements

Undergraduate Degree – 2:1 or an equal ratio. Relevant prior experience of an appropriate nature may be considered if you have a qualification below 2:1 or equivalent.

Additional Requirements – You may have studied creative writing, theatre, drama, or performance as part of your undergraduate studies, or you may have had extracurricular theatre experience and are now interested in pursuing a career in playwriting. And An application to the Playwriting programme should have an original play, either a full-length original play or two original one-act plays.

English Language Proficiency – If English isn’t the first language you may need to provide evidence of your English language ability like IELTS, Duolingo, etc.

Scope for Playwriting Courses

This course teaches a variety of analytical, practical, and professional theatrical writing abilities. You’ll discover that there are numerous career options available to you in both theatre and academics.

Career Opportunities

  • Screenwriter
  • Public relations specialist
  • Literary manager
  • Playwright
  • Director
  • Actor

Interchangeable Skills

  • Collaborative working
  • Reflective learning
  • Problem-solving
  • Time-management and organisation
  • Investigative and historical research
  • Critical evaluation

Top Countries for Playwrights

CountryAverage Annual Salary for Playwriter
USAUS$181,599 (INR 1,41,18,959)
UK£64,415 (INR 62,00,000)
CanadaCAD 97,064 (INR 60,000)

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What is the difference between a playwright and a Playwriter?

A playwright, not a playwriter, is someone who writes plays; yet, the process of writing plays is commonly called playwriting.

Who is the most famous British playwright?

William Shakespeare Is the most famous British playwright.

What qualifications does a playwright need?

To be a playwright, you don’t need any qualifications; all you need is the ability to write a decent screenplay.

How is playwriting different from screenwriting?

The major distinction is that a film is a visual medium with screenwriting that emphasises action, whereas a play depends mainly on words with playwriting that emphasises conversation.

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