Canada Student Visa Interview Questions

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Canada Student Visa Interview Questions

If you are an Indian student who is planning to pursue further studies abroad then Canada might be one of your top choices. Now the application process to universities in Canada is not as easy as it may look. Right from choosing the right university for your preferred course to planning out your stay in Canada, the process is very tedious and cumbersome. It is very challenging for students to get a visa and they must be prepared beforehand, especially for the Interview. So, in this blog, we shall discuss a few important Canada Student Visa Interview Questions and how to answer those.

Types of Questions Asked

While preparing for visa interviews, students might often think about the kind of questions they might be asked. In this particular section of the blog, we shall state the broad categories under which questions might be asked. Let’s have a look:

  • About the choice of university
  • Regarding the academic capabilities of the student
  • Related to the financial capacity of the student
  • The study plan devised by the student

So, these are the five broad categories from which questions may be asked during a visa interview.
We will now look at a few sample questions from each subcategory and how to answer these questions smartly.

Most Asked Canada Student Visa Interview Questions

Following are the top-most asked questions during a Canada student visa interview:

How are you doing?

To help pupils feel at ease and less anxious, the question is posed. While responding to questions, students shouldn’t have any anxiety. The responses have to be confidently given, succinct, and exact.

Have you been to Canada before?

Students must respond with a yes or no. If so, you must state when you will be arriving as well as why you are there. The purpose of the previous visit and other relevant details should be mentioned here.

Who will cover the study costs?

You must identify the source of your fees and Canadian living expenses. You must provide all the information, whether you are receiving financial assistance from your parents or taking out a student loan. Since the application form will be checked, be sure, to tell the truth.

Which course have you chosen and why?

Students must mention the curse they have chosen. These types of questions usually require a good amount of research on the benefits and unique features of the course and candidates must highlight those special features. Candidates can then talk about what part of the course particularly draws them to it.

For answering this too students must have a good amount of knowledge about how their previous qualification is related to the course they are applying for and answer it accordingly.

Why did you choose Canada?

For answering this you should first mention the facilities the Canadian Education System provides and how the world-class teaching facility attracts you the most. You can talk about your study plans in Canada and then add certain pointers on how the education system is different from your country and hence you wish to pursue further studies in Canada.

Why did you choose that University?

For answering this, students must always be backed by in-depth research about the added advantages of studying at the university. Mention what benefits attract you the most.

What is your TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, or IELTS score?

Candidates must answer this honestly by providing the true scores obtained in each of the exams.

Have you received any scholarships?

Candidates must mention the scholarship in Canada they’ve applied for and the progress of the scholarship status if any.

How fluent are you in English?

Candidates should answer this carefully by mentioning their previous academic qualifications and scores on the exams they have appeared for. If there’s any additional point that could prove their fluency in the language, they can talk about it too.

Have you applied for any financial assistance or scholarship?

For this question, students must mention the details of the financial assistance programmes they have applied for.

What do your parents do?

Candidates have to talk about their parent’s occupation in brief. This question is generally asked to see if the parents are capable to support the student’s study in Canada.

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Is there an Interview for a Student Visa in Canada?

In Canada, there are often no interviews for study visas. If the visa officer so decides or in the case of inadequate visa application materials, an interview may be necessary. However, to obtain a student visa for Canada, a medical check is required.

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Can You get a Canadian visa Without an Interview?

Typically, you won’t need to appear in person for an interview if you’re applying for a Canadian tourist visa. When applying for a visa, applicants or a representative of the applicant can provide the embassy or consulate with any necessary documentation.

So, these were the most probable Canada Student Interview Visa Questions. Wish to apply to Canada and are confused about the application process? Well, in that case, get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts to help you through the cumbersome application process.

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