Top Career Options for the Colour Blind

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According to the Colour Blind Awareness Association, there are over 300 million people affected by colour blindness. While the condition is far more common than people realize, it is not as restrictive! There is a myriad of career options available for people, ranging from actors, assistants to travel agents to CEOs! This blog gives you an insight into some of the best career options for the Colour Blind.

Lucrative Careers for the Colour Blind

While there are some jobs that may not be available to people with monochromacy, there are several jobs that are open which they can strive and build a successful career:

  • Nutritionist and Dietician
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Content Writer
  • Professor
  • Teacher
  • Accountant
  • Insurance Agent
  • Lawyer
  • Journalist
  • Judge
  • CEO
  • Freelancer

Nutritionist and Dietician

Career Options for Colour Blind - Nutritionist
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A Nutritionist is another great career option for somebody affected by colour blindness. The typical job responsibility of a Nutritionist and Dietician is to advise and prepare black and white paperwork for clients on healthy lifestyles and reaching healthcare goals. They usually work in health care sectors, including hospitals, nursing homes etc. This job includes a lot of verbal communication so it is mandatory to possess strong and effective communication skills.

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A lawyer is a representative that advises individual, business or government agency clients regarding legal disputes and issues. A lawyer deals with drafting black-and-white documents, conducting research, providing counselling and presenting arguments in courtrooms. A lawyer works in corporate or private sectors. As a lawyer, you must possess great diplomatic, investigative and decisive skills. Since distinguishing between colours is not an integral part of the job, it is a good career option for the colour blind.

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Career Options for Colour Blind - Journalist
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A Journalist usually works for prints and media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the internet. A journalist is responsible for gathering necessary information, writing news reports, and presenting the news in an effective manner. In order to become a successful Journalist, you must possess great writing, editing and researching skills. 

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The job of an accountant is a great career option for the colour blind as it does not correlate with colour vision, it rather requires excellent mathematical and analytical skills. The typical job responsibility of an Accountant is to prepare and interpret financial records for a particular company. 

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Copywriter/Content Writer/Author

A copywriter or a Content Writer is a great career choice for the colour blind as it doesn’t require colour vision but creativity and writing skills. The job of a copywriter is to do prosaic writing for advertising, promoting and selling goods and services and gathering engaging audiences. While a content writer is responsible for writing copies for websites, blogs for the website and finding relevant and reliable sources to include in the content. Content writers generally work for marketing and advertising agencies. An author on the other hand is a professional writer who writes original stories for novels, plays, television scripts, and movies. 

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Insurance Sales Agent

Another great career option for the colour blind, Insurance Sales Agent is responsible for setting up and meeting with possible clients and selling different forms of insurance, generally dealing with black-and-white forms or computer documents. An Insurance Sales Agent must possess great analytical and effective communicative skills. 

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