Study in Philippines

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Study in Philippines

An emerging Asian market and a recently industrialized country, the Philippines is open to international students for higher studies. Apart from being a popular tourist destination because of its sunny, tropical beaches and its attractive coastline, the Philippines is home to numerous culturally diverse students. The foreign students get to experience a fascinating blend of Malay, American, Spanish and Islamic influence over the Filipino culture. Most importantly, it is counted amongst the countries with the best education system in Asia, especially for higher education. It is interesting to know that the southeast Asian nation is ranked at the 46th position in the exclusive first edition of the QS Higher Education Strength Rankings. Let us now have a look at why studying in the Philippines is beneficial for students aspiring to attain overseas education 410

Why Study in the Philippines? 

When you are planning for overseas education, choosing a course that aligns with your professional goals and a country that apart from offering quality education also provides a healthy study environment is important. Enlisted are some of the reasons why studying in the Philippines is a viable option:

  • The Philippines is a culturally diverse country along with being a visually attractive choice in Southeast Asia.
  • One of the other important merits of studying in the Philippines is that it is a bilingual country. You are offered a chance to learn and master new languages.
  • Most of the courses are offered in the English language and many universities have received international accreditations.
  • Further, the country offers a low cost of living as compared to other western countries. From living prices to tuition fees, the country is a cheaper and better option in comparison to other study abroad destinations.
  • The higher standard of education in the Philippines highlights as one of the best study destinations in Asia.
  • The tropical climate and the eye-pleasing scenery are other contributing factors to make it a great place for pursuing higher studies. 

Cost of Studying

The first and foremost question that strikes our mind while exploring options to study in the Philippines is the cost to pursue higher education. Even though the cost of studying in the southeastern Asian nation is less in comparison to its neighbours, here’s a table that depicts the average expenses you might have to bear:

Living Expenses$4,000-6,000 per year.
Tuition FeesDepending on the course, the level of the degree program, university, and the city, the overall tuition fees can vary. On average, one needs to shed between $1,000-2,500 to study in the Philippines.
AccommodationOn average, a student needs to spend close to around 2000 pesos/ $50 for a decent dormitory.

Study in Philippines: Visa Requirements

Once you receive an acceptance letter from the concerned university, you can apply for a student visa from your home country. Apart from a passport and admission letter, you will also be required to furnish proof of funds, transcripts, mark sheets and other such documents as mentioned by the university. It is important to note that only those above 18 years of age who want to study in the Philippines after school education can apply for a Student Visa. The visa application fee for Indian students is Rs 2,560.

Those who are 18 years of age or below and want to study non-degree courses in the Asian nation need to apply for a Special Study Permit(SSP). This is only a permit and NOT a visa.

Best Universities to Study in Philippines

There are numerous universities that offer world-class education and a good study environment in the Philippines, welcoming students from around the world. Most of the universities in the Philippines are licensed, chartered or accredited by the appropriate Philippines government organizations. Some of these universities include: 

  • Ateneo de Manila University
  • University of Santo Tomas
  • University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Polytechnic University of the Philippines 
  • Mapua University 
  • Silliman University 
  • De La Salle Lipa 
  • University of San Carlos 
  • Colegio de San Juan de Letrán
  • Ateneo de Davao University 
  • Saint Louis University, Baguio City

There are numerous courses offered for students aspiring to study in the Philippines. With a good academic structure and research facilities, the courses by the universities and colleges are offered in the form of diplomas, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. We have listed down a few of the major specializations:

AccountancyThe courses offered in this field consist of several elements of administration and taxation along with all the financial aspects that affect businesses, governments, and social services. 
AviationFor those who want to kickstart their career in Aviation, the Philippines can be one of the choices. The course offered includes learning about aeroplanes; their designing, manufacturing, maintenance and how to operate them.
Computer ScienceOne of the most opted degree courses after 12th Science, through Computer courses offered in universities across the Philippines, you will get to learn about how you can deal with various technologies as well as the complex problems related to them.
Communications 410This course is beneficial for those who want to establish a career in Marketing, Advertising Media, Public Affairs, and other related industries. You will study the communication 410 industry, its different roles and responsibilities, and techniques to tackle the day to day challenges of this field. A course in this sector for study in the Philippines is a lucrative option to consider!
EngineeringIf you are passionate about machines and software applications, the field of Engineering is the right one for you. The country offers engineering branches that will help you in understanding scientific concepts for designing, operating, and maintenance.
LawAnother lucrative option to study in the Philippines is to pursue a career in Law. It focuses on the different laws in various countries and how these laws affect the different sections of a specific society.

Best Student Cities in the Philippines 2022

Below we have listed the best cities to study in the Philippines. The list has been created based on specific criteria such as the University Ranking, the diversity of students, affordability from students’ point of view:

  1. Manila
  2. Quezon City
  3. Cebu City
  4. Baguio


What course is the best in the Philippines?

Even though the country offers an array of degree programs across disciplines, pursuing MBBS in the Philippines is very famous. Apart from this, the universities in the Philippines are also known for their Management courses and programs in Agriculture, IT, Engineering, etc.

Is the Philippines a good place to study?

Keeping its picturesque environment, affordable cost of living, and plenty of degree programs, Philipines is certainly one of the most suitable places to study.

What is the duration of Masters degree programs in the Philippines?

In general, the postgraduation programs run anywhere between 1-2 years and follow a semester grade system to evaluate the academic performance of the students.

Is MBBS in the Philippines good?

Due to its low-cost medical schools and high-quality curriculum, pursuing MBBS in the Philippines is a good option. It is important to note that the Indian students who want to study in the Philippines a course like MBBS, have to qualify for the NEET exam.

With a wide range of universities offering numerous courses to study in the Philippines, the country is emerging as a preferred study abroad destination in Asia. If you are planning to pursue a course in the Philippines and don’t know where to start, Leverage Edu experts can assist you in selecting an ideal course for you.

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