Study in Philippines

Study in Philippines

An emerging Asian market and a recently industrialized country, the Philippines is open to international students aspiring to pursue higher studies abroad. Apart from being a popular tourist destination because of its sunny, tropical beaches and its attractive coastline, the Philippines is home to numerous culturally diverse students from around the world. Foreign students get to experience a fascinating blend of Malay, American, Spanish and Islamic influence over the Filipino culture. Most importantly, the country offers one of the best education systems in Asia, especially for higher education. It is ranked at the 46th position in the exclusive first edition of the QS Higher Education Strength Rankings. Let us have a look at why Study in Philippines is beneficial for students aspiring to study abroad

Why Study in Philippines? 

When you are planning for overseas education, choosing a course and a country is the primary task. The Philippines is a culturally diverse country along with being a visually attractive choice in Southeast Asia. One of the other important merits of studying in the Philippines is that it is a bilingual country. You are offered a chance to learn and master new languages. Further, the Philippines offers a low cost of living as compared to western countries. From living prices to tuition fees, the country is a cheaper and better option in comparison to other study abroad destinations. Also, the higher standard of education in the Philippines highlights as one of the best study destinations in Asia. The tropical climate and the eye-pleasing scenery are other contributing factors to make it a great place for pursuing higher studies. 

Courses Offered in Philippines 

There are numerous courses offered for students aspiring to study in Philippines. With good academic structure and research facilities, the courses by the universities and colleges here are worth considering. Moreover, there are different degrees offered in the country like diplomas, Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. We have listed down a few of the major specializations in which courses are offered in the Philippines: 


This course consists of several elements of administration and taxation along with all the financial aspects that affect businesses, governments and social services. 


This course includes learning about aeroplanes; their designing, manufacturing, maintenance and how to operate them. A course in aviation for study in Philippines is a lucrative option to consider.

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Computer Science

One of the trendiest courses, this course is fast-evolving with the new advancements in technology. You will get to learn about how you can deal with various technologies as well as the complex problems related to these technologies.

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This course is involved in the marketing, advertising, public relations, media and other related industries. You will study about the communication industry, its different roles and responsibilities and techniques to tackle the day to day challenges of this field. 


This course focuses on the different laws in various countries and how these laws affect the different sections of a specific society. 

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If you are passionate about machines and software applications, the field of Engineering is the right one for you. You will learn about using scientific concepts for designing, operation and maintenance of different machines and systems. 

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Study in Philippines: Universities & Colleges

There are numerous universities that offer world-class education and good study environment in the Philippines, welcoming students from around the world. Most of the universities in the Philippines are licensed, chartered or accredited by the appropriate Philippines government organisations. Some of these universities include: 

With a wide range of universities offering numerous courses to study in Philippines, the country is emerging as a preferred study abroad destination in Asia. If you are planning to pursue a course in the Philippines and don’t know where to start, Leverage Edu experts can assist you in selecting an ideal course for you.

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