Accountant Courses

Accountant Courses

An accountant has a pivotal role in the financial management of an organisation. It would be quite difficult for a company to survive without a professional who can analyze profits and losses, manage funds and ensure optimum utilization of monetary resources. For those with a knack of doing mathematical calculations, a career in Accounting is an ideal path to follow. There is a plethora of Accountant courses offered around the world for those aspiring to pursue the field of Accountancy. These courses deal with accounting concepts, principles as well as with management fundamentals. In this blog, you will get to know what these courses entail and where to pursue them from.

Overview of Accountant Courses

Accountant courses tend to be extremely intense and rigorous. Students are asked to undertake a comprehensive list of subjects which contain heavy amounts of information and theoretical concepts. Along with that, students need to be well-versed in the core concepts of Mathematics, Statistics and Economics in order to understand their interconnected subjects in Accountancy. Some of the important subjects of Accountant courses are mentioned below:

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  • Mathematics
  • Accounting Principles
  • Economics
  • Business Communication
  • Ethics of Business
  • Principles of Management
  • Cost Accounting
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Tax
  • Organisational Development
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Marketing
  • Finance

Types of Accountant Courses

Depending on your preference of sub-fields, duration and expectations, you can choose from a diverse range of accountant courses offered around the world. Some courses are full-time while a few others have the option to be undertaken alongside any other course. Moreover, working professionals can also make use of executive courses where classes are convened on weekends.

  • Bachelor’s Degree Courses

An undergraduate degree in Accounting is one of the most popular accountant courses among students looking to begin their higher education. During the course, core subjects like Accounting Principles, Bookkeeping, Corporate Accounting, Cost Accounting, etc are extensively discussed. Additionally, an elaborated overview of Marketing, Human Resources, Corporate Law, Business Management, Communication, etc is also provided. The curriculum of some universities also includes industry experience and exam certifications like CPA, CFA, etc.

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  • Master’s Degree Courses

For those aiming to gain specialized knowledge in the field of Accounting and its related concepts, a master’s degree course is the foremost choice. Postgraduate accountant courses can be undertaken through an MSc in Accounting or an MBA with an Accounting specialization. These courses delve into advanced topics like Risk Management, Activity-based Management, Capital Investment Decision, Pricing and Revenue Analysis, Balanced Scorecard, International Accounting Standards, among others. Working professionals have the option to pursue a master’s degree while working in which case it is called an executive course. 

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  • PhD and Research Opportunities 

A select few of postgraduates who have the drive and motivation for conducting research into accounting concepts and processes pursue a PhD or M. Phil in their field of interest. Though the number of students going for it is low, there isn’t any absence of opportunities. Universities always encourage students to pursue research. Many organisations provide research grants/fellowships to interested students.

  • Short term (Diploma/Certificate) Accountant courses

An increasing number of students who have recently graduated in other fields but have an interest in Accounting can go for a diploma or a certificate course. These are typically topic-based courses taken as a bridge course or for gaining knowledge. Further, a diploma in Accounting Software (Tally) is also gaining popularity as companies require individuals with advanced skills in managing accounting transactions. 

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Top Global Universities

There are a lot of destinations one can choose from for studying accountant courses. One major advantage of studying accountant courses abroad is that the course structure is defined in a facilitating way. It focuses on imparting essential knowledge related to accounting along with providing opportunities for the development of personal interests. Below we have listed the major programs offered by leading universities across the globe.

  • SC Johnson School of Business Cornell University, USA

Program: MPS in Management-Accounting Specialization

  • University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Program: MA Accounting and Finance

  • University of Melbourne, Australia

Programs: Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting; Master of Management (Accounting) 

  • King’s College, London

Programs: BSc(Hons) Accounting and Finance; MSc Accounting, Accountability and Financial Management

  • Australian National University, Australia

Programs: Bachelors of Accounting (Hons); Masters of Accounting; Master of Professional Accounting

  • University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Programs: BA(Hons) Accounting; MSc Accounting; MPhil Accounting and Finance; PhD Accounting and Finance

A degree in Accounting can make you stand in good stead for a career in management or consulting industry. You can choose from the above-mentioned accountant courses and pursue the one that you are more interested in. Let Leverage Edu experts guide you throughout the application process of your chosen course to help you land in a leading university abroad and kick-start a great career in Accounting.

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