Can a High GMAT Score make up for a Low GPA?

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If you’ve decided to pursue an MBA in top business schools such as Harvard or Wharton, and you have a low GPA with a high GMAT score, you are probably confused if a high GMAT Score can help you compensate for a low GPA. If this is your query then you are at the right place. In this blog, we have all the details about can a high GMAT score make up for a low GPA. Read the whole blog to understand everything you need to know about GPA, GMAT and more.

What is a Low GPA?

If you have a GPA of 2.99 or lower then your GPA will be considered low. To get into top business schools you must have a GPA of 3.0 or above. However, there are some schools that accept low GPAs, we’ve mentioned the business schools for your reference:

Business Schools Accepting Low GPA

Here is a list of some of the top business schools that have offered admissions to comparatively low GPA candidates.

Schools/MBA programsMinimum GPA
University of South Carolina-Aiken2.25
Wright State University2.5
University of Southern Indiana2.5
Marshall University2.5
Northern Kentucky University2.5
Longwood University2.5
Louisiana State University-Shreveport2.5
East Tennessee State University2.5
Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville2.5
Emporia State University2.5
The University of North Carolina at Pembroke2.5
Sam Houston State University2.5
Morehead State University Morehead, KY2.5
Prairie View A & M University2.5
Niagara University3.0

Importance of GPA in an MBA Admission

Every university uses the GPA of a student to measure their engagement in academics and if they have worked hard or not to expand their academic knowledge. A student’s GPA plays an important role in the MBA Admissions as it demonstrates a student’s academic strengths and weaknesses. Some universities give equal importance to GPA and other aspects of an MBA Application such as GMAT scores, essays, work experience. While some universities may consider other aspects of a student’s GPA as slightly lower than that of the respective university. However, you can still apply to good business schools/universities as GPA is just one of the other factors in the entire admission process for an MBA. 

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MBA Application

Here are the important factors of an MBA Application:

  1. Undergraduate GPA 
  2. GMAT Score
  3. Work experience
  4. Letter of Recommendations
  5. Essays
  6. Extra-curricular activities
  7. Awards and achievements

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These factors are divided into categories that are:

GMAT Score
Work experience
Undergraduate GPA
Letter of Recommendations
Extra-curricular activities
Awards and achievements

Minimum GPA of Business Schools

Top business schools do not specifically mention any specific GPA Requirements because exceptional students who have highly qualified profiles but low GPA scores can be considered for admission. But keep in mind that your GPA must be above 3. If you want to be considered for admission, ensure that you have got a GPA more than the average GPA mentioned below. To make it easier for you, we’ve mentioned a list of average GPA Scores for top business schools:

MBA Program Average GPA
The Wharton School (UPenn), US3.6
Harvard Business School, US3.9
Stanford Graduate School of Business, US3.72
INSEAD, France3.48
London Business School, UK3.5
HEC Paris, France3.15
IESE Business School, Spain3
UBC Sauder School of Business, Canada3.10
Alberta School of Business, Canada3.3
Queen’s Smith School of Business, Canada3.4

GMAT Score Required in Top Business Schools

Mentioned below is the average GMAT score required to take admission in MBA Program Top Business schools:

Average GMAT Score564
Good GMAT Score700+
Excellent GMAT Score740+
MBA Program Average GMAT Score
The Wharton School (UPenn), US733
Harvard Business School, US730
Stanford Graduate School of Business, US738
INSEAD, France650-660+
London Business School, UK600+
HEC Paris, France690
IESE Business School, Spain690
UBC Sauder School of Business, Canada650+
Alberta School of Business, Canada550+
Queen’s Smith School of Business, Canada654

Can a High GMAT Score Make up for Low GPA?

Your application is assessed as a whole. GPA is actually just one of the factors of assessing the entire application. Other factors are your GMAT Score, Essays, Recommendations, Strong CV, and Work Experience. A low GPA can not stop you from taking admission to a business school if your GMAT Scores are high enough to compensate. However, you must give equal importance to other aspects of the application as well because only GPA and GMAT are not assessed but your leadership qualities and evidence of great work history are needed to demonstrate if you are eligible to pursue an MBA or not. If you possess other exceptional and impressive aspects such as a high GMAT score, work experience in your application profile except for a low GPA, then you can definitely get into a top Business School.

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How can GMAT Scores help to make up for a Low GPA?

Your GMAT Scores must be at least 10% higher than the average GMAT score mentioned for the respective business schools to make your application more competitive and impressive.

How long does it take to complete an MBA Program?

It takes around 1-2 years to complete an MBA Program.

What is the acceptance rate of Harvard University?

The acceptance rate at Harvard University is 5%.

What is the average GPA at Columbia University?

The average GPA at Columbia University is 3.6

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