GMAT vs TOEFL: Which Exam Should You Take?

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If you are a business professional from a non-English speaking country who wants to study in the US or Canada, you must be familiar with the words TOEFL and GMAT. They are crucial prerequisites for continuing your education at colleges overseas. Students are still uncertain about choosing between TOEFL and GMAT despite the fact that both exams are widely recognised and respected. Let’s know about GMAT vs TOEFL exam in detail. 

Overview GMAT vs TOEFL 

Let’s quickly review the two exams before moving on to the GMAT vs TOEFL comparison.

What is GMAT?

Students applying to graduate management programmes at Top B-Schools must take the Graduate Management Admission Test, also known as the GMAT. The exam is set up so that it can evaluate both your verbal and quantitative reasoning abilities.

The Graduate Management Admission Council administers this exam in global management (GMAC). Both the GMAT in person and the GMAT online are used to administer the test.

What is TOEFL?

An internationally accepted language test that measures language proficiency is the Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL. It supports your case that you have the English language proficiency needed to pursue further education overseas.

The Educational Testing Agency (ETS), a for-profit US-based private enterprise, administers the TOEFL exam. More than 150 nations around the world accept results from more than 11,000 universities.

GMAT vs TOEFL: Key Differences

The following GMAT  and TOEFL comparison chart will provide you with a fast overview of numerous important exam-related factors as well as their main differences:

Frequency5  timesTOEFL iBt: 50 timesTOEFL PBT: 310-677
Scoring Range200-800TOEFL iBt: 0-120TOEFL PBT: 310-677
Computer AdaptiveYesYes
Total number of questions80 questionsReading, Writing, Speaking, Listening
Total Time3 hrs,7 minsTOEFL iBt: 3 hrsTOEFL PBT: 2.5 hrs
Exam Fee275 USD185 USD
Validity5 years2 years

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GMAT vs TOEFL: Comparison Chart

Even though the GMAT and TOEFL are two separate kinds of exams, there are countless ways in which they differ. Therefore, if you’re uncertain about which test is better—TOEFL or GMAT—here are all the key distinctions between the two:

Eligibility CriteriaThere are no mandatory eligibility requirements. Anyone with a bachelor’s degree who is interested in a management degree is qualified to apply. For the majority of applicants, the GMAT test’s age requirement is 18 or older.You are eligible to apply for the exam if you have completed your 12th grade of education. Most candidates who are from a non-English speaking nation and wish to pursue higher education at institutions overseas choose this exam.
Exam DurationA GMAT general examination lasts for three hours and thirty minutes, including two optional eight-minute breaks.In contrast, you have up to 3 hours and 30 minutes to complete the TOEFL exam, plus a 10-minute break in the middle to assess your progress.
Exam FeeFor international applicants, the GMAT General test costs 275 USD, which is approximately 21,360 INR for Indian students. The cost of the GMAT application, however, may differ from one nation to another.
In addition to the registration fees, there is an additional price for a student’s cancellation, rescheduling, or late fees.
On the other hand, regional variations in TOEFL application fees also exist. You must pay 190 USD or 14,785 INR for registration to take this test.
In addition to the registration fees, there is an additional price for a student’s cancellation, rescheduling, or late fees.
Marking SchemeThe GMAT exam scores are broken down into four categories: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, analytical writing, and integrated reasoning. Analytical writing evaluation scores fall between 0 and 6, whereas the integrated reasoning component has a score range of 1 to 8. Additionally, the scores for the other two sections, Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning range from 6 to 51 with a one-point increment.TOEFL exam has four sections: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. The scores for each section range from 0 to 30. For entry into the best business schools, a TOEFL score of 100 or higher is recommended.
Number of AttemptsYou can choose to take the GMAT test once every 16 days, up to five times throughout the course of a continuous rolling 12-month period, but no more than eight times. If your past GMAT attempts have been cancelled, you can still meet this requirement.In contrast, there are no restrictions on the number of TOEFL exam tries. The maximum number of times you can take the TOEFL test in a 12-day period is one.
Difficulty LevelThe GMAT test is regarded as being significantly more difficult than the TOEFL test since it contains more challenging vocabulary and reading comprehension questions. In addition, the GMAT’s math questions are easier than those on other tests.On the other side, if you are proficient in English, the TOEFL is typically simpler than the GMAT. Your language skills will be tested more than your arithmetic or writing abilities on this test.
AcceptanceThe GMAT is a test that management programmes worldwide accept as valid. These scores are accepted for almost all MBA and EMBA programmes in the US, UK, and Canada.However, because it is an English competency test, every study abroad programme requires the TOEFL. More than 11,000 universities across more than 150 countries have accepted it.

GMAT vs TOEFL: Difference Between Exam Pattern

Is TOEFL easier than GMAT, for example, if you’re looking for an answer? You can find the solution by comparing the examination formats for the two exams. Here, we’ve covered the GMAT and TOEFL exam pattern in brief here in the table given below: 

SectionTotal Questions
Integrated Reasoning12 questions (30 minutes)
Quantitative Reasoning31 questions (62 minutes)
Verbal Reasoning36 questions (65 minutes)
Analytical Writing1 question (30 minutes)

The TOEFL test will evaluate your language speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills. This test is intended to assess your language ability and range of skills. The test’s exam format is provided below:

SectionsTotal Questions
Reading36-56 questions (60-80 minutes)
Listening34-51 questions (60-90 minutes)
Speaking6 Tasks (20 minutes)
Writing2 Tasks (50 minutes)

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How Do I Choose Between GMAT and TOEFL?

Next, let’s address the query of which test is more appropriate between the TOEFL and the GMAT:

  • By taking the GMAT exam, you will be able to enrol in any management programme offered by business schools, which will guarantee you a bright future. A high GMAT score also opens doors to many prestigious business schools, where competition is fierce.
  • However, if you are from a non-English speaking nation, you will need to take the TOEFL exam as a language test. Additionally, it is less expensive than the GMAT. You can also apply for a number of overseas scholarships with a strong TOEFL score.
  • When it comes to the GMAT and TOEFL curricula, students from non-native countries find the GMAT exam’s quantitative section to be particularly challenging. In contrast, the TOEFL exam as a whole is a little simpler.

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Q. Is TOEFL necessary for GMAT?

Yes, in order to demonstrate their English language proficiency, candidates for the GRE and GMAT must also take the TOEFL and IELTS tests.

Q. Is GMAT or IELTS better?

It is preferred that you submit your GMAT score if you intend to enrol in an MBA or EMBA programme at a top business school abroad. Additionally, you need to submit your IELTS test results if you come from a non-English speaking background. IELTS and GMAT are therefore equally helpful for getting into the university of your dreams.

Q. Is GMAT tough or GRE tough?

According to experts, the GMAT’s quantitative problems are typically more challenging than the GRE’s.  Students with better quantitative abilities may therefore choose to take the GMAT to demonstrate their abilities.

Q. Is GMAT necessary for MBA abroad?

The widely accepted aptitude tests needed for an MBA overseas are the GMAT and GRE scores. More than 2,300 graduate management programmes worldwide accept the Graduate Management Admission Test, a computer adaptive exam.

Both the TOEFL and the GMAT demand a sufficient amount of preparation time and can be aced with the devoted study. You have a chance to enrol in one of them and attend one of the Top Business Schools in the globe. Your application’s addition of both scores will help you stand out in the evaluation process. Are you confused about which test you should pick GMAT or TOEFL?  For additional assistance, you can connect with Leverage Edu experts at 1800572000. 

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