IIT Delhi Introduces BTech in Engineering and Computational Mechanics

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IIT Delhi introduces BTech in Engineering and Computational Mechanics

Bringing a unique interdisciplinary specialisation, IIT Delhi introduces BTech in Engineering and Computational Mechanics program on 23rd September 2020 and will be accepting the first batch’s applications from candidates who have successfully cleared the JEE Advanced 2020. The undergraduate degree program will be administered by the Department of Applied Mechanics of the Institute and will begin its first academic session from 2020.

As per an official statement by IIT Delhi, the aim of introducing BTech in Engineering and Computational Mechanics is to expose and familiarise students with the latest trends in computational techniques and experiments and provide a strong foundation in the fundamentals of engineering mechanics along with a knowledge of the tools required to address various areas including nanomechanics, biomechanics, constitutive modelling at multiple lengths and time scales, machine learning, artificial intelligence in mechanics and parallel processing for mechanics problems.

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The Institute claims that students opting for BTech in Engineering and Computational Mechanics will gain the ability to analyse complex interdisciplinary phenomena that are relevant to problems in the industry, along with engaging in cutting edge research through the processes of experimentation, analysis and computation.

Professor Sanjeev Sanghi, the HoD of the Department of Applied Mechanics at IIT Delhi said that “the graduates of this programme are likely to find the best technical jobs in core engineering and will also be very apt candidates for higher studies such as master’s and PhD in IIT Delhi as well as other leading national and international educational institutions.” He further highlighted that “Design, analysis and research jobs in sectors such as defence, aerospace, automotive, shipping, biomechanics and biomedical devices, off-shore structures etc. will be open to students doing this programme, which has been designed based on consultation with industry.”

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The IIT JEE Advanced 2020, which is being held by IIT Delhi this year, is scheduled to take place on 27th September. A total of 1,60,864 students have registered for the exam this year, which is the lowest number in the past three years. More than 2.5 lakh students were deemed eligible to appear for the IIT JEE Advanced this year. With IIT Delhi introducing BTech in Engineering and Computational Mechanics, those clearing JEE Advanced can also consider opting for this course.

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