Scholarships in Hong Kong: Fully Funded or Partially Funded Scholarships

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Hong Kong offers quality education to International students. Moreover,the special administrative region of China, has a business friendly environment, well established financial systems, and mode of transport and communication. Hong Kong provides several scholarships by the government, public and private organizations, and higher educational institutions. The scholarships can be fully funded or partially funded. Keep reading to know more about the Scholarships in Hong Kong.

Fully Funded and Partially Funded Scholarships in Hong Kong 

A fully Funded scholarship is a scholarship that covers the entire educational expenses of the student. That is the tuition fees, the living expenses, medical expenses, visa fees, and more. However, a partially funded scholarship only covers a portion of the scholarship. For example, a percentage of tuition fees. A partial scholarship can cover other things such as travel expenses of the students. However, a partial scholarship does not cover everything. Here are the scholarships in Hong Kong: Fully Funded or Partially Funded Scholarships.

The video provided below contains all information you need regarding the fully funded and partially funded scholarships in Hong Kong. Interested students can learn more about the scholarship  by watching the video.

Scholarships in Hong Kong: Fully Funded or Partially Funded Scholarships

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What is full and partial scholarship?

A fully funded scholarship covers the entire expenses of the student. However, a partial scholarship just covers half of the expenses or even less than that. 

What does 100% scholarship means?

100% scholarship means that the entire expenses of the student is taken care of. It includes the tuition fees, living expenses, medical expenses, and the travel expenses of the student.

Can I study in Hong Kong for free?

Students interested in studying in Hong Kong can apply for scholarships. The fully funded scholarships will assist a student to study in Hong Kong for free. For example, the 
Hong Kong Baptist University Scholarship 2023-2024.

Scholarships give that right motivation and incentives to students to work even harder and get their dreams fulfilled. When it comes to international scholarships for studying abroad, it is just the right cherry on top. This video will give you all the information on the scholarships in Hong Kong. The video will tell you about 2 types of scholarships that are available in Hong Kong: fully-funded scholarships and partially funded scholarships. To discover more articles like this one, consult the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu.

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