On Entrepreneurship and Higher Education by Akshay Chaturvedi

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Entrepreneurship and Higher Education 

Who doesn’t love fun Q&A sessions with inspiring entrepreneurs? Especially when these fun sessions are being attended by the founder and CEO of India’s fastest ed-tech company Leverage Edu, its even more interesting and informative at the same time. For all the aspiring entrepreneurs of this nation, Mr Akshay Chaturvedi is a genuine personality to look up to. We have always told everyone that entrepreneurship is something which can’t be learnt just through books. It is something which can be learnt through practice and experience. So what’s better than learning through the business stories of successful business leaders!

In this inspirational video, Akshay Chaturvedi, the Founder and CEO of Leverage Edu, shares his motivational success stories including Entrepreneurship and Higher Education for all those who want to set up their own benchmarks in the business world. In this inspiring, interactive and intellectual workshop, he unravels various success mantras on life-changing entrepreneurship ideas, personality development, leadership styles and much more. Not only that, but he also shares his unique business start-up thoughts, tips from his training period and best approaches that will help you to learn how to run your own business! Watch out for this video till the end to learn about entrepreneurship and startups through his experiences.

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