Part Time Jobs in Perth: Australia 

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Part Time jobs in Perth

Perth, the fourth-most populous city in Australia, is the capital and largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia. One of the greatest places in Australia to start a career is in this city, which is home to prestigious schools like the University of Western Australia and Curtin University. Many well-known professions, including law, education, science, engineering, mathematics, health, and the medical sciences, provide part-time employment that might assist students in balancing their experience with their academics. Students will use their leisure time to further their education while working part time jobs in Perth 

Part Time Jobs in Perth 

There are several benefits to choosing part-time jobs in Perth, as there are many job fields that offer a variety of job options to students.

It’s a wonderful possible choice to study in Australia and work because it’s a simple city for students to live in. In Perth, there are many opportunities for part-time employment that can help students improve their abilities while they are still in school. Students in Perth are free to choose the kind of part-time jobs they want to work at; they can choose positions on or off campus, and depending on the job, they can make up to AU$ 34.56 per hour.

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Top 10 Part Time Jobs in Perth 

There are ample options for students to do part-time jobs in Perth. Here we have listed the top 10 part time jobs in Perth.

Jobs Positions  Average Pay scale 
Hospital Security Officer  AU$40- AU$41 per hour 
Sales Assistant AU$29 – AU$34.99 per hour
Online Dispatch Assistant AU$21 – AU$28 per hour
Payroll Officer / Accounts Clerk AU$30 – AU$35 per hour
Bookkeeper AU$35 – AU$40 per hour
Medical Receptionist AU$40- AU$41 per hour 
Administration Assistant AU$30 – AU$32 per hour
Billing Clerk AU$33.49 – AU$36.02 per hour 
Laboratory Assistant AU$30 – AU$35 per hour
Video Interpreter AU$50.18 – AU$73.18 per hour

Eligibility for Part Time Jobs in Perth 

These are a few steps that students need to consider while applying for part-time jobs in Perth.

  • To be eligible for part-time Job opportunities, students must be enrolled in a full-time undergrad of the master’s degree program at the Designated Institute of Australia.
  • The student must be at least 16 years old and have proper, verifiable documentation.
  • Students must have a visa (subclass 500) that will allow them to study and work part-time in Perth.

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Other Part Time Options in Perth

Here are some other part-time job opportunities students can explore on campus or off campus.

  • Admin Support Officer
  • Student Service Officer
  • Receptionist
  • VM & Stock Coordinator 
  • Project Coordinator
  • Retail Sales Team Support
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Dental Receptionist
  • Playgroup Officer 
  • Kitchen Hand

These are the part-time employment alternatives that students can select from based on their preferences or those that are relevant to their subject of study.

  • Finance and Accounting
  • Medical Industry 
  • Education and research field
  • Warehousing, Storage & Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport & Logistics

Top Companies Offering Part Time Jobs in Perth

Here are the names of some companies that hire students for part-time work opportunities in Perth.

  • Telford TF3
  • DHL
  • Carbon60 Global 
  • Juniper
  • Atlam Group
  • Isentia 
  • Brew Hub
  • Antec
  • Ever Ability Group Limited
  • MAK Industrial
  • Workpac Group
  • TSA Group 

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Is it easy to find a job in Perth?

Perth, like any major city, has a competitive job market for jobs in Perth. Students can get a job in Perth depending on their skills and prior education.  

What jobs are in demand in Perth

Ans. Here are some of the professions that are highly in demand in Perth 
RTSPS IO Stream Lead.
Specialist Contracts. 
Venue Leader.
Operations Coordinator. 
Medical Receptionist.
Catering Attendant.
Periodical Cleaner.

Is Perth a decent place to work?

Perth has a robust mining industry that has protected it from recent economic downturns, so there is no shortage of work there. There haven’t been any significant layoffs or job losses in Perth; in fact, the unemployment rate is only 4.3%, a whole percentage point lower than the national average.

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This was all about the best part time jobs in Perth. If you want to know more about Australia and its well-known universities, connect with our experts and follow Leverage Edu.

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