Are there any Part-Time Jobs in Luxembourg for Students?

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Part-Time Jobs in Luxembourg

If you are planning to study in Luxembourg, you would have estimated the cost of living in the country. If not, here is an idea, the cost of living in Luxembourg is nearly 87% more than the cost of living in any other country in the European Union. Besides, studying in Luxembourg is a world-class experience one should never miss out on! Luckily the government of the country also realises this and thus, it has special provisions for international students to work part-time while they study. The government provides various opportunities and also oversees the process the students are provided with relevant work, good working conditions and adequate wages. Let’s explore more about part-time jobs in Luxembourg. 

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Why Work Part-Time in Luxembourg?

One can anticipate by themselves why they should work part-time in Luxembourg, nevertheless here are some advantages that are to be noticed. 

  • Earn to accommodate the living expenses of the city without compromising on your needs. 
  • With this money, you can even start paying back the interest amount on your education loan. 
  • Gain work experience and learn new useful skills for work. This will help you in gaining employment in the future. 
  • This also upgrades your resume and career portfolio so that you do not have to look at making your profile unique at the end moment. 
  • This is a nice impression of being self-sustaining. You will have a work record in the European country which can open many doors for you worldwide. 

List of Part-Time Jobs in Luxembourg

Students can work during yearly breaks as well as during the academic year for a few hours. There are certain jobs considered more suitable for students in Luxembourg. Here are some popular jobs pursued by students in Luxembourg. 

Part-time jobs Average salary per hour
Tutors 10 to 14 Euros
Seasonal harvest workers 10 to 14 Euros
Sales assistants 10 to 14 Euros
Summer camp guides 10 to 14 Euros
Food service workers 10 to 14 Euros
Freelancers 10 to 14 Euros

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Conditions to Work Part-Time Jobs in Luxembourg

There are certain conditions to fulfil to be able to work part-time in Luxembourg. Here we have mentioned some conditions for the students. 

Working During School Holidays 

While working during the school holidays, one has to make sure of the following; 

  • You must fulfil the age restriction of 15 to 26 years of age to avail of such work. 
  • You must be enrolled in an educational institution. 
  • Or, your studies must have been completed less than 04 months ago. 
  • You get 2 months which is equivalent to 346 working hours to work during school holidays. 
  • 40 hours a week is the maximum working hours for students. 
  • Students can only avail themselves of unpaid leaves or extraordinary leaves during this time. 
  • There are taxes on wages if the hourly compensation exceeds 14 Euros. 
  • For a salary above 16 Euros, the student must provide the employer with a tax card. 

Contrat à Durée Déterminée or Fixed Term Employment Contract

Contrat à Durée Déterminée also referred to as CDD or fixed-term employment contract allows students to work while pursuing their education. This temporary work opportunities are designed to align with their academic calendars. Here are some conditions for CDD. 

  • To work apart from school holidays, you are required to be at least 16 years of age. 
  • Students enrolled in an educational institution in Luxembourg and willing to work during their terms can apply. 
  • Maximum working hours allowed are 15 hours per week. 
  • Like normal employees, part-time workers get 26 days of legal annual leave if their tenure falls within the calendar for those leaves. 
  • Students must obtain a tax card from the local municipality as the tax is payable under all jobs within this category. 

Conditions to Work as a Freelancer

Yes, freelancing is also a wonderful option. Let’s have a look at the conditions of working as a freelancer in Luxembourg. 

  • You will be responsible for generating clients and negotiating rates. 
  • Look after your taxes and contributions towards Social Security. 
  • Develop skills, experience and connections to compete. 
  • It is better to consult a professional to start your career in freelancing. 

Documents Required to Work Part-Time in Luxembourg

To work part-time in Luxembourg, you will require the following documents; 

  • Previous academic transcripts
  • Passport
  • Student visa
  • University admission letter 
  • Tax card (in applicable jobs)

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Salaries for Part-Time Work in Luxembourg

Salaries in Luxembourg depend upon the level of experience, skills and qualifications of the students. Here is an overview of the salaries for part-time work in Luxembourg. 

General Student Wages
Age Average Pay Per Hour
15 to 17 years 10.6 Euros
17 to 18 years 11.3 Euros
18+ years 14.2 Euros
Student Wages During School Holidays
Age Average Pay Per Hour
15 to 17 years 08.4 Euros
17 to 18 years 09.1 Euros
18+ years 11.3 Euros

How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Luxembourg?

There are various ways to find part-time jobs in Luxembourg. These include online job portals, student job fairs, government opportunities and communes.

Job Portals

Students must carefully look if the opportunity is applicable to students or not before applying. Here are some popular job portals offering part-time jobs in Luxembourg.


Student Job Fairs

Students who have less than 5 years of experience can participate in these university job fairs. Apart from this, there are also specialised job sites for students where they can look for work. Moreover, most universities have student support and service bodies which the student can exploit to find jobs. 


The municipalities in Luxembourg offer a lot of jobs and work for young people who can work part-time. They sometimes introduce a separate section for student jobs but mostly the jobs are mixed. Students need to filter their job requirements before applying. 

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How much can a student earn in Luxembourg?

A student can earn between 8 euros to 14 euros an hour through part-time work in Luxembourg. The wages depend on skill, experience and qualifications. 

list some medical coding jobs in Luxembourg

Here is a list of some medical coding jobs in Luxembourg
Financial Specialist-Medical Oncology $15 – $20 an hour
Coding Specialist I $20 – $22 an hour
Medical Billing Specialist $17 – $19 an hour
Patient Account Representative- Support Services $20 – $25 an hour

Are there any university job fairs in Luxembourg?

Yes, most universities hold university job fairs to help students find relevant part-time jobs. The University of Luxembourg held its annual job fair on the 29th of September this year. 

What is the Luxembourg student working hours?

Regardless of nationality, all students registered at the University of Luxembourg are permitted to work during their studies for up to 40 hours per week during the school holidays and/or for up to 15 hours per week throughout the year.

This was all the information that one would require to work part-time in Luxembourg. If you have any queries or suggestions related to part-time work you can drop a comment here. Stay tuned with Leverage Edu to learn more about work opportunities and conditions to work abroad. 

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