What Jobs Can You Do From Home in Canada?

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what jobs can you do from home in Canada

If you are wondering what jobs can you do from home in Canada then this article is the right one for you. A lot of students are now travelling to Canada for further studies and to attain different degrees. Everyone knows that studying abroad can be very expensive. Apart from the tuition fee, the living cost is very expensive because of the living standard in the country. 


Students prefer working during their studies to pay off their expenses and prefer working from home to fit into their schedules. Other than these scenarios, due to COVID, a lot of companies introduced work-from-home (remote) working to fit in the situations. 

According to these situations, this work-from-home trend will go on for some time. Many students may get confused and wonder which job to join. So, here’s a guide that can answer your question “What jobs can you do from home in Canada?” 

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5 Work From Home Jobs in Canada

Work-from-home jobs can be in different fields. These are the top 5 work-from-home jobs that a Canadian student or a professional can opt for:

Social Media Manager

With the growth of business in the digital space, every business needs to maintain a social image of the brand on social media. Following trends to show off what your brand is all about can be a bit difficult task. One of the most rewarding jobs in the digital space is a social media manager.

The role of a social media manager is to post relevant content and build a trustworthy relationship with its customers. The average salary for a social media manager is around $20 per hour (INR 1200 per hour).

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Digital Marketer

Same as discussed above marketing your business in a digital space is very important for any business nowadays. They help to grow the business by promoting their services and products online in different ways. 

The main job role of a digital marketer includes running digital marketing campaigns, analyzing the website date and also optimizing your website according to SEO. 

Web Developer

Building and managing a website is very important for operating a business online. That’s the job a web developer does. A web developer is responsible for building a website with coding and testing those codes. They are responsible for managing the website from the front end and back end as well. 

They can easily work remotely and manage the website effectively. The average expected salary in the profession is from $20- $100 (INR 1200- 6000).

UX Designer

After building the website, the main job is trying to create an enjoyable experience for the visitors of the website. The only basic factor that can differentiate between your company and the competitors is the user experience.

The main job of the UX designer is to create a better user experience the basic salary expected by professionals is $36 per hour(INR 2200) and one with the experience can charge up to $100 (INR 6000). 

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Another job that one can easily do remotely even with a little bit of experience is that of a Translator. A translator should keep all the knowledge of different languages. As a translator working remotely, you will be required to write some blogs, articles and journals from one language to another.

The top recruiters who are hiring translators working from home are Lionbridge, Indigo Books Music etc. The average pay expected per hour is around $25 (INR 1500).


Can we work from home in Canada?

Yes, anyone can work from home in Canada. Many employers are now seeking candidates who can work from home given the present situation of COVID-19.

How much can I get paid in Work-from-home jobs?

The pay in Work-from-home jobs is generally around $45,854 per year. This is the average pay for the workers there.

Can I get no experience working from home jobs in Canada?

Yes, you can get work-from-home jobs in Canada. However, the pay for these jobs can be a bit less in comparison to the person who has experience. 

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